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Boutemy Immobilier Press Release November 2014

Boutemy Immobilier Real Estate has provided in thousands of media supports an international press release last week. Here is a summary for your eyes only.

Port Grimaud : a French getaway like no other

Known as the “French Venice,” this private lakeside village in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez features waterways and boat moorings in front of every house.

 Grimaud, France – Port Grimaud is one of Europe’s little known treasures.

Port Grimaud, France

A charming lakeside town located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in southeast France, Port Grimaud is known as the “French Venice.” It offers waterways and canals throughout the town, and every homeowner can moor a boat in front his or her house.

A private village facing the sea, Port Grimaud features colorful facades, town markets, Roman tiles and small streets with fantastic plots as well as the shops and conveniences of a modern city.

“It is a magical place where people can feel and experience the unique atmosphere of a French village and its scenic waterways,” said Marc Giordano, CFO of Boutemy Immobilier Real Estate, which offers apartment and houses rentals and sales in Port Grimaud. “It is a dream vacation on the French Riviera”.

houses with moorings

“We would love to help people from all over the world to come and discover this amazing vacation spot. At least once in their lifetime everyone should enjoy this type of house-with-mooring experience. Port Grimaud is a safe and peaceful city for people who are looking to combine tranquility and wonder during their vacation.”

Boutemy Immobilier Real Estate provides rentals for about 60 French Riviera houses and apartments in Port Grimaud as well as sales of more than 60 local properties. In an effort to let more people know about this unique vacation getaway, the agency is offering a number of discounts through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

“The goal of this crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo is to enable us to subsequently launch an internationally ambitious communication campaign to try to make known Port Grimaud worldwide”, said Marc Giordano.

The Indiegogo page can be viewed at

For example, a donation of 50 Euros (about $63) is good for a 10 percent discount on a boat rental in Port Grimaud. For 150 Euros ($188), you’ll receive a free apartment or house cleaning plus the 10 percent boat discount.

A €200 (about $250) contribution is rewarded with a 5 percent discount on a one-week house or apartment rental in Port Grimaud and the 10 percent boat rental discount.

A €500 (about $625) contribution is rewarded with a 10 percent discount on a one-week house or apartment rental in Port Grimaud and the 10 percent boat rental discount.

“This is a great opportunity for people to save some money on a great vacation and discover something totally different,” Marc Giordano said. “If you’re looking for an apartment or house on the French Riviera, this is the place to be for your next vacation.”

For additional information, visit; the agency’s Port Grimaud website,; or the Boutemy Immobilier Real Estate Port Grimaud Facebook page,

Boutemy Immobilier supports « Je cours pour Lilian » Association

News of the Gulf of Saint Tropez deal also with solidarity shown by many people around families in need. We also want to share this solidarity by taking the example of the Association « Je cours pour Lilian » (« I Run for Lilian »).

 Je cours pour Lilian

The Non-Profit Association « Je cours pour Lilian » (I Run for Lilian) was created in November 2013 by people close to Lilian, in the town of Cogolin, France, near Saint Tropez.

Lilian is a little smiling boy with mischievous sparkling eyes. He just wants to enjoy life and be able to run and play with his friends and cousins.

He was born May 24, 2012 with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, severe plagiocephaly and congenital legs folded on his stomach torticollis.

 Thereafter, he was diagnosed with, in addition, central sleep apnea and an overly narrow occipitocervical junction with risk of compression of the spinal cord.

Since his birth his parents struggle to give him the best care but everything has a price. As time passes, the risk of psychomotor delay for Lilian increase.

Lilian’s mother and two of her friends are fans of running. Pushed by people around them they decided to create the Association to try to take care of (at least part of) Lilian’s medical expenses.

The name of the Association was created according to the following idea : « Instead of running for us, why not run for Lilian ? »

 Above all, Association’s will is to do everything they can for Lilian so he can RUN one day.

The Association is committed since November 2013 to help Lilian’s family and give a long-term help to other children with same diseases.

Today, there are many structures to separately deal with various Lilian’s diseases but very few structures deal with all diseases at the same time and unfortunately they do not have the right answers for Lilian and other children with same diseases.

The whole small village of Cogolin in France has mobilized for Lilian and some surrounding communities did so (Port Grimaud, Grimaud, Gassin, la Môle and many other towns), but now the Association needs your help so Lilian’s disease can be known worldwide and globally shared with other countries.

The Association needs to raise as soon as possible about $ 15.065 to allow Lilian to follow emergency care in Barcelona, the only European center adapted to this kind of disease. This neuro-rehabilitation program in Barcelona is called « Essentis Program ».

You can visit Essentis official webpage to understand the kind of care children like Lilian are following in this center (see but you have to know that, during the sessions, the patient goes through various workshops in which posture, disability and symptoms are evaluated by different members of Essentis’ team (osteopaths, acupuncturists, Physiotherapists …) to develop a personalized program adapted to children’s needs.

Different therapists work in coordination within the center and the team of Dr. Nazarov (myiotenofaciectomie), that of Dr. Lao (geneticist) and Dr. Cori Lopez (neurologist), Windoor (Empuriabrava), which enables a rapid response to the needs of daily patient.

The Essentis patient approach is holistic, meaning it is considered in its entirety.

Essentis is the only program that is known which is able to treat all the symptoms of the disease at the same time.

The Association would also need SPLINTS, SPECIAL SHOES, and a GATEADOR, a support allowing children with this disease to walk with 4 legs almost alone.

Boutemy Real Estate supports « Je cours pour Lilian » Association and has recently invested to launch an international crowdfunding campaign via the world famous US website « Indiegogo ».

You want to support this initiative by making a donation ? Simply go to the Indiegogo page by clicking on the following link, and drop the amount you want or simply make a comment of support (which will help ensure that the campaign could remain well ranked among 7000 other ongoing campaigns on the website) :

If you are a journalist : an article or a news story in your media support about this campaign would be most welcome.

We hope this campaign will meet with a success in order to achieve the target set for Lilian and Association. If the expected amount is exceeded, other children may be able to benefit from similar treatment.

See you soon,

The Boutemy Real Estate Team.

Boutemy Immobilier soutient l’Association « Je cours pour Lilian »

L’actualité du Golfe de Saint Tropez, c’est aussi la solidarité dont font preuve beaucoup de  gens autour de familles en difficulté. Nous souhaitons également vous faire partager cette solidarité en prenant l’exemple de l’Association « Je cours pour Lilian ».

Créée en 2013, l’Association « Je cours pour Lilian » a été créée en novembre 2013 par l’entourage de Lilian et sa maman Elodie.

 Je cours pour Lilian

Né le 24 mai 2012, Lilian a été diagnostiqué d’une fente labio-palatine bilatérale complète, d’une plagiocéphalie sévère, et d’un torticolis congénital ainsi que les jambes repliées sur le ventre.

Par la suite, il lui a été diagnostiqué, en plus, d’une apnée centrale du sommeil et une jonction occipito-cervicale trop étroite avec risque de compression de la moëlle épinière.

Depuis sa naissance, ses parents se battent pour lui offrir les meilleurs soins mais tout a un prix. Plus le temps passe, plus les risques de retard psychomoteurs pour Lilian grandissent.

La maman de Lilian et deux amies, étant adeptes de course à pied, et poussées par leur entourage, ont décidé de créer l’Association pour venir en aide à Lilian et prendre en charge une partie de ses frais médicaux.

Le nom de l’Association vient d’une idée commune « Au lieu de courir pour nous, pourquoi ne pas courir pour Lilian ? ». Et surtout, les créateurs de l’Association souhaitent tout faire pour que Lilian et d’autres enfants connaissant de mêmes maladies puissent courir un jour.

L’Association s’est donc engagée depuis novembre 2013 pour aider la famille de Lilian et à long terme aider d’autres enfants atteints de ces maladies.

Aujourd’hui, il existe de nombreuses structures pour s’occuper des différentes pathologies de Lilian mais très peu s’occupent de toutes en même temps et elles ne possèdent malheureusement pas les réponses adaptées pour Lilian.

Boutemy Immobilier soutient cette Association et s’est récemment investi pour lancer une campagne de crowdfunding internationale, via le site américain mondialement connu « Indiegogo ».

Cette campagne a pour objectif de lever les fonds nécessaires pour permettre à Lilian de réaliser en 2015 a minima 3 séjours dans un centre spécialisé à Barcelone (le seul en Europe) capable de lui apporter des soins de motricité efficaces, ainsi que des accessoires spécialisés, pour sa vie de tous les jours. Vous trouverez tous les détails de ce programme de soins sur

Vous souhaitez soutenir cette initiative en faisant un don ? Allez tout simplement sur la page Indiegogo en cliquant sur le lien suivant, et déposez la somme que vous souhaitez ou apportez tout simplement un commentaire de soutien (qui contribuera à ce que la campagne puisse rester bien placée parmi les 7000 autres campagnes en cours sur ce site) :

Si vous êtes journaliste, un article ou un reportage dans votre support médiatique au sujet de cette campagne seraient les bienvenus.

Nous espérons que cette campagne rencontrera un franc succès afin d’atteindre l’objectif fixé pour Lilian. Si la somme espérée est dépassée, d’autres enfants pourront peut-être bénéficier de soins analogues.

A bientôt,

L’équipe Boutemy Immobilier