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Would you like to become an owner of a villa in Port Grimaud ?

An increasing number of people are coming through  the doors of our agency during this spring period and calling on us for information on renting or buying a villa.

As property experts in Port Grimaud for close to 20 years, most of the time we know what you mean by the term “villa”. However, you should know that this term does not correspond to any official definition.

Definition of the term “villa”

Breathtaking villas in Port Grimaud, Côte d'Azur

The general acceptance of the term is a house of a large size, often a resort or mansion.
Of course, the phrase “large size” is subject to interpretation. In Port Grimaud, I would say that the size of a villa starts from 80 m².

In addition, if one considers the types of Port Grimaud Housing, most of the time villas are fishing houses, portales and borderives.

Other than size, (on our website you can select a minimum and a maximum surface area), of course we assume that when you are looking for a villa to buy or rent, you want an “exceptional home”. Here again, the criteria are subjective but most of the time it is terraced or semi-detached house.

Other criteria include a garage next to the house (which will avoid you having to park at the entrance of the city) or even a swimming pool.

Villas currently for sale with Boutemy

Villa for sale exclusively by Boutemy Real Estate

Amongst our villas currently available for sale, I would suggest having a look at this 89m2 fisherman’s house with 12m mooring for which we have an exclusive sales mandate. This renovated double house with 2 14 meter moorings close to the beach or even this large corner house with a swimming pool and a 23 meter mooring.

However, if you feel that a villa is simply a house in which to spend your holidays, do not hesitate to contact us as we have the home of your dreams 🙂

Discover Port Grimaud in the Springtime

The season soon resumes in Port Grimaud. The spring signals the reopening of restaurants that were in hibernation during the winter. Between Easter and the first of May, terraces, stalls and shops will reclaim the city. You can satisfy your appetite at one of the many pizzerias or at the gourmet restaurants, with their abundant offerings of seafood, crustaceans, and fish of all kinds. Most of these restaurants have a view of the sailboats, direct access to the canals of the famous lakeside town, or are situated at the intersection of quaint, small roads within the medieval village.


One of many Port Grimaud’s canal-side restaurants (and one of our favorites too)

You might wish to work up the courage to sample Provençal cuisine, or you may prefer to forget yourself in a non-conventional brewery, of which there are no fewer than 60 brands that offer their services. Whether you wish to enjoy a snack or to revel in an exquisite beef tenderloin, the tastes will be respected and your appetite satisfied. Everything, regardless of what it may be, smells of Provence; from the herbs to the atmosphere, everything here is perfectly in place.

Throughout the year, you may browse the markets, become inebriated with the southern scents, enjoy an open-air flea market or an obstacle race through the village—but it is during the springtime that these activities are the most pleasant, while the temperatures are mild and the vacationers are not too numerous.

Culture lovers will enjoy the theater festivals (“Theater Sundays” or « les Dimanches de la Scène »), lectures, and other literary escapades. Evenings of music and historical discoveries are very much appreciated by all. The artistic and cultural heritage is so abundant that there is no need to look elsewhere in order to enrich your soul and your spirit.

L'Antichambre, theater play

L’antichambre, (the antechamber), a play performed in Grimaud on March 12 for the « Dimanches de la Scène »

From May to June, many activities will be available to you:  the Night of Museums,  the now unmissable Harley Davidson Eurofestival, and, last but not least, the summer celebrations, which we will describe later in detail. One must not forget the guided tours of the medieval castle, which tell the tale of the discovery of its fortified city walls and its presentation of the patrimony. The National Archeology Days and the book fair, which will be held for the 5th time, as well as many exhibitions, are also on the program.

eurofestival Harley Davidson du 11 au 14 mai 2017

On the front-lines of the Saint-Jean bonfires, with a procession and a lot of good music, the Grimaud Music Tour will be renewed this year for its 3rd installment. Groups of musicians and singers will move every fiber of your being, as the panel includes varieties of all kinds, including all musical styles.

To be kept up to date about current events, do not hesitate to contact the Grimaud Tourist Office or to browse the “Animations à Grimaud” section of this blog (French only), which lists each month the activities organized for the upcoming month.