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3 tips to sell your house or apartment in Port Grimaud

Our family agency has been advising clients and accompanying them on there real estate journeys for 18 years.
Our experience and our expertise which is very specific to the Port Grimaud market gives us the best tools to help you on your journey.

Seasons pass and are not always similar, but some advice stay the same and we can assure you that we can sell your property as quickly as possible.

Below are 3 tips for you to sell your house or apartment in Port Grimaud.

1. Sell your property at the right price

When you consult our agency to represent you and offer your property for sale, you often have an exact idea of the price at which you want to sell it.

With this in mind, you often take into account these different criteria :

– the price at which you have purchased your property
– the price of work that you have carried out
– the money that you need to carry out your next project
– the price that you have heard a “similar” property has been sold for
– the prices displayed in agency windows or on websites

This information hides the enormous differences that there can be between two properties of the same size and similar appearance.
They only give an idea of the price but generally not the true property price : the price at which the properties are really sold.

Port Grimaud is named "the French Venice" for its beautiful canals

Port Grimaud is named « the French Venice » for its beautiful canals

These differences can be :
– the size of the mooring and, in particular, the width,
– the exposure of the property, the proximity to amenities or the beach,
– private or public access to Port Grimaud, proximity and possibility of parking etc…

It is for this reason that professional advice is important to fix a selling price.
We will give you a price estimate which will take into account all these criteria and will not include the emotional criteria to which a buyer is not sensitive.

The attachment that you have for your property may cause you to overestimate it.
These criteria must not be taken into account and put your sales strategy in danger.
In fact, an overvalued property stays on the market for a long time. This prevents you from achieving your new life plans.

The longer a property remains on the market, the more potential buyers wonder what the problem is with the property. Often, in this case, it is the price.

Of course, it is the seller who decides on the selling price and we will display the price that you want. However we strongly advise you to follow our recommendations and together we will think about the best selling strategy for your property.

2. Entrust us with a sole mandate

Using multiple agencies will not multiply your chances of selling.

Here is what we’ve noticed : the vast majority of properties that we have recently sold have been solely entrusted to us.

Here are the reasons why:

A / A sole mandate is a strong sign of confidence

A privileged relationship is established between the seller and the agency. Together we will develop a selling strategy for your property.

Our agency implements several communication strategies to ensure the promotion of its properties. We have a multilingual website, a website in English, this blog, a blog dedicated exclusively to real estate in Port Grimaud as well as a high quality quarterly magazine which is very widely distributed in Port Grimaud.

Even though all the properties that we sell will benefit from this visibility, it is the properties on which we have a sole mandate that we offer the best placing as well as in our magazine, « Port Grimaud by Boutemy” and in our agency window.

Apartment sold exclusively through Boutemy Agency

Apartment sold exclusively through Boutemy Agency

B/ Your property will benefit from wide visibility

A property that has been granted to us exclusively will benefit from the best marketing techniques.
For those of you who prefer to multiply their chances by making use of several agencies in Port Grimaud, we would like to say the following to you : Port Grimaud has about a dozen real estate agencies for quite a small area. That means that anyone wanting to buy a property here will walk past the windows of all the agencies and will definitely visit their websites. The probability that a property for sale by our agency hasn’t been seen by a potential buyer is therefore around 0.

C/ A property that you see in every agency may seem suspect

Finally, we would like to warn you against the perception that buyers have of properties that are for sale everywhere. They may think that this is an approach aimed at covering up a property’s defect. It is therefore better if your property is given to one agent exclusively.

3. Selecting the right agency

To help you with your property journey, choose an agency that you feel comfortable with, someone who knows the local market and its specifications inside and out and who takes an active role in marketing to potential buyers.

Our agency: 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud

Our agency: 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud

This is the case with our agency and, in addition to the methods mentioned in this article, we have very good relationships with agents in England and Germany, which enables us to offer all our properties to a European clientele who loves the Côte d’Azur.

We do however know our grimaudois fellow sales agents very well and if we notice that your dream home is for sale in another agency, we will not hesitate to put you in contact with them.