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Navigating the Crossroads: A Deep Dive into the Ebb and Flow of France’s Real Estate Landscape

Resilient price trends: A glimmer of hope amidst uncertainty

In the intricate tapestry of France’s real estate landscape, the month of October emerged as a nuanced chapter, defying traditional patterns. Typically marked by a post-summer surge followed by a seasonal dip, this October brought a departure from the expected script. Despite a summer relapse, the month revealed a remarkable resilience in price trends. The intricate dance of figures showcases a complex picture — new house prices, after a rapid 2.1% decrease in the summer, experienced an unexpected 2.2% uptick on a rolling quarterly basis. These figures not only hint at the market’s adaptive capacity but also suggest a potential trajectory toward stabilization following a challenging period.

Suburban Renaissance

Copyright edmondlafoto. Real estate prices in Paris have decreased by 4.8% in one year.

A strategic shift is unmistakably evident as demand moves from expensive city centers to more financially accessible suburbs and provincial areas. The Île-de-France region, traditionally a real estate powerhouse, faced the most significant price decline, contributing to a national trend with a 4.7% year-on-year drop in existing apartment prices by October’s end. These figures underscore the broader challenges of affordability, primarily linked to limitations in access to credit credit. Amidst widespread price declines, certain provincial cities are experiencing increases, emphasizing the nuanced interplay between pricing, demand, and regional attractiveness.

Negotiation Realities: Unveiling Complex Dynamics Through Numbers

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme.
Negotiation opportunities are slim on the French Riviera as demand is still very high.

The intricacies of negotiation dynamics took center stage in October, revealing historically high margins and exemplifying the ongoing tug-of-war between buyers and sellers. Negotiation margins for the entire real estate market stood at 7.4%, showcasing a notable 64% increase year-on-year. Delving into regional variations, areas with lower prices, such as Auvergne, Champagne-Ardenne, Limousin, and Picardie, maintained the highest margins, indicative of a market in flux.
Conversely, regions with high prices, including Ile de France, PACA, and Rhône-Alpes, often witnessed lower margins due to a scarcity of supply unwilling to compromise on prices. This intricate dance between credit challenges, negotiation dynamics, and the broader economic context paints a comprehensive picture of the complexities defining the current state of the French real estate landscape.

October Sales Decline Amidst Credit Challenges

Copyright Bru-n0 for Pixabay

The challenges in France’s real estate sector extend beyond price dynamics, delving into the intricate realms of access to credit and its profound impact on sales. The current level and the two-year increase in credit rates have effectively diminished the purchasing power of borrowers. Simultaneously, the increase in the required down payment (up by12% since 2021) has demanded additional « savings, » proving elusive for many borrowers. In the case of prospective buyers, this requirement equates to a substantial 16% of their annual income. Consequently, over 80% of the observed drop in existing home sales since 2021 can be attributed to the absence of borrowers with the lowest personal contribution rates (contribution rate below 20%).

These challenges resonate not only as statistical trends but as tangible realities for individuals navigating the complex landscape of real estate transactions. The demand is caught between high prices in the existing market (still rising in many areas) and the bank’s requirements for a high level of down payment. Buyers wish to negotiate, while sellers, forced to lower listed prices to expedite transactions, often prefer to forgo the sale.

Navigating the Seas of Change

As we delve into the myriad numbers shaping France’s real estate panorama, it becomes evident that this is not just a story of market trends; it’s a narrative of individuals, aspirations, and the economic forces that define our times. The resilience observed in price trends, the shifting dynamics of demand, the intricate dance of negotiations — all underscore the adaptability of the real estate market. Yet, these adaptations come against the backdrop of significant challenges, especially in the realm of access to credit and its reverberating impact on sales.

The Biggest Choice of Villas for Rent in Port Grimaud

For a luxury Port Grimaud vacation, we advise you to rent a villa facing a mooring where you can dock your boat.

You will be able to benefit from holidays in peace, in an exceptional setting, only a few nautical cables away from the mythical village of Saint Tropez.

Holidaymakers, don’t wait to book your villa!

Boutemy offers exceptional houses for rent for one week or more, from April to mid-October. Here, these properties are not called “villas,” but rather “fishermen’s houses.” The term is deceptive and yet, in Port Grimaud, the fisherman’s house is the most luxurious and spacious property available.

These exceptional and beautiful houses offer a superb view of the canals and sometimes even terraces, a garden, or a swimming pool. They are systematically accompanied by a mooring for your boat, and many also offer an additional mooring for your jet ski.

Villa with a garden in Port Grimaud

Villa with a garden in Port Grimaud

We invite you to consult this offer, among the many properties that we propose:  This villa is still available at the end of April and August. Don’t wait to contact us if you wish to rent it since reservations fill up quickly!

You will certainly notice that we do not display the weekly rental rate on our website. This is a decision we have made in conjunction with the owners of villas and other real estate agencies in Port Grimaud. You can get an idea of the rates by consulting our magazine dedicated to real estate in Port Grimaud:  Port Grimaud by Boutemy.

You will also notice that we have a star rating system:  1 star: you can rent the property for less than €1,000 per week.

5 stars:  expect to spend more than €3,000 for the week for services of exceptional quality.

Owners, entrust us with the rental management of your villa!

As we have just said, more and more owners are entrusting us with the rental of their villa when they are not staying there.

Port Grimaud has been experiencing a large influx of tourists for nearly 30 consecutive weeks per year. Also, if you only stay for a few weeks, it can be extremely beneficial to you, from a financial standpoint, to rent out your villa the rest of the time.

Not only will your villa be maintained during this period when you are away, but with rates that revolve around 3,000 € per week for exceptional homes, you will benefit from significant rental income.

However, we understand that monetary concern is not the only one that interests you. You must be asking yourself about the collection of rent, the management of relations with tenants, the maintenance of your property to keep it in excellent condition, and so on…

Don’t worry, we do everything possible so that you do not have to manage the contact with the tenants and, upon your return, to rediscover your villa in the same state as you entrusted it to us.

We place a real importance on providing quality services to tenants as well as to homeowners.

Marion, our rental specialist in Port Grimaud, guarantees the smooth management of rental properties.

They are available to you to answer any questions you may have and to help you ensure the profitable management of your real estate assets.

See you soon at the agency!

Would you like to become an owner of a villa in Port Grimaud ?

An increasing number of people are coming through  the doors of our agency during this spring period and calling on us for information on renting or buying a villa.

As property experts in Port Grimaud for close to 20 years, most of the time we know what you mean by the term “villa”. However, you should know that this term does not correspond to any official definition.

Definition of the term “villa”

Breathtaking villas in Port Grimaud, Côte d'Azur

The general acceptance of the term is a house of a large size, often a resort or mansion.
Of course, the phrase “large size” is subject to interpretation. In Port Grimaud, I would say that the size of a villa starts from 80 m².

In addition, if one considers the types of Port Grimaud Housing, most of the time villas are fishing houses, portales and borderives.

Other than size, (on our website you can select a minimum and a maximum surface area), of course we assume that when you are looking for a villa to buy or rent, you want an “exceptional home”. Here again, the criteria are subjective but most of the time it is terraced or semi-detached house.

Other criteria include a garage next to the house (which will avoid you having to park at the entrance of the city) or even a swimming pool.

Villas currently for sale with Boutemy

Villa for sale exclusively by Boutemy Real Estate

Amongst our villas currently available for sale, I would suggest having a look at this 89m2 fisherman’s house with 12m mooring for which we have an exclusive sales mandate. This renovated double house with 2 14 meter moorings close to the beach or even this large corner house with a swimming pool and a 23 meter mooring.

However, if you feel that a villa is simply a house in which to spend your holidays, do not hesitate to contact us as we have the home of your dreams 🙂

3 tips to sell your house or apartment in Port Grimaud

Our family agency has been advising clients and accompanying them on there real estate journeys for 18 years.
Our experience and our expertise which is very specific to the Port Grimaud market gives us the best tools to help you on your journey.

Seasons pass and are not always similar, but some advice stay the same and we can assure you that we can sell your property as quickly as possible.

Below are 3 tips for you to sell your house or apartment in Port Grimaud.

1. Sell your property at the right price

When you consult our agency to represent you and offer your property for sale, you often have an exact idea of the price at which you want to sell it.

With this in mind, you often take into account these different criteria :

– the price at which you have purchased your property
– the price of work that you have carried out
– the money that you need to carry out your next project
– the price that you have heard a “similar” property has been sold for
– the prices displayed in agency windows or on websites

This information hides the enormous differences that there can be between two properties of the same size and similar appearance.
They only give an idea of the price but generally not the true property price : the price at which the properties are really sold.

Port Grimaud is named "the French Venice" for its beautiful canals

Port Grimaud is named « the French Venice » for its beautiful canals

These differences can be :
– the size of the mooring and, in particular, the width,
– the exposure of the property, the proximity to amenities or the beach,
– private or public access to Port Grimaud, proximity and possibility of parking etc…

It is for this reason that professional advice is important to fix a selling price.
We will give you a price estimate which will take into account all these criteria and will not include the emotional criteria to which a buyer is not sensitive.

The attachment that you have for your property may cause you to overestimate it.
These criteria must not be taken into account and put your sales strategy in danger.
In fact, an overvalued property stays on the market for a long time. This prevents you from achieving your new life plans.

The longer a property remains on the market, the more potential buyers wonder what the problem is with the property. Often, in this case, it is the price.

Of course, it is the seller who decides on the selling price and we will display the price that you want. However we strongly advise you to follow our recommendations and together we will think about the best selling strategy for your property.

2. Entrust us with a sole mandate

Using multiple agencies will not multiply your chances of selling.

Here is what we’ve noticed : the vast majority of properties that we have recently sold have been solely entrusted to us.

Here are the reasons why:

A / A sole mandate is a strong sign of confidence

A privileged relationship is established between the seller and the agency. Together we will develop a selling strategy for your property.

Our agency implements several communication strategies to ensure the promotion of its properties. We have a multilingual website, a website in English, this blog, a blog dedicated exclusively to real estate in Port Grimaud as well as a high quality quarterly magazine which is very widely distributed in Port Grimaud.

Even though all the properties that we sell will benefit from this visibility, it is the properties on which we have a sole mandate that we offer the best placing as well as in our magazine, « Port Grimaud by Boutemy” and in our agency window.

Apartment sold exclusively through Boutemy Agency

Apartment sold exclusively through Boutemy Agency

B/ Your property will benefit from wide visibility

A property that has been granted to us exclusively will benefit from the best marketing techniques.
For those of you who prefer to multiply their chances by making use of several agencies in Port Grimaud, we would like to say the following to you : Port Grimaud has about a dozen real estate agencies for quite a small area. That means that anyone wanting to buy a property here will walk past the windows of all the agencies and will definitely visit their websites. The probability that a property for sale by our agency hasn’t been seen by a potential buyer is therefore around 0.

C/ A property that you see in every agency may seem suspect

Finally, we would like to warn you against the perception that buyers have of properties that are for sale everywhere. They may think that this is an approach aimed at covering up a property’s defect. It is therefore better if your property is given to one agent exclusively.

3. Selecting the right agency

To help you with your property journey, choose an agency that you feel comfortable with, someone who knows the local market and its specifications inside and out and who takes an active role in marketing to potential buyers.

Our agency: 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud

Our agency: 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud

This is the case with our agency and, in addition to the methods mentioned in this article, we have very good relationships with agents in England and Germany, which enables us to offer all our properties to a European clientele who loves the Côte d’Azur.

We do however know our grimaudois fellow sales agents very well and if we notice that your dream home is for sale in another agency, we will not hesitate to put you in contact with them.

The property market in Port Grimaud in 2016

While this year will soon come to an end, we would like to address a point on Port Grimaud’s property market’s specifications.

The year 2016 has been portrayed in the media mainly as the year where it was absolutely necessary to invest in property as the lending rates were (and still are) historically low and the prices stable.

It would be perhaps a little too hasty to say that property transactions in the lakeside city have benefited from this but it is obvious that our agency has had a good year with many properties sold, even more than in 2015.

Amongst these sales, the most popular properties were the large houses such as the fishing houses (we invite you to read our article on the different types of accomodation in Port Grimaud), and those which can be transacted at more than one million euros.

From conversations we have had with our clients, it has emerged that the possibility of mooring a boat directly in front of the house explains the surge of buyers in Port Grimaud. The feeling of safety here is, more than ever, a determining criteria in the buying decision and property investment.


A strong feeling of safety in Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is divided into 3 districts (Port Grimaud I, II or South and III) and is managed as condominiums by the Associations Syndicales Libres (ASL = Free Union Associations).

Safety here is controlled not only by the national police like everywhere else in France but also by the ASL who screen entry 24 hours a day via security guards who regularly patrol throughout the city. The presence of guards in each district allows permanent close proximity.

In addition, part of these districts are private, meaning that access is only authorized to residents.

colored houses by the lakefront

What is the best district in Port Grimaud?

Those wanting to invest in Port Grimaud often have the opportunity to rent there for several seasons before purchasing their secondary residence and therefore have a very precise idea around this question.

This is often the n°1 question that holiday makers wanting to discover the riparian city of François Spoerry ask us. And the answer is … “it  depends on the atmosphere that you’re looking for”. We are not saying this to please the various property owners in the different districts in Port Grimaud, but this is a sincere answer.

The historical center of Port Grimaud is Port Grimaud I. This is an animated district where you can find the largest number of businesses, the Market Place and la Place des Artisans (where you will find our agency) and everything there is easily accessible on foot, especially the main beach. This is therefore a district that families with children often enjoy the most.

Port Grimaud II, or Port Grimaud South, is a little further away, but offers numerous green spaces, wide terraces with gardens, proximity to a more private beach and an unequalled peacefulness.

Port Grimaud III is the link between the 2 districts. It combines the characteristics of the 2 other districts: closer to the center on the one hand but also very residential.

The choice of district is therefore up to you according to the kind of holiday you want to have.

House with a swimming-pool in Port Grimaud South: for rent exclusively through our agency

House with a swimming-pool in Port Grimaud South: for rent exclusively through our agency

Boutemy Agency is already preparing for the 2017 season

The 2016 season is reaching an end and we are already preparing for the 2017 season. We know that many of you enjoy staying in the same apartment or house again from one year to the next. We are currently in the process of verifying our rental planning with the property owners and will publish it online in a couple weeks.

We are also working very hard during the winter season to continuously improve all our communication materials in order to offer maximum visibility to the properties that we offer for sale as well as for rent.

It is still a little premature to mention this, but we we are preparing some lovely surprises for you for next year.

We are also continuing to improve the services offered to our property owners and our tenants in order to differentiate from direct rental websites and we are happy to see that our clients can see the difference !

We will definitely keep you up to date on all our marketing and communication strategies on this blog.

Until later,

The Boutemy Property Team

Advice on buying or selling your apartment in Port Grimaud

When you stay in Port Grimaud for the first time, holidays are so beautiful that one often dreams of becoming the owner of a property such as a beautiful apartment in Port Grimaud.

You thus already have the choice between 3 suburbs (Port Grimaud I, II and III) and between different types of accommodation : houses on the one side (the balandrines, hunières, ostales, cassines, borderives, portales and fishing houses) and apartments on the other side.

Buying an apartment in Port Grimaud

Apartments are often on the smaller side but are very popular as they have a major asset : as well as houses, they often have their own mooring.

You can therefore also enjoy this luxury, benefit from the safety and the peacefulness in Port Grimaud in a house as well as in an apartment.

Because they are often a little smaller than houses, apartments have the advantage of being more affordable.

While our houses sell for around a million euros on average, beautiful apartments with 2 to 3 bedrooms can be found from €400,00 to €500,000.

Apartment with a view on the canals

Apartment with a view on the canals

The price per m² of an apartment

A website, les Clés du Midi, publishes each year in June the property prices in port grimaud.
According to this website, the price of an apartment in Port Grimaud is €6,547 compared to       €16,202 for a house.

You can therefore save a lot of money by being the owner of an apartment while, at the same time, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Port Grimaud and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Questions to ask when wanting to buy an apartment

For each type of owner, there is a corresponding property. In addition, if you wish to buy a property in our riparian town, the following are the questions you should ask yourself :

    Do I need a mooring ?

  If yes, is it important that this mooring is located directly in front of my apartment or can it be a little further away?

    Will I live in Port Grimaud the entire year or only during the holidays ?

    How many people will be staying in the apartment at the same time?

When responding to these questions, we can help you in refining your search.

We hope to meet you soon, either at the agency or by phone. Until then, you can always consult our portfolio of properties in Port Grimaud.

Our apartments available for sale

For sale: duplex in Port Grimaud Sud with access to a private swimming pool. €297,000

For sale: duplex in Port Grimaud Sud with access to a private swimming pool. €297,000

At the date of writing this article, we were offering 27 apartments for sale without mooring and 12 apartments with mooring. Our offering ranges from studio apartments from 26m² at €165 000 to a 104 m2 duplex with a large mooring (17,5m x 4m).

To find the apartment of your dreams, call us or visit our website : in the section “Other properties”, by selecting “sell” and “apartment”, you can find all our  apartments for sale in Port Grimaud.

Rent out your studio apartment in Port Grimaud for additional income

Property is often our greatest asset. While, on the one hand, it has sentimental value, it also has great financial value, especially when you live in a region that is as loved by as many tourists as ours.
With 3 million tourists visiting each year, the Côte d’Azur is in fact the most visited region in France.

It goes without saying that with our our blue sea, luxurious natural environment and beautiful villages, we are particularly lucky.

So, there is no doubt that if you are looking for ways to increase your income, renting out your property can present a quite favorable nest egg.


Rent out your studio apartment next summer

Be assured : there is no space too small for holiday rental and your studio apartment, even if it is only 15 to 20m2 will satisfy a clientèle comprising of young couples. Spending the holidays on the Côte d’Azur is a luxury for many holiday makers who will see the possibility of renting a studio apartment as quite a bargain.
In fact, for only a few hundred euros a week, which is cheaper than a week in a hotel, they could have a great holiday, without having to go out for meals at restaurants.
It is therefore a win-win situation for tourists as well as for you, the owners of these studio apartments. As you know, a week’s rental generally covers your mortgage for a month. This is what we call a good deal!

Seaside studio

Best practices

You do however need to respect certain best practices:

• you can only rent out your studio apartment to holiday makers if you are the owner. If you are renting, you would have to obtain written consent from your owner beforehand, which, to be honest, is quite rare.
• You would need to declare this rental income in your tax return.

Guarantees provided by our agency

Now that we have cleared up the above two points,  do you feel ready to take the next step ?

Working with a real estate agency like ours can provided you with several guarantees.
The first complete assurance that you will receive serious renters. When renting out your studio apartment, you might be afraid that you will only attract poor and reckless students (perhaps not politically correct word it along these lines, but the main idea here is the worry).
Don’t worry : we will sign a contract with the renters. It is a contract that is covered by insurance which will resolve any disputes that should occur.

Most particularly, we do not take bookings directly on the internet without knowing who we are dealing with. We always talk to the future renters beforehand and ask them to send us some supporting documentation and we ensure that we collect all the monies due.

In addition, cleaning charges are always applicable (and we do not let them have the option of doing the cleaning themselves).

We also apply financial guarantees as well as insurance to ensure that your studio apartment remains in the condition you left it in.

If you tempted to entrust us with management of your studio apartment rental, we invite you to visit our agency which is situated at 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud.

The rules to follow to sell your South of France house or apartment at the right price

Selling your apartment or house at the right price is one factor to consider before making a transaction. How can you do this correctly in the current real estate market while still acting judiciously?

Estimating the price of your apartment or house is a crucial step in the process of selling a property.
Based on our experience, putting property for sale at the right price is particularly critical. A good property listed at a price too high will be less visited and will make you lose time and money.

The buyer will also have a larger margin of negotiation with a listing that has stayed on the market for a long time.

Port Grimaud: apartments by the canal

The wrong criteria

This process requires open-mindedness and flexibility. More often than not, he who wants to sell his property thinks about his future projects and ideas (« how much do I need for my next real estate purchase? ») or about the success of a sale made by a neighbor, friend, or a comparable good.

The features that raise the price of an apartment or house in Port Grimaud

– work voted on by the co-ownership, and therefore not accountable to the future buyer
– potential “love at first sight”
– an impersonalized home, permitting the buyer to easily personalize it himself
– a high floor: less neighbors, more light
– the view
– energy performance
– the presence of a garden or a swimming pool
– the presence of a mooring and its size
– the placement and layout of the rooms
– a detached house

luxurious vacation apartments

The features that lower the price of a property

– the absence of a mooring right in front of your property
– “uncharacteristic” aspect of the home, or a home very personalized, which could make moving in more difficult
– work to be done in the home
– for apartments, work to be done in the building and not voted on at the time of the sale: supplementary charge for the future buyer
– bad isolation and/or bad energy performance, making the future buyer spend more on utilities
– home has been on sale for more than a year.

As real estate experts, our field experience as well as the tools we have at your disposal allow us to set the best sale price possible. We know how many similar accommodations have been recently sold and at what price. Our daily conversations with potential buyers allow us to know their wishes, their demands and the budget that they are ready to invest for an accommodation like yours.

We invite you to contact one of the members of our team: Marion, or Mathilde to visit the property you wish to sell and establish an estimate in accordance to market rates. The goal is to allow you to sell your house or apartment as soon as possible and at the most profitable price for you.

We hope to see you soon at the agency located at 32 place des Artisans in Grimaud. From the end of March to mid-October, the agency is open from Monday to Saturday morning and we can also meet by appointment Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

Vacation home owners: 4 tips to make the most of small space

Many among us have often dreamed of owning a vacation home in the French riviera. You may have dismissed this idea as a an extravagance only available to the stars and the fabulously wealthy. The reality, however, is that you can feasibly own a vacation home in or near St-Tropez. If a villa does not fit into your budget, you may be very comfortable in an apartment. The key is organisation. So here are 4 tips on how to organize your small space:

1. Aim for functionality

bed with built in storage

Always aim for functionality in your furniture. Not to worry, this in no way means sacrificing style! Aiming for functionality simply means to make sure that your furniture is as useful to you as it is attractive. For example, instead of buying a couch, buy a daybed or a sofa – something you can turn into an extra bed. You may also want to buy a bed tall enough that you can put bins under it for easy storage without any clutter, or even a bed with built-in drawers, for the same reason. If buying a new bed is not an option, you can always opt for bed-risers, which will achieve the same effect for a fraction of the cost.

2. Think vertical

shelves to the ceiling

One of the most obvious solution to organize any space is shelving. Shelves do not take up much space and can store a vast array of things, anything from books to plants to trinkets. However, make sure to buy a shelving unit tall enough to reach the ceiling. This obviously allows you to store more things in the same amount of space, but it also creates the illusion of high ceilings as it draws the eye upwards. If you find a unit to be too bulky and are a bit of a handyman, you can build shelves directly into your wall. Simply make sure your shelves go as high up as they can, so as to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of tall ceilings.

3. Have options available

Wheeled kitchen cart to save space

Opt for furniture that you can easily move and even stow away, if need be. Examples include wheeled kitchen carts, which can be used to store spices, herbs, plants, anything you want! Kitchen carts are ideal for things you use often, and like to display. Foldable tables and kitchen islands also fit into this category, as they can be used when the counter space you have isn’t enough, and be easily put away when they are no longer needed.

4. Hang everything

creative coat rack

When living in a small space, hooks and storage racks are your best friends. Place a few hooks near the door to hang keys, coats, purses, anything that would otherwise end up on a coat rack, or worse, on the ground. Hang storage racks or shoe organizers on your doors. This allows you to store your cables, beauty products, whatever would clutter your space otherwise.

So there you have it! 4 tips to organize your small space, and fulfill your dream of having a vacation home in the French riviera.

French Riviera : what type of property is best for you?

The purchase of a vacation home in the French riviera is a decision to be taken seriously. One of the key elements of this decision is the type of property you wish to purchase. Rest assured that our agents here at the Boutemy Agency will be there to help you every step of the way. To make the process even easier, however, here are the main things you should think about when purchasing a vacation home.

1. Establish your budget

This goes without saying. Establishing your budget allows you to establish what kind of property is affordable to you, and whether renting a flat or buying a house in or near Saint-Tropez is more advantageous for you. Our agents at the Boutemy Agency will be able to find a property for virtually any budget (prices for properties for sale start at €165.000 and go up to several millions euros) in the region of Port Grimaud.

2. Establish your needs


Studio in the heart of Port Grimaud

After having established your budget, you must examine your needs. Do you have children you will be vacationing with, or will you be vacationing in a large group? If so, a house may be more appropriate than a flat, seeing as there is more space. However, if you plan to stay in your vacation home for brief periods of time, you may be quite comfortable in a flat. Do you have reduced mobility, or does someone who will be on holiday with you? If so, a house on one level or a flat on the ground floor would be most convenient for you. We suggest you make a list of your needs that you can show your agent to help them find you the perfect vacation home.

3. Make your purchase work for you

House rented out to holiday goers

The owners stay in this beautiful house only a few weeks each year and rent it out the rest of the time.

You may be thinking, “I’m only planning to stay in Port Grimaud for a couple weeks, surely I don’t need to buy a property?”. While this is true, buying a property can be very beneficial for you, even if you do not use it for much of the year. For example, if you own a home, you can rent it out when you are not using it, and thus let it pay for itself. Owning a property also guarantees that you have a place to stay when you decide to go on vacation. You do not need to worry about finding a hotel and not being sure if you will enjoy your stay or not. Owning a vacation home takes these worries away, as you know you have a place to stay, and you know that you will have a lovely time.

Obviously these are only guidelines, and only you know yourself well enough to decide what sort of purchase is right for you. Hopefully these guidelines help you find the perfect holiday home in the south of France. Our agents here at the Boutemy agency look forward to finding the ideal property for you, whether it be a purchase or a rental, so you may have the perfect holiday in and around Port Grimaud with your loved ones.

Port Grimaud house rentals

Boutemy, your real estate agency in Port Grimaud for nearly 20 years, has many vacation homes rentals to offer for your holidays on the Côte d’Azur.

Fisherman's House in Port Grimaud

Stay there with your family and friends to enjoy the charm of the lakeside city, nestled in the heart of the Saint-Tropez Gulf only a short boat ride away from the famous village of the stars.

In Port Grimaud, you can spend your vacation in a house with your feet in the water and moor your boat right in front of your residence. Thus, if you want to go sailing or visit one of the neighbouring villages you will have only a few meters to travel before being at sea.

Our seaside village therefore offers the experience of a stay at a luxurious marina, but in a (rather rare in the Côte d’Azur) protected environment – we are the recipients of the very demanding Pavillon Bleu  – and in a calm atmosphere, far from the tropezian frenzy.

While the season is in full swing and most of our rental houses are occupied, we suggest that you make your reservation for next year as early as possible. The most popular months being June through August, you will have more choice in April, May, September, and October.

However, if your schedule is freed up at the last minute and you absolutely want to spend a week in Port Grimaud during the summer, do not worry. Our team will help you find what you need.

In fact, some houses are belatedly listed for rent and you may be able to get your hands on freshly listed properties. Otherwise, the owners must move their holidays around and vacate their home at unexpected dates.

The distinctive feature of Port Grimaud’s housing market is that the residences available for rent are not rental investments. This means that the properties we show you are occupied by the owners for many weeks every year. Therefore, the owners only rent the properties when they know they will not be present.

The result of this is the care taken when it comes to the comfort and decoration of these homes. This rather exceptional situation allows us to show you excellent quality residences.

You may come to your own conclusions by viewing our ads on the Internet. Depending on the number of people you are travelling with or the space you want, you can use search filters to view houses with  3, 4, 5 or more bedrooms.

We suggest you consult the description sheet for each of the selected properties. These sheets will give you detailed descriptions, many pictures, the mention of there being a mooring or not, and the size of the residence.

An availabilities’ calendar is also displayed. If the week you want is green: bingo! Call us at 04 94 56 56 58 to finalize your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you in the lakeside city!

Buying property in Port Grimaud when one is not a French citizen

Are you wanting to buy a second residence in France, and is this the first time that you are investing in a property outside of your home country?

Be rest assured:  whether you are English, American, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch (we haven’t forgotten about the other nationalities, but here you have an idea of the main properties in Port Grimaud), our team will guide you in completing your transaction in complete peace of mind.

French Venice - Port Grimaud, Provence, France

Our team has been trained at the best French management schools and is multilingual. We will therefore be able to guide you and assist you in your undertakings in your native language or even in English.
Furthermore, close to half of the property owners in Port Grimaud are foreigners (mostly Europeans). We therefore handle sales for locals as much as for foreign property owners.

With Boutemy Immobilier, you are in good hands !

Quite honestly, becoming a property owner in Port Grimaud, in France, when one is not of French nationality, is not that different to buying a house or apartment in one’s own country.
However, we would like to share with you some particularities specific to a purchase of a property in France.

We will put you into contact with a tax representative in French law.

For the purchase of your holiday residence in the Gulf of Grimaud (Gulf of Saint-Tropez) some of you will need to take out a loan. When this is the case, most of our buyers do this in their country of origin.
If you would prefer to contact a lender in France, we can certainly put you into contact with some local banks who enjoy our full confidence.
In any case, we will systematically put you into contact with a tax representative in French law.
This is compulsory if you originate from a country outside of the European Union, and has been optional since the 1st January 2015 if you originated from a country within the UE. However, even if you are exempt from it, we strongly advise you to do this.

We handle the establishment of all your water/gas/electricity accounts.

Our intervention does not end with the signing of the deed of sale. Boutemy Real Estate also takes care of the cancellation of the previous owner’s water, gas and electricity accounts and in creating new accounts for the new property owners.
From municipal and private services, we are aware that making one choice amongst many can be intimidating and time-consuming. Also, it is with great pleasure that we offer this service.

As you will have noticed, at Boutemy, we are committed to offering the best advice to our French, as well as foreign clients.

Our knowledge of foreign languages, our expertise in the Grimaudian property market as well as our knowledge in French administration enables you to complete the purchase of our property under the best circumstances.

<h2>You can find the list of all our properties for sale</h2>

  • in English on the website
  • in French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian on our website To do this, click on the icon of your flag on the right of the screen.

5 things you didn’t know about Port Grimaud property owners


1. The town consists of about 98% property owners and 2% tenants.

This is definitely a record in France. This is mainly due to the fact that most residents live in the town only during the holidays. Boat owners often have moorings in front of their properties, which they enjoy using during the holidays.

2. 50% of property owners in Port Grimaud are French while 50% are foreigners.

Foreign property owners are mostly from neighboring European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland.

3. Properties in Port Grimaud are mainly for company directors…

… or previous company directors (therefore retired) who have sold their business. Most of them are not part of the jet set like property owners in Saint-Tropez, and they prefer peaceful holidays as opposed to “bling bling” holidays. People who live in Port Grimaud are, according to their jobs in the corporate world, very influential people on a worldwide scale. They come with their families in order to spend the holidays with their boats or to enjoy their retirement.

4. Property owners in Port Grimaud spend on average 6 547€ per m² for an apartment, and 16 202€ per m² for a house.

This is according to an analysis by Les Clés du Midi.

Price of a house in Port Grimaud

Price per square meter for a house in Port Grimaud


Price per square meter for a flat / an apartment in Port Grimaud

According to this same study, the classification of properties sold fan out in the following way :

  • 60% have 2 rooms
  • 20% have 3 rooms
  • 20% have 4 rooms or more


Number of rooms

  • and 60% of properties have a surface area of less than 50m²

Surface area in Port Grimaud

Surface area in Port Grimaud

We hope that this bit of information has given you an overview of real estate in Port Grimaud.

If you wish to sell your property, are wanting to buy a property or simply want to enjoy your holidays by renting, we’d like to invite you to have a look at our listings on our websites (in French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish) and in English.


Different Types of Port Grimaud Housing

Port Grimaud is completely unique and was brilliantly designed by sailor-architect François Spoerry.
While we see a harmonious ensemble of facades, each a different colour from the next, the architect designed the seaside town around only 9 types of dwellings.

He made sure to alternate these lodgings along the canals, as illustrated by the following example:



These homes, unique to Port Grimaud, have names connecting them to Provence and the Sea. Here are the official, original definitions created by François Spoerry that are still listed by the Port Grimaud architectural firm Xavier Bohl, guarantor of Port Grimaud’s architectural uniqueness to date.


The Studio:

From 26 m² to 38 m². As a « classic » apartment, it is the only type of housing on one level.

The Balandrine:

Houses from 60 to 69 m² with 2 bedrooms. On the ground floor is the kitchen, living room and upstairs two bedrooms, a bathroom and separate toilets.

Here are 3 official versions of the Balandrine layout.


The Balandrine

The Balandrine: option 1

The Balandrine: option 1

The Balandrine: option 2

The Balandrine: option 2 

The Hunière

Houses with a surface area of ​​61 to 65 m². On the ground floor is a huge living room as well as a kitchen and water closet. Upstairs: 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The Hunière

The Hunière 

The Cassine

Houses from 70 to 75 m² with 3 bedrooms. On the ground floor is the kitchen, living room, water closet and upstairs 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with toilets. Occasionally a solarium is included as a finishing touch.

The Cassine

The Cassine

The Maison de pêcheur (Fisherman’s House)

Houses from 77 to 97 m² with 4 bedrooms. On the ground floor is the kitchen, living room (sometimes a water closet). On each 1st and 2nd floor there is: 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom and toilets (independent or integrated into the bathroom).
At times a Fisherman’s House is widened, offering a larger deck than its classic version as well as bigger rooms.
Occasionally a solarium is included as a finishing touch.

Fisherman's House in Port Grimaud

Fisherman’s House in Port Grimaud

The Fisherman's house - option 1

The Fisherman’s house – option 1

The Fisherman's house: option 2

The Fisherman’s house: option 2 

The Portale

One of the rarest types of dwelling in Port Grimaud. It is a house from 90 to 99 m² with 4 bedrooms. On the ground floor is the kitchen, living room and guest water closet.
On the 1st floor is 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and toilets.
On the 2nd floor is 1 large bedroom with 1 large en-suite bathroom. The 2nd floor bedroom opens onto a large terrace/balcony.

The Portale

The Portale

Another floorplan of Portale House in Port Grimaud

Another floorplan of Portale House in Port Grimaud 

The Borderive

Quite rare in Port Grimaud. It is houses from 99 to 103 m² with 4 bedrooms.
On the ground floor is the kitchen, living room, and a guest water closet, as well as a bedroom.
On the 1st floor is 3 other bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and toilets.

The Borderive

The Borderive

The Apartment

Apartments in Port Grimaud

Apartments in Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud has a total of 2,400 lodgings, almost all have their own berth since 2,000 docking spots are available.

We thank the Xavier Bohl firm for providing the above specifications, precisely detailing the original design of the different Port Grimaud lodgings.