5 things you didn’t know about Port Grimaud property owners


1. The town consists of about 98% property owners and 2% tenants.

This is definitely a record in France. This is mainly due to the fact that most residents live in the town only during the holidays. Boat owners often have moorings in front of their properties, which they enjoy using during the holidays.

2. 50% of property owners in Port Grimaud are French while 50% are foreigners.

Foreign property owners are mostly from neighboring European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland.

3. Properties in Port Grimaud are mainly for company directors…

… or previous company directors (therefore retired) who have sold their business. Most of them are not part of the jet set like property owners in Saint-Tropez, and they prefer peaceful holidays as opposed to “bling bling” holidays. People who live in Port Grimaud are, according to their jobs in the corporate world, very influential people on a worldwide scale. They come with their families in order to spend the holidays with their boats or to enjoy their retirement.

4. Property owners in Port Grimaud spend on average 6 547€ per m² for an apartment, and 16 202€ per m² for a house.

This is according to an analysis by Les Clés du Midi.

Price of a house in Port Grimaud

Price per square meter for a house in Port Grimaud


Price per square meter for a flat / an apartment in Port Grimaud

According to this same study, the classification of properties sold fan out in the following way :

  • 60% have 2 rooms
  • 20% have 3 rooms
  • 20% have 4 rooms or more

Number of rooms

  • and 60% of properties have a surface area of less than 50m²
Surface area in Port Grimaud

Surface area in Port Grimaud

We hope that this bit of information has given you an overview of real estate in Port Grimaud.

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