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Is this your first time in Grimaud ?

If you’re coming to Grimaud for the first this year, here are a few things you need to know about Grimaud.

A little bit of history

Ideally located in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, between the sea and the forest, Grimaud has existed since the 11th century. Classified as one of the « most beautiful detours in France, » this Provençal village may take its name from a wealthy landowner named « Grimaldi. » The medieval castle, located in the heart of the Massif des Maures, served as a protective stronghold for the population against the plague and bandits. Until the 17th century, the villagers lived behind the castle walls. As the village expanded, it became known as the capital of Freinet, with a population of 1,200 in the 14th century. The commune’s wealth and strategic geographical position made it an important vantage point for monitoring the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

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During the 17th century, thanks to several water and wind mills, Grimaud achieved food self-sufficiency. The inhabitants produced flour and olive oil, among other things.

In 1966, the commune expanded with the construction of the lacustrine city of Port Grimaud. François Spoerry was the architect behind this project, which was built on former marshland.

Copyright Alexis Toursel for Boutemy Immobilier

The colorful houses have a quay for mooring boats, as well as land access. Thus, a true maritime village was born, complete with shops, a church, and a post office. Known as the « Provençal Venice, » Port Grimaud was awarded the « Heritage of the 20th Century » label in 2002.

Places you should visit

The historic center

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Strolling through the narrow alleys of Grimaud is a true pleasure! The cobblestone streets, the Saint Michel church, the chapels, the wells and squares, as well as the flower-adorned houses, all contribute to the undeniable charm of this Provençal village. In summer, you can even enjoy the vibrant colors of bougainvillea and oleanders adorning the facades.

The castle of Grimaud and the « Les Grimaldines » festival

The Castle of Grimaud, copyright Cyril Carpentier

The ruins of the medieval castle can be visited for free at any time of the day. They offer a sublime panoramic view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez and the Massif des Maures.

Every summer, the Grimaldines festival brings this historical monument back to life. World music concerts are organized in the castle courtyard, and street performances take over the old town center. It’s an opportunity to gather people of all ages in a magical place steeped in history.

Eagle-Eye Cherry will be on stage on July 25th, 2023

The trail of Vallon du Pont des Fées

Pont des Fées. Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

This walk instantly transports you to the heart of nature. The Saint-Roch mill, a recently renovated former windmill, serves as the starting point. You will then follow along the river, and before you stands the Pont des Fées (Bridge of the Fairies). It once served to supply water to the village. Along the way, you may come across a Hermann’s tortoise, an endangered species still present in the Var region, particularly in the Maures Massif. Vineyards, olive groves, and Mediterranean scrubland will accompany you throughout the rest of the walk, accompanied by the chirping of cicadas.

The Musée du Patrimoine / The Heritage Museum

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Splendid 16th-century buildings house this museum, which allows you to discover the way of life of the inhabitants of the Gulf of Saint Tropez in the past. Reconstructed scenes and period costumes will immerse you in the history of the village. Temporary exhibitions are regularly organized there. Admission is free.


After your cultural outings, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation by the sea. Grimaud boasts numerous sandy beaches, such as Beauvallon, Plage des Cigales, Plage de Guerrevieille, and Plage du Gros Pin.

Concerts and festivals in Grimaud in July 2023

Les Grimaldines: 20th anniversary

The Grimaldines offer an eclectic and high-quality program every year, attracting a wide audience of music lovers. The concerts take place in picturesque locations in the town, such as the castle, village squares, or gardens. These different venues provide a unique atmosphere and contribute to the magic of the festival.

The festival offers a variety of musical styles, ranging from jazz to classical music, world music, and contemporary music. Renowned artists, emerging talents, and local groups perform at the Grimaldines, providing an appreciated artistic diversity for festival-goers.

In addition to the concerts, the Grimaldines offer complementary activities such as art exhibitions, wine tastings, or music workshops. These activities allow you to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere and discover the cultural richness of Grimaud.

It will be Lúcia de Carvalho who will kick off the event on the castle stage on July 18 at 10 p.m.

Copyright Franck Lorioux

Lúcia de Carvalho is an alchemist, a seeker of meaning, and an illuminator of essence. Her voice carries healing and transformative vibrations, while her drum resonates with the voices of ancestors, inviting us to reconnect with our inner selves.

In harmony with rhythm and vocals, she serves the beauty that resides within us and in the world around us. For those ready to cast off, Lúcia de Carvalho’s diverse universe acts as a guiding beacon, urging us to stay the course despite challenges. It’s all there, waiting for us to surrender and embark on the journey.

Then, on July 25, come and applaud Eagle-Eye Cherry, the performer of the renowned hit ‘Save Tonight‘.

Copyright Eagle-Eye Cherry

On the 4th, 7th, 19th, and 22nd of July : musical evenings at La Bastide Blanche.

la Bastide Blanche

Indulge in a delicious meal while enjoying the musical evenings at La Bastide Blanche. On July 4th, you can listen to Agnès, on July 7th, Clarisse will perform, on July 19th, Léo will take the stage, and on July 22nd, Jude will entertain you.

Every Monday: ¡LIMBO! evening at After Beach

Copyright After Beach

From Dub to House, and even Latin music, anything goes in the Balearic-themed Monday nights as long as you come with the intention to dance barefoot in the sand.

Following in the footsteps of the carefree Ibiza of the early 80s, ¡LIMBO! is a weekly gathering on a dancefloor liberated by Probably Sean.

With a selection as unpredictable as Mary Poppins’ bag, expect nothing but to wiggle on the dance floor.

To get in the mood early in the morning, you can also tune in to the ¡LIMBO! radio, where Sean has curated a few precious gems.

Grilled food, Mojitos, and ice cream are available on-site. At After Beach from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Every Friday: Cartel del Chipo at After Beach

Copyright After Beach

The Cartel Del Chipo is a festival of disco nights in the broadest sense (world grooves, Afro-Latin, soul, etc.) in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, taking place every Friday at After Beach / La Halle De Grimaud.

It’s all the love we have for merguez sausages that we channel into the music.

Just imagine: you order your sausages, you listen closely, and BAM! The music hits you full force, and you fall. Yet your heart keeps beating to the rhythms of the probably amazing (yes, it is!) track by the DJ. You open your eyes and find yourself barefoot in the sand among happy people grooving, even if not everyone is hitting the tempo with their feet, a sausage in one hand, a mojito in the other, and all those mouths telling you, ‘come on and dance!’

You don’t understand, everything is confused. There’s this thing inside you that’s burning, this thing that feels good. Is it your sausage? Your mojito? Are they working together? What if it’s the music? Can it really make eating, drinking, flirting, walking, jumping, sweating better?

While you ponder all these questions, the thing keeps building up, determined to launch you into its Vega Myssil of DISCO. You mingle with the stars, Saturn becomes your buddy, the cosmos your home, and that’s when you understand: that thing is happiness.

With just a few minor differences, that’s what you can expect at each Cartel Del Chipo.

Grilled food, mojitos, and ice cream are available on-site.

Organized by After Beach every Friday from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Every Saturday evening: disco house funk at After Beach

Copyright After Beach

The Chipo Family is talking to you. They’re calling you every Saturday to the terrace of After Beach to shake your sausage to tracks as soulful as Pierre-Gabriel’s arrival in the plain of Grimaud (soulful = sunny music = warmth = you dancing barefoot in the sand = us loving you).

With a conversion to organic and glittery red label, the buddies of the Chipo Family have had the opportunity to mature this winter with some truly enjoyable gigs, like at the Good Bar in Brooklyn, Les Caves de Cham’, more recently at the Mas des Escaravatiers, and the list goes on with less famous ones. That’s what you call a good joke that bears fruit.

On the menu, we have family disco, hot Afro-Latin tunes that melt gold in your eyes, and often solar house music that brushes against the stars. You’ll say « WOW! » and we’ll reply « YEAH! » And just for that, it’s worth a visit.

Organized by After Beach every Saturday from 7:00 PM to 12:15 AM.

Every Thursday and Saturday: karaoke at the Monroe’s

Copyright Monroe’s Pub

Have fun at the Monroe’s by performing your favorite songs every Thursday and Saturday from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Every Thursday, starting July 13: Plage de rock

Copyright les Prairies de la Mer

The love story between Rock and Les Prairies de la Mer has been going on for many years and in 2006, it gave birth to the best it had to offer: the Plage de Rock festival, which takes place on Thursdays from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

It’s because the team of this resort wanted to go big that they decided to bring the most exciting bands of the moment to vacationers and young people in the region throughout the summer.

You will taste the luxury of Plage de Rock up close to the artists and in an incredibly cozy setting. And what a luxury it is…


  • Thursday, July 13th: Young Fathers and PPJ
  • Thursday, July 20th: Flavien Berger and Agar Agar
  • Thursday, July 27th: Jan Verstraeten and Kids Return

Source: Grimaud Tourisme

Concerts et festivals à Grimaud au mois de juillet

Festival les Grimaldines : 20ème anniversaire

Les Grimaldines offrent chaque année une programmation éclectique et de qualité, attirant un large public d’amateurs de musique. Les concerts se déroulent dans des lieux pittoresques de la commune, tels que le château, les places du village ou les jardins. Ces différents sites offrent une atmosphère unique et contribuent à la magie du festival.

Le festival propose une variété de styles musicaux, allant du jazz à la musique classique, en passant par la musique du monde et les musiques actuelles. Des artistes renommés, des talents émergents et des groupes locaux se produisent lors des Grimaldines, offrant ainsi une diversité artistique appréciée par les festivaliers.

Outre les concerts, les Grimaldines proposent des activités complémentaires telles que des expositions d’art, des dégustations de vins ou des ateliers musicaux. Ces activités vous permettent de profiter pleinement de l’atmosphère festive et de découvrir la richesse culturelle de Grimaud.

C’est Lúcia de Carvalho qui ouvrira le bal sur la scène du château le 18 juillet à 22h.

Crédit photo Franck Lorioux

Lúcia de Carvalho est une alchimiste, une chercheuse de sens et éveilleuse d’essence. Sa voix transmet des vibrations qui guérissent et transforment, tandis que son tambour fait entendre la voix des ancêtres, et nous invite à renouer avec notre personnalité profonde.

Voix et rythmes s’unissent ainsi au service de la beauté : celle qui nous habite et celle qui nous entoure. Pour les âmes prêtes à larguer les amarres, l’univers métissé de Lúcia de Carvalho agit comme un phare qui invite à garder le cap malgré vents et marées. Tout est là. Il suffit de se laisser embarquer.

Puis le 25 juillet, venez applaudir Eagle-Eye Cherry, l’interprète du célèbre titre Save Tonight.

Crédit photo Eagle-Eye Cherry

Les 4, 7, 19 et 22 juillet : Soirée musicale à la Bastide Blanche

la Bastide Blanche

D’avril à septembre, profitez des soirées en musique au restaurant La Bastide Blanche autour d’un bon plat. Le 04 juillet venez écouter Agnès, le 07 Clarisse, le 19 Léo et le 22 Jude.

Tous les lundis : soirée ¡LIMBO!  à l’After Beach

Crédit photo After Beach

De la Dub à la House en passant par la musique Latine, tout est bon dans la thématique Balearic du lundi tant que vous venez avec l’intention de danser pieds nus dans le sable.

Suivant les traces d’un Ibiza décomplexé au début des année 80, ¡LIMBO! est un rendez-vous hebdomadaire sur un dancefloor libéré par Probably Sean.

Avec une sélection aussi imprévisible que le sac de Mary Poppins, ne vous attendez à rien, sauf à gigoter sur la piste.

Pour vous mettre dans le mood dès le matin, vous pouvez aussi vous brancher sur la ¡LIMBO! radio, ou quelques précieusetés sélectionnées par Sean.

Grillades / Mojitos / Glaces sur place. A l’After Beach de 19h00 à 01h00.

Tous les vendredis : Cartel del Chipo à l’After Beach

Crédit photo After Beach

Le Cartel Del Chipo est un festival de soirées disco au sens large (world grooves, afrolatin, soul, etc.) dans le Golfe de Saint-Tropez, prenant place chaque vendredi à l’After Beach // La Halle De Grimaud.

C’est tout l’amour que l’on porte pour la merguez que l’on met au service de la musique.

Imagine donc bien : tu commandes tes saucisses, tu tends l’oreille et BAM ! La musique te frappe de plein fouet, tu tombes. Ton coeur pourtant bat toujours aux rythmes de la track probablement géniale (si si, elle l’est !) du DJ. Tu ouvres les yeux et te retrouves pieds nus dans le sable avec des gens heureux qui se trémoussent, bien qu’ils ne tapent pas tous du pied sur le tempo, une chipo à la main, un mojito dans l’autre, et toutes ces bouches qui te disent : “come on and dance !”

Tu ne comprends pas, tout est confus. Il y a cette chose à l’intérieur de toi qui brûle, cette chose qui fait du bien. Est-ce ta saucisse ? Ton mojito ? Opèrent-ils ensemble ? Et si c’était la musique ? Peut-elle vraiment rendre le fait de manger, boire, fricoter, marcher, sauter, transpirer meilleurs ?

Pendant que tu te poses toutes ces questions, la chose continue de monter en force, bien décidée à te satelliser dans sa Vega Myssil de la DISCO. Tu côtoies les étoiles, Saturne devient ton pote, le cosmos ta maison, et c’est là que tu comprends : cette chose, c’est le bonheur.

À peu de choses près, voilà ce à quoi il faut s’attendre lors de chaque Cartel Del Chipo.

Grillades / Mojitos / Glaces sur place.

Organisé par l’After Beach tous les vendredis de 09h00 à 01h00.

Tous les samedis soirs : disco house funk à l’After Beach

Crédit photo After Beach

La Chipo Family te parle. Elle t’appelle chaque samedi sur la terrasse de l’After Beach pour venir te secouer la saucisse sur des tracks aussi soulful que l’arrivée de Pierre-Gabriel dans la plaine de Grimaud (soulful = musique solaire = chaleur = toi danser pieds nus dans le sable = nous t’aimer).

En conversion bio et label rouge paillettes, les copains de La Chipo Family on eu l’occasion de prendre de la bouteille cet hiver grâce à quelques dates frinchement sympathiques, tel qu’au Good Bar de Brooklyn, Les Caves de Cham’, plus récemment le Mas des Escaravatiers, et on en passe des moins famous.
Ça, c’est ce qu’on appelle une bonne farce qui porte ses fruits.

Au menu, de la disco des familles, de l’afrolatin caliente à en faire fondre l’or dans vos yeux, et souvent aussi de la house solaire à en côtoyer les étoiles.
Vous nous direz “WOW!” On vous répondra “YEAH!” Et rien que pour ça, ça vaut la visite.

Organisé par l’After Beach tous les samedis de 19h00 à 00h15.

Tous les jeudis et samedis : Karaoké au Monroe’s

Copyright Monroe’s Pub

Amusez-vous au Monroe’s en reprenant vos titres favoris tous les jeudis et samedis de 20h00 à 01h00 du matin.

Tous les jeudis à partir du 13 juillet : Plage de rock

Copyright les Prairies de la Mer

L’histoire d’amour entre le Rock et les Prairies de la Mer dure depuis de nombreuses années et a donné naissance en 2006 à ce qu’elle pouvait offrir de meilleur : le festival Plage de Rock qui se tient les jeudis de 19h00 à 23h00.

C’est parce que l’équipe de cet hôtel de plein air voyait les choses en grand qu’elle a décidé d’amener sur un plateau aux vacanciers et aux jeunes de la région les groupes les plus excitants du moment, tout au long de l’été.

C’est au plus près des artistes et dans un cadre incroyablement «cosy» que vous goûterez le luxe de Plage de Rock. Et quel luxe…

Programmation :

  • Jeudi 13 juillet : Young Fathers et PPJ
  • Jeudi 20 juillet : Flavien Berger et Agar Agar
  • Jeudi 27 juillet : Jan Verstraeten et Kids Return

Source : Grimaud Tourisme

Animations and events in Grimaud in July 2023

6th edition of ‘Partir en livre’

For this 6th edition, on the theme of Freedom, various workshops will be offered: artistic workshops, storytelling, and theatrical reading.

This national event aims to promote reading during the summer period.

Wednesdays, July 5th, 12th, and 19th, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Theatrical storytelling. Free admission. Médiathèque (Media Library)

Friday, July 7th, at 6:30 PM Theatrical reading of « L’inventeur » (The Inventor) by Miguel Bonnefoy, performed by the Cie du Théâtre du Lézard. Free admission. Salle de conférence Beausoleil (Beausoleil Conference Hall)

Saturday, July 8th, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Artistic workshop « Marbrure à conter » (Marbling and storytelling) facilitated by Sandra Fantino. For ages 7 and above. Free with registration at 04 94 43 29 02.

From July 6th to 9th: Rire aux étoiles Theatre Festival

Copyright Cyril Carpentier

For its third edition in Grimaud, the « Rire aux étoiles » Theatre Festival will take place under the gazebo in Place Neuve for four open-air evenings, providing an opportunity to laugh under the stars with three professional troupes to discover with your family. It’s a new irresistible festival!

Thursday, July 6th: « Chéri, j’ai invité mon ex » by Compagniie des Estérelles.

Friday, July 7th: « Divorce à la marseillaise » by Madame Antoine.

Saturday, July 8th: « Ado un jour, à nos toujours » by Comédie Triomphe.

Sunday, July 9th: « Vous pouvez embrasser la mariée » by Comédie Triomphe.

Organized by CRET de Grimaud. Performances start at 9:30 PM.

From July 7th to 9th: International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament

Copyright Pixabay

The Rhythmic Gymnastics & Funk Jazz Club of Grimaud is pleased to invite you to its summer tournament.

The tournament is open to all French and foreign clubs. Team competition: 1 ensemble or duo + 2 individuals. Regional to National level for gymnasts born in 2014 or earlier. All participants will receive a reward and medal.

Single rate of €6. At the Blaquières sports complex. For more information, call 06 10 41 56 88.

Friday, July 14th: National Day Ceremony

Copyright Cyril Carptentier

Meet at 11:15 am on the forecourt of the Town Hall.

In the evening, there will be a celebration in the village!

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

The exciting evening of July 14th awaits you in Grimaud: street theater, a complimentary red, white, and blue aperitif, and a fantastic guinguette party… There’s something for everyone, all ages, and all tastes!

Starting at 7:00 pm, more than 30 actors will take to the streets of Grimaud to bring to life some real stories and anecdotes from Grimaud’s revolutionary past, sourced from the municipal archives! Just follow the signs in the streets and let yourself be guided!

At 9:00 pm, enjoy a sweet cocktail on the house: choose between blue, white, or red!

And finally, at 9:30 pm, put on your 1950s outfits and head to the Place Neuve in the village of Grimaud for the most lively event of the year: « La Guinguette de Grimaud. »

The venue will be completely transformed for this occasion, with charming « gingham » decorations and straw bales that will bring back nostalgic memories for the older generation. The band « Red Hot Chili Guinguette » will keep us dancing all night long with their talent, accordion melodies, and vibrant atmosphere! It’s a delightful and energetic guinguette experience you won’t want to miss!

Of course, there will be a mouth-watering food corner at the heart of the event. You can bring your own picnic or indulge in the delectable treats prepared on-site, including the classic moules/frites served by the renowned restaurant Le Clem’s and the sweet and savory delights crafted by the master pastry chef Lesserteur!

Tuesday, July 18th: Provence Pink Day

Copyright Cyril Carpentier

The first Grimaldines evening is, as always, an opportunity to taste Provence rosés and, above all, to meet the Young Farmers Association of Var in a pleasant atmosphere.
Join us at Place Neuve from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Saturday, July 18th: The Grimaldines, Lúcia de Carvalho

Copyright Franck Lorioux

This first evening will be themed « South America, » and Lúcia de Carvalho will kick off the event on the castle stage at 10 p.m.

As always, the show starts in the streets at 7 p.m. Food trucks and restaurants will be available on-site.

Lúcia de Carvalho is an alchemist, a seeker of meaning, and an awakener of essence. Her voice transmits healing and transformative vibrations, while her drum gives voice to the ancestors, inviting us to reconnect with our deep essence.

Voices and rhythms come together in the service of beauty: the beauty within us and the beauty that surrounds us. For souls ready to set sail, Lúcia de Carvalho’s blended universe acts as a beacon that encourages us to stay on course despite the winds and tides. It’s all there. Just let yourself be carried away. Ticket price: €20.

Thursday, July 20th and 27th: Cinema at the Castle

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

For the third edition of the « Ciné au Château » festival, let’s sing and dance to the theme of Musical Biopics, featuring 4 classic films of the genre on a 7-meter screen at the heart of Grimaud Castle, which will be transformed into an open-air cinema for magical evenings!

And of course, for the food enthusiasts, confectionery will be available for purchase on-site.

Here’s the program:

  • Thursday, July 20th: « ELVIS » by Baz Luhrmann Starring Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJongeThe film portrays the life and musical journey of Elvis Presley through the lens of his complex relationship with his mysterious manager, Colonel Tom Parker. It explores their dynamics over two decades, from the singer’s rise to unmatched stardom, against the backdrop of cultural shifts and America’s loss of innocence.
  • Thursday, July 27th: « LA MÔME » by Olivier Dahan Starring Marion Cotillard, Gérard Depardieu, Jean-Pierre MartinsFrom her childhood to her fame, from victories to wounds, from Belleville to New York, discover the exceptional journey of Edith Piaf. Through a destiny more incredible than any novel, delve into the soul of an artist and the heart of a woman. Intimate, intense, fragile, and indestructible, devoted to her art to the point of sacrifice, she is the most immortal of singers…

Free admission. Open seating. Doors open at 9 p.m. – Screening starts at 9:30 p.m.

Tuesday, July 25th: The Grimaldines, Eagle-Eye Cherry

Copyright Eagle-Eye Cherry

This second evening will be themed « North America, » and Eagle-Eye Cherry will delight us on the castle stage at 10 p.m.

As always, the show starts in the streets at 7 p.m. Food trucks and restaurants will be available on-site.

The son of jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and younger brother of singer Neneh Cherry, Eagle-Eye Cherry was immersed in the musical world from an early age. He spent part of his childhood on the road, accompanying his father on tour, which sparked his passion for music and the artist’s life.

At the age of twelve, he attended the drama school in New York and remained in the city until he was 26, exploring various roles as an actor (he made several film appearances, including in 1991 in « The Doors, » a film directed by Oliver Stone and being screened this summer in Grimaud as part of « Ciné au Château »), as well as joining several bands as a drummer.

Full price ticket: 25 euros, reduced price ticket: 20 euros.


Exhibition « Ti’Ou from Ocean to Art »

Copyright Ti’ou

Ti’Ou, an artist also known as Virginie Devin, invites us to share her wondrous vision of marine beauty that needs to be preserved. As an « artist-explorer » of the underwater world, Ti’Ou is captivated by the ocean’s life and conveys her passion through the creation of paintings and sculptures that enhance marine life. Her artworks intertwine natural materials, such as cracked clay, wood, steel, oxidized bronze with verdigris, crystals, and glass. Through her art, she aims to inspire awe and raise awareness about the fragility and preservation of this suspended universe. The forms and colors that adorn her artworks are the intellectual and idealistic extensions of the artist. Her thematic contrast is reflected in the interplay between the abstract and figurative, the matte texture of velvet and the sparkling brilliance of glass, and the micro and macro aspects of the ocean world.

Ti’Ou pushes the reality of each individual to its limits and inspires reflection. Her unique « blue » signature has gained recognition, and her works have been exhibited in prestigious venues and renowned galleries. The press has covered many of her events, and she has received the Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 for artistic merit. Additionally, she is the founding president of Terre de Vrai, an association dedicated to raising environmental awareness among children.

You can explore her exhibition at Hôtel Suffren de Port, Grimaud, open daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Exhibition of photos « The Massif des Maures » by Patricia Renoux

Copyright Cyril Carpentier

« You rise before me, wild and profound, mountain once covered with pines and chestnut trees, so beautiful, so secretive, so alive, and I, fading away.

Among heather and lavender, I wander through your silent maquis, where slabs and rocks of pink or reddish-orange sandstone emerge with the rhythm of your breath. Mysterious paths, at the turn of a fragrance, reveal your entire splendor to me.

Your roots dig into the dusty path so that the sketch of an eternal connection sings to my ear. I dedicate this testimony of our love to you, as well as to all the good people who work to preserve your dignity. » – Artist’s statement.

Organized by the Culture and Heritage Department at the Heritage Museum, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Monumental exhibition in Grimaud

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

Come and discover an exhibition of monumental sculptures throughout the municipality and enjoy the combination of art and heritage during your visit to the village.

The Exhibition of Monumental Sculptures transforms the municipality of Grimaud into a privileged venue for public and outdoor artistic expression every year. Starting from spring, like a blossoming, the sculptures will emerge in the alleyways and squares, extending even to the exhibition hall of the Maison des Arcades. The exhibition concludes in autumn, leaving the winter season to prepare for new artists and new artworks to be discovered.

Grimaud Urban Art

Grimaud Urban Art, 2021. Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

This year, the municipality of Grimaud honors female street artists as part of a dedicated festival with the theme « Urban Art in the Feminine. » The artists enjoy great freedom, making each creation a delightful surprise at every street corner and façade in the village of Grimaud and Port Grimaud. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the works of Nadège Dauvergne, Claire Courdavault, Mademoiselle Maurice, Emyarts, Ladybug, Sabrina Beretta, Carole B, Agathon, Petite Poissonne Hydrane, Olivia Paroldi, and Sylvie Barco.

Guided tours

Guided tours of Grimaud and Port Grimaud are available every Wednesday.

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

Embark on a guided tour of Grimaud and Port Grimaud with a small train ride!

Meet at 9:30 am at the village of Grimaud on Place Neuve to begin the tour, then hop on the small train to continue your morning of exploration in Port Grimaud.

Formerly the capital of Freinet, which has been developing since the year one thousand around the dominating castle, the medieval village of Grimaud is rich in its heritage, carefully preserved by its inhabitants throughout the years. To understand how the village has evolved throughout history, wander through its flower-filled alleyways and charming squares, featuring its castle, Romanesque church, mill, and chapels.

Born from the vision of architect François Spoerry, Port Grimaud has been developed since 1964 to fulfill every sailor’s dream: owning a house with their boat moored at the end of their garden. This Provençal and Mediterranean-inspired lake town is now recognized as a « 20th-century Heritage » by the Ministry of Culture. The tour will introduce you to the secrets of its construction and architecture.

Reservation is mandatory at the Tourist Office.

Guided tour of Port Grimaud every Wednesday

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

Born from the vision of one man, architect François Spoerry, Port Grimaud began its development in 1964 to fulfill every sailor’s dream: owning a house with their boat moored at the end of their garden.

This Provençal and Mediterranean-inspired lake town is now recognized as a « 20th-century Heritage » by the Ministry of Culture. The visit will introduce you to the secrets of its construction and architecture.

Let’s meet at 11:15 am at the end point of the small train to begin the tour.

Reservation is mandatory at the Tourist Office. Every Wednesday from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm at a rate of 8 euros.

Open air markets

Market in Port Grimaud I

The market in Port Grimaud takes place every Thursday and Sunday mornings. Like an emblem in Provence, markets are an essential meeting place. One can imagine the colors, the scents… and the delicious dishes that can be prepared with all the fresh ingredients! What could be better than shopping in the heart of the Provençal Venice that is Port Grimaud? Take the opportunity to discover a market in Provence during your visit to Port Grimaud…

Market in Grimaud village

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Markets are a must in Provence. Find the Provençal market in Grimaud every Thursday morning from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on the church square.

Fish market and live jazz concert

Copyright After Beach

It’s a gathering that takes place every Sunday, combining highly skilled musical performances from 19 different brands throughout the summer and an exceptionally rich selection of grilled fish at the After Beach // the fishmonger’s stall at La Halle de Grimaud.

Here’s how it works: you choose your fish or seafood directly from the stall, it gets weighed to determine the price, and in the next moment, it’s cooked for you. Then, you take your seat for a full band jazz LIVE performance by incredibly talented musicians.

Organized by After Beach, every Sunday from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

Market in Port Grimaud South

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Come and enjoy a pleasant small market at Place François Spoerry in Port Grimaud II. Discover gourmet products to prepare delicious meals in a friendly atmosphere. Every Wednesday, at Place François Spoerry, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Sunday, July 9th: Organic market

Copyright Alice Fauchet

The first 100% organic market in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez will take place in Grimaud on the church square.

The program includes certified organic producers, zero waste artisans, a gratiféria (a place to exchange goods for free), a disco soup, and vegetable juices made from surplus produce. There will also be a « shared kitchen » space to raise awareness about food waste.

Come and experience a market like no other, an exemplary market in terms of waste management that highlights a different way of consuming, one that is more responsible and ethical.

Organized by the association « La Vie autrement » (A Different Life).

Source : Office du Tourisme de Grimaud.