Concerts and festivals in Grimaud in July 2023

Les Grimaldines: 20th anniversary

The Grimaldines offer an eclectic and high-quality program every year, attracting a wide audience of music lovers. The concerts take place in picturesque locations in the town, such as the castle, village squares, or gardens. These different venues provide a unique atmosphere and contribute to the magic of the festival.

The festival offers a variety of musical styles, ranging from jazz to classical music, world music, and contemporary music. Renowned artists, emerging talents, and local groups perform at the Grimaldines, providing an appreciated artistic diversity for festival-goers.

In addition to the concerts, the Grimaldines offer complementary activities such as art exhibitions, wine tastings, or music workshops. These activities allow you to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere and discover the cultural richness of Grimaud.

It will be Lúcia de Carvalho who will kick off the event on the castle stage on July 18 at 10 p.m.

Copyright Franck Lorioux

Lúcia de Carvalho is an alchemist, a seeker of meaning, and an illuminator of essence. Her voice carries healing and transformative vibrations, while her drum resonates with the voices of ancestors, inviting us to reconnect with our inner selves.

In harmony with rhythm and vocals, she serves the beauty that resides within us and in the world around us. For those ready to cast off, Lúcia de Carvalho’s diverse universe acts as a guiding beacon, urging us to stay the course despite challenges. It’s all there, waiting for us to surrender and embark on the journey.

Then, on July 25, come and applaud Eagle-Eye Cherry, the performer of the renowned hit ‘Save Tonight‘.

Copyright Eagle-Eye Cherry

On the 4th, 7th, 19th, and 22nd of July : musical evenings at La Bastide Blanche.

la Bastide Blanche

Indulge in a delicious meal while enjoying the musical evenings at La Bastide Blanche. On July 4th, you can listen to Agnès, on July 7th, Clarisse will perform, on July 19th, Léo will take the stage, and on July 22nd, Jude will entertain you.

Every Monday: ¡LIMBO! evening at After Beach

Copyright After Beach

From Dub to House, and even Latin music, anything goes in the Balearic-themed Monday nights as long as you come with the intention to dance barefoot in the sand.

Following in the footsteps of the carefree Ibiza of the early 80s, ¡LIMBO! is a weekly gathering on a dancefloor liberated by Probably Sean.

With a selection as unpredictable as Mary Poppins’ bag, expect nothing but to wiggle on the dance floor.

To get in the mood early in the morning, you can also tune in to the ¡LIMBO! radio, where Sean has curated a few precious gems.

Grilled food, Mojitos, and ice cream are available on-site. At After Beach from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Every Friday: Cartel del Chipo at After Beach

Copyright After Beach

The Cartel Del Chipo is a festival of disco nights in the broadest sense (world grooves, Afro-Latin, soul, etc.) in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, taking place every Friday at After Beach / La Halle De Grimaud.

It’s all the love we have for merguez sausages that we channel into the music.

Just imagine: you order your sausages, you listen closely, and BAM! The music hits you full force, and you fall. Yet your heart keeps beating to the rhythms of the probably amazing (yes, it is!) track by the DJ. You open your eyes and find yourself barefoot in the sand among happy people grooving, even if not everyone is hitting the tempo with their feet, a sausage in one hand, a mojito in the other, and all those mouths telling you, ‘come on and dance!’

You don’t understand, everything is confused. There’s this thing inside you that’s burning, this thing that feels good. Is it your sausage? Your mojito? Are they working together? What if it’s the music? Can it really make eating, drinking, flirting, walking, jumping, sweating better?

While you ponder all these questions, the thing keeps building up, determined to launch you into its Vega Myssil of DISCO. You mingle with the stars, Saturn becomes your buddy, the cosmos your home, and that’s when you understand: that thing is happiness.

With just a few minor differences, that’s what you can expect at each Cartel Del Chipo.

Grilled food, mojitos, and ice cream are available on-site.

Organized by After Beach every Friday from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Every Saturday evening: disco house funk at After Beach

Copyright After Beach

The Chipo Family is talking to you. They’re calling you every Saturday to the terrace of After Beach to shake your sausage to tracks as soulful as Pierre-Gabriel’s arrival in the plain of Grimaud (soulful = sunny music = warmth = you dancing barefoot in the sand = us loving you).

With a conversion to organic and glittery red label, the buddies of the Chipo Family have had the opportunity to mature this winter with some truly enjoyable gigs, like at the Good Bar in Brooklyn, Les Caves de Cham’, more recently at the Mas des Escaravatiers, and the list goes on with less famous ones. That’s what you call a good joke that bears fruit.

On the menu, we have family disco, hot Afro-Latin tunes that melt gold in your eyes, and often solar house music that brushes against the stars. You’ll say « WOW! » and we’ll reply « YEAH! » And just for that, it’s worth a visit.

Organized by After Beach every Saturday from 7:00 PM to 12:15 AM.

Every Thursday and Saturday: karaoke at the Monroe’s

Copyright Monroe’s Pub

Have fun at the Monroe’s by performing your favorite songs every Thursday and Saturday from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Every Thursday, starting July 13: Plage de rock

Copyright les Prairies de la Mer

The love story between Rock and Les Prairies de la Mer has been going on for many years and in 2006, it gave birth to the best it had to offer: the Plage de Rock festival, which takes place on Thursdays from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

It’s because the team of this resort wanted to go big that they decided to bring the most exciting bands of the moment to vacationers and young people in the region throughout the summer.

You will taste the luxury of Plage de Rock up close to the artists and in an incredibly cozy setting. And what a luxury it is…


  • Thursday, July 13th: Young Fathers and PPJ
  • Thursday, July 20th: Flavien Berger and Agar Agar
  • Thursday, July 27th: Jan Verstraeten and Kids Return

Source: Grimaud Tourisme