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Holiday rental scams: be careful!

In an article published earlier this month, Var Matin reported on a scam targeting holidaymakers in the Var region.

Two individuals from Lyon were apprehended by the urban security brigade of Fréjus as part of an investigation into a holiday rental scam in Saint-Raphaël, according to police sources. They are suspected of taking part in a fraud based on the publication of fake holiday rental offers. 

The case follows complaints from five people to the Fréjus police station. These individuals realized that the apartment they had rented for their holiday in Saint-Raphaël was a scam and had to find a last-minute solution. Investigators managed to identify the two suspects as well as 49 victims in different regions of France, with the total damage amounting to several tens of thousands of euros. The two individuals implicated are believed to have acted as intermediaries between the victims and an unidentified sponsor, in exchange for a monthly fee of 300 euros. The sponsor allegedly collected the cash sums. The properties offered were authentic on a peer-to-peer rental site, but were diverted by the scheme’s authors.

To protect yourself against this type of scam, using a real estate agency with several apartments under management can be a reassuring solution.

Renting your holiday apartment through a real estate professional has many advantages:

Solid advice

The real estate agent will take the time to understand your specific needs (location, type of accommodation, desired amenities, budget) to better guide you. Rental sites like ours often have advanced search engines that allow you to filter results according to your criteria, and you can also contact a real estate agent for additional information. If you prefer a more personal approach, you can also visit the agency. In any case, the rentals offered have been verified and managed by professionals who ensure cleaning and repairs (if necessary) between each tenant, so that you can enjoy your stay in peace. Moreover, your interlocutor, who knows the region and the rental, will be present on site to inform you, give you advice on activities to do in the surroundings and the functioning of the co-ownership.

Emergency management

In case of a problem during your stay, an agency will be available to intervene and call an emergency plumber or replace a defective appliance. If there is a problem that could ruin your holiday (an unusable pool when you rent in August, for example), the agency will contact the owner to negotiate compensation in case of a proven problem.

Comfortable rentals, similar to hotel standards

It can be risky to rent a holiday home between individuals because each owner has their own vision of what is comfortable, luxurious, or clean. Some may exaggerate the features and benefits of their accommodation. To avoid unpleasant surprises, know that a rental agency verifies the characteristics of the accommodation and ensures that they meet the required quality standards, especially if the accommodation is classified. Agencies can also offer additional services such as rental of sheets, linens, daily cleaning service, or provide everything needed to welcome a baby, which may not be the case with a rental between individuals.

So be careful when booking your holiday rental online.
Nicolas Caravokiros, head of the East district of the departmental security department, suggests « checking if the ad has not been reported on forums specializing in scams ». « You should prioritize phone contacts and not hesitate to question your interlocutor, for example, about the distance of the accommodation from the beaches, the shops present in the area, etc. »

To avoid the hassle of all these procedures, real estate agencies offering apartments or houses for rent during vacations are preferred contacts.

5 ideas for a romantic weekend in Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is a perfect romantic destination for a weekend getaway to relax and explore the beauty of the French Riviera.

Here are five ideas for a weekend for two in our lakeside city:

1. A boat ride

Copyright Open Sea

Port Grimaud has canals running through it (hence its nickname « Provençal Venice »), making it an ideal place for a romantic boat ride. From April to late October, rent an electric boat for 30 to 60 minutes (€30 for 30 minutes) and cruise along the picturesque canals of Port Grimaud.

If you prefer luxury and exclusivity, you can also rent a private boat for two and take a private day trip to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, which costs at least €1.250.

There’s nothing more romantic than relaxing on a boat with your loved one, admiring the scenery, and savoring a glass of wine.

2. A Romantic dinner

Copyright La Table du Mareyeur

There are many romantic restaurants in Grimaud where you can enjoy fresh seafood and other local specialties while taking in the waterfront view. For a refined dinner, try La Table du Mareyeur, a high-end seafood restaurant with breathtaking views of the harbor. We also recommend La Table des Oliviers for tasting local dishes in a romantic and friendly atmosphere. The gourmet restaurant Les Santons offers a warm and intimate atmosphere.

3. A day at the beach

Plage du Moulin in Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud has beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea. The most popular beaches in the area are the Port Grimaud Sud beach and the Cigales beach.

Go for a swim, take a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset, or simply set up a picnic on the sand. You can also explore the surrounding beaches, such as the iconic Pampelonne beach, accessible by car or bus.

4. Discover Saint-Tropez

Wikimedia Commons

Port Grimaud is located just a few kilometers from Saint-Tropez, a village famous for its luxury shops, gourmet restaurants, and lively nightlife. You can spend a day exploring the cobbled streets of the old town, visiting the famous Provençal market, or admiring the yachts in the port. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Saint-Tropez, take a trip to the famous Nikki Beach club or have a drink at Sénéquier, an iconic café located on the port. We highly recommend you try their nougat and Tarte Tropézienne.

5. A romantic picnic

For a quiet day with your loved one, you can prepare a romantic picnic and enjoy it on the banks of the canal, taking in the view of the colorful houses of Port Grimaud.

Don’t forget to buy delicious local products at the Port Grimaud market. They are of high quality (Port Grimaud markets are not « tourist traps ») and are an excellent way to discover the specialties of the region. You can also get local wine to accompany your romantic picnic.

In summary, Port Grimaud is an ideal romantic destination for a weekend getaway. Whether you prefer to relax on the beach, explore the picturesque canals, or enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the many seafood restaurants in the city, you will find plenty of activities to delight your partner.

Thanks to its proximity to Saint-Tropez, you can also explore this iconic village on the French Riviera and enjoy its lively nightlife.

Vacationers love these 5 restaurants open all year round in Grimaud

While the French Riviera enjoys mild temperatures this February and attracts vacationers with its parades and carnivals, it’s still the winter season. And the winter season often means rest for restaurant owners, who recharge before a busy season with an extremely fast pace. As a result, not all businesses and restaurants are open year-round.

Here is a list of the top 5 vacationer-favorite restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food in Grimaud this February. To establish this ranking, we referred to the Tripadvisor ranking.

1. Pizza Leone

Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

Located on the coastal road, the pizzeria offers a varied menu of deliciously topped pizzas with high-quality ingredients for an average price of €14. The most popular pizza is the calzone. The restaurant is praised for its « excellent and hearty pizzas » as well as its « super friendly owner. »

2. Restaurant la Fontaine

Copyright Restaurant la Fontaine

The restaurant offers authentic Provençal cuisine. In a refined setting, you can indulge in house specialties such as petit pois gaspacho, seared squid with parsley, lamb shank, or Charolais beef burger. Customers love the « fresh products prepared with love by the owner » as well as the « lovely staff ».

3. La table de Didier

Copyright la Table de Didier

Here, the chef’s name is not Didier but Philippe, and he runs the restaurant with his wife Karen. While the menu is varied, it is the high-quality meats that particularly make the reputation of this friendly establishment. The daily specials are posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Guest reviews are enthusiastic, describing it as a « wonderful gustatory experience, » « excellent cuisine from starter to dessert, » and « very pleasant staff. »

4. Les Santons

Copyright les Santons

The restaurant offers high-end French gastronomy and will delight the most gourmet among you. For €63, you will enjoy gravlax salmon as an appetizer, a ballotine of Bresse chicken stuffed with foie gras, and a pear and quince charlotte for dessert. A traveler recalls « a fabulous discovery menu and a perfect choice of wine ». Another mentions an « unforgettable pleasure for the taste buds ».

5. Chez Jeff & Ju

Copyright chez Jeff & Ju

Jeff & Ju is a tapas bar and a restaurant that serves homemade shareable dishes. It is currently open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, and for lunch only on Sundays. The key word here is conviviality. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxed meal with family or friends in a beautifully decorated setting. Customers rave about « fresh, authentic, and delicious dishes » as well as the « sunny terrace in the heart of the village ».

Dear travelers who are visiting us before tourist season that will resume in April, we hope this selection of good addresses will be useful during your winter stay in the region. As you can see, these restaurants are all very different, and that’s even better because there is something for every taste and budget.

Top 5 things to do in Saint-Tropez in January

Reserved rights.

Saint-Tropez is often associated with stars, sparkle, and yachts, but let’s not forget that what charmed Brigitte Bardot 65 years ago was the simplicity and beauty of this small Provençal fishing port.
This, if you want to enjoy its authenticity, what better season than the winter season?

On the one hand, Saint-Tropez is a village that lives year-round. This means that most businesses are open, even in the winter.
On the other hand, the mildness of our Mediterranean climate allows us to enjoy temperatures above ten degrees on average in January, February, and March.
Of course, you won’t go swimming, but you can wander through the village with a light coat and even dip your feet in the water if you wish.
Finally, visiting a vacation spot out of season allows you to familiarize yourself with its neighborhoods, beaches, and restaurants and thus prepare for your summer vacation.

Here are 5 activities to do in Saint-Tropez in January:

1. Wander through the streets of the village

Copyright Shaymen99

If you go to the Tourist Office, you can of course be advised on the streets and monuments not to be missed, but I find it more pleasant to start with an unplanned visit. Simply to soak up the atmosphere of the place, without expecting anything, hoping for nothing. You will notice details that you will find in no travel guide but that touch you personally.

2. Visit the Annonciade Museum

Reserved rights.

It houses a collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings and often highlights artists from the region. The port of Saint-Tropez, which was « discovered » or rather brought to the forefront of the pictorial scene by Paul Signac in 1982, is represented by illustrious painters including Signac, as well as Édouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck, and Robert Delaunay. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

3. Take a boat ride along the coast and enjoy the view of the sea

Copyright la Pouncho

The cold light of the winter sun gives a particular radiance to the Great Blue. Several companies offer marine excursions in various formats. For example, La Pouncho company offers a ride on the boat with a champagne tasting at sunset every Wednesday in January.

4. Walk to la Môle a few kilometers away

Reserved rights

The village is the starting point for many hikes that allow you to discover beautiful panoramas of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. There is also a castle in which Antoine de Saint-Exupéry grew up until the age of 7. 

The author of The Little Prince once said: « When I was a little boy, I lived in an old house and the legend said that a treasure was buried there. Of course, no one ever knew how to discover it, or perhaps even searched for it. But it enchanted the entire house. My house hid a secret at the bottom of its heart… Whether it be a house, the stars, or the desert, what makes their beauty is invisible! »

5. Discover the culinary specialties of the region

They include bouillabaisse, vegetable tian, and of course, the famous tarte tropézienne.

The story goes that the recipe comes from the Polish grandmother of a baker and pastry chef named Alexandre Micka. It was Brigitte Bardot who suggested the name of this pastry during the filming of the mythic film And God Created Woman in 1956.

Today, three artisan baker and pastry chefs each offer their own interpretation of the tropézienne:

New farm-out contracts in Port Grimaud

Copyright Alexis Toursel

Merger of four ports into one since January 1, 2022

The lakeside town of Port Grimaud was built in three phases under the aegis of visionary architect, François Spoerry.

Upon completion of each of the districts, Port Grimaud I, II, III, a port concession contract was concluded by the State in order to allow owners to have access to mooring in front of their homes.

Additionally, the communal port of 70 moorings created by the SNPG (Société de Navigation de Port Grimaud) has been directly operated by the Municipality since November 9, 2009.

The concession contracts were due to expire on December 31, 2025 for Port Grimaud I and II and on December 31, 2028 for Port Grimaud III.

They were terminated in advance and the Municipality of Grimaud took over all port services on January 1, 2022.

The objectives of this merger are as follows: 

  • to provide a single port to all users, whoever they may be
  • to ensure the completion of certain essential projects, such as the removal of sand from the pass entrance outside the concession
  • to combine the expenses currently incurred separately by the 4 operators
  • to standardise tariffs, farm-out contracts, operating sub-contracts, etc.

All Port Grimaud residents and boaters received an information letter in January on this subject. This letter, which you can read in its entirety on the Grimaud Town Hall website, indicates among other things the appointment of Mr. Peter Murray-Kerr as Port Director.

In addition, the letter intended for farmees states that new contracts will have to be signed.

Procedure for Port Grimaud co-owners

The year 2022 is a year of transition. In the anticipation of being able to sign a long-term occupancy contract (up to 35 years), you are invited to sign a contract for the year 2022.

There are two types of contracts: 

  • the mooring contract (for the entire year of 2022)
  • the winter season contract (for the period of January 1 to April 30, 2022)

Both are available on the City Council’s website.

There will be an information desk set up between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm at the Capitainerie on Wednesday, April 6th and 20th, and again at the “Bureau de la régie” in Port Grimaud 2 on Wednesday, April 13th and 27th.

If you are unable to reach the information desk in person, you can contact the Capitainerie by telephone at 04 94 56 29 88.

What will change?

These new contracts will allow owners to have one representative: the Commune of Grimaud.

The mooring areas that were previously allocated to you will remain so for boats that comply with the specifications of the farm-out contract in order to preserve the mission of Port Grimaud: to have a boat in front of your house. 

Regarding the price of contracts, « if the current rate respects the legal clauses of the terms of contract, the amount paid by users should not be changed ». The city hall website also states that from January 1, 2022, « the users will pay the part related to the use of the port to the port manager and the part related to the co-ownership of Port Grimaud directly to the managing association (in theory less the management costs of the port which will no longer be his responsibility, except for the common parts) ».

The amount voted by the mayor’s office is 20 euros/m2 of mooring or on average between 900 and 1800 euros per year.

If these changes are not warmly welcomed by everyone in Port Grimaud and still require some modifications, discussions will be held between the former concession holders and the Grimaud City Council so that co-owners can sign their new farm-out contracts as smoothly as possible.

Exceptional villas in Port Grimaud

The real estate market in Port Grimaud is very dynamic and offers many advantages.

Indeed, you can benefit from exceptional living and holiday conditions thanks to a judicious balance found between the security of the place and the pleasure of enjoying a preserved nature, a privileged location and breathtaking surrounding places.

But owning a villa in Port Grimaud is also a very good real estate investment because you can, if you wish, rent your property more than half of the year.

In this article, we would like to present to you 3 exceptional villas in Port Grimaud.

Villa on the beach

Villa by the sea side

This adorable Balandrine will seduce you instinctively with its 14-metre mooring and its windows on two sides. Its price is in line with the market, for a villa on the outskirts of the centre, just a short hop from the beach. A peaceful haven of 60 m2 for sale at 699,999 €.

The entrance opens onto a sunny terrace, framed by lush vegetation. You access it through a lovely gate.

It has two floors, with the bedrooms on the first floor, opening onto a terrace on the canal side with a breathtaking view of the boats.

An imposing mooring, therefore, with parking space reserved for residents, more details here: Balandrine near the beach.

A fully renovated villa in Port Grimaud

Cassine villa in Port Grimaud

This fully renovated villa, Cassine type with a refreshing Provencal style, is established on 2 levels.

It consists of an impressive living room with a fitted kitchen on the ground floor. One of the 2 bedrooms on the first floor opens onto a spacious terrace, with a view of the canals, and each has a shower room.

You will appreciate the floor heating, which can be programmed remotely, and the latest air conditioning. Add to all this a west-facing loggia, a 14-metre mooring, a terrace with garden and a numbered car park.

This exceptional property is priced at €1,299,000, for more information click here: Extended and renovated house.

New: Double house with 2 moorings

Double house with 2 moorings Port Grimaud

For those who need to have two moorings available, whether for entertaining or for personal use, this renovated villa has more than one advantage.

Spacious as well as well thought out, it consists of a fisherman’s house and a Balandrine style house, which are joined on the ground floor.

A large canal-side terrace garden, with a covered area, offers an exceptional view of the canals. Its sunset orientation promises extraordinary moments. Everything has been designed so that both parts have a maximum of quality interior fittings, particularly comfortable, with a living room-fireplace for one and a panoramic balcony for the other.

This neo-Provençal style property, comprising 6 bedrooms, is presented at a price of 3,045,000 € : Renovated double house, large terrace.

If you are interested in any of these properties and would like to visit them (virtually or in-person), please do not hesitate to contact our agency, Boutemy Immobilier on 04 94 56 56 58.

A selection of flats for sale in Port Grimaud

In a previous article, we presented an evolution of the real estate market in Port Grimaud in 2020, characterized, among other things, by rising prices for flats.

The most plausible explanations for this are: 

– the need for nature among city dwellers and the prospect of being able to retire to a home in the countryside or by the sea in the event of a crisis

– the perception that real estate is more than ever a safe haven

We would therefore like to present a few properties for sale at the agency.

Affordable luxury from €230,000 [sole agent] 

Flat with a mezzanine and loggia

This is the price of a superb 40 m2 flat, with loggia and mezzanine, which has a small bedroom and a garage.

Located on the top floor of a building on the outskirts of Port Grimaud Sud, its privileged location places it in the shopping area of the lakeside town. A soft Provencal style dominated its renovation, from which all the amenities benefit.

You will enjoy the canals to the full, with morning sunshine streaming in from the balcony-loggia.

Charm is superimposed on functionality for this flat. More info here: Flat with mezzanine and loggia.

A 4 room flat with terraces and garage [sole agent]

apartment in Port Grimaud with 2 terraces
A double terrace to enjoy the summer heat

This property is the result of two flats that have been brought together.

This situation allows it to have a singularly convenient double terrace, to take full advantage of the sunny view overlooking the canals. The interior is very interesting, with its kitchen open to the dining room, a living room with direct access to the terrace, and two bedrooms (each with amenities and bathroom).

This flat with a garage, with particularly favourable potential, can be seen here: 4-room flat with double garage terrace.

A 2 room flat near the beach [sole agent]

1 bedroom flat near the beaches of Port Grimaud

It is completely renovated and is offered at 365,000 €, a price which can be explained by its privileged location and its air conditioning.

Its south-west facing balcony overlooks the canals, so you can take full advantage of this incomparable view during lunch.
Its 30m2 are particularly well distributed, between a bedroom with an open kitchen, and a shower room with toilet. A parking space is reserved for you in the residents’ car park.

This property will allow you to take advantage of the shuttle service to Saint-Tropez.

You can see more of this modern flat on the agency’s website: 2 rooms renovated, with panoramic view, near the beaches.

A flat with sea view [new].

View from the flat in Port Grimaud
View from the flat

This rare pearl is located at the entrance of the Port, which guarantees you an exceptional view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. You will discover it, just waiting to offer you all its comfort. Its 30m2 are advantageously composed of a living room with open kitchen, a shower room and separate toilet. A large balcony on the seaside will allow you to enjoy the passage of the boats while resting.

This exceptionally well-located property of 400,000€ is offered to you here: Renovated 2 room flat with sea view.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, our team will be happy to guide you towards what will best suit your budget and expectations.

Whether you are looking to lay down your hat or take advantage of a holiday opportunity, Port Grimaud is renowned for its privileged location. With its view on the Gulf and the proximity of Saint-Tropez, our village will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Houses for sale in Port Grimaud, properties that will increase in value

As everyone knows by now, Port Grimaud is the door to the open sea and, closer to home, to the majestic Baie de Saint-Tropez. It is a heavenly setting in which to put down your suitcases for the duration of a holiday or to work from home in times of health crisis.

We will present you some houses for sale at the agency. Follow the guide!

Houses with large moorings for your boat 

Before describing some of the properties for sale, you should know that each house in Port Grimaud has its own mooring. This is one of the great advantages that makes them so famous because you only have to leave your house to get into your boat.

The surrounding sites are each more interesting than the last and, despite the pandemic that has hit us, are open to discovery and walks. Add to this an idyllic setting, and you have the perfect formula for investing wisely.

House with 14-metre mooring

Villa with air conditioning on Port Grimaud canals

This is a completely renovated property, an atypical fisherman’s house, on the outskirts of the centre of Port-Grimaud. The area is very peaceful and you will be able to enjoy the sunshine as soon as the sun rises. You can take your breakfast on the terrace at the entrance, in a green setting. On another terrace with garden furniture, the only view you will have is of the canals, from dawn to dusk. You will have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on 90 m2 for 1,420,000 €.

For more information click here: Renovated house with 14m mooring in Port Grimaud.

House with 10-metre mooring

Typical house of Port Grimaud

We propose you a charming Hunière in a highly valued private area of Port Grimaud. Facing South-West, it is located near the centre, with a breathtaking view of the canals and the Ile Verte. Built on two levels, the first-floor bedroom has access to a balcony on the canal side. The second room is on the street side and has a bathroom and a toilet with a window. A private parking space nearby, a mooring of 10m x 4.20m on the front, enough to delight many.

This property is listed at 798,000 €. For more information click here: House with mooring, facing the south-west.

House with 11.5-metre mooring

House in Port Grimaud South with a garden

Facing south, this large house benefits from sunshine that lasts all day. Located in a residential area close to Place François Spoerry, the entrance is from a patio where you can park your car. A spacious living room, with kitchen, shower room and toilet for your guests, opens onto a loggia and its pleasant garden. A comfortable house with 2 bedrooms on the first floor and a master suite, with amenities (toilet and shower room), and a large terrace on the riverside. In short, a very comfortable villa where to spend pleasant holidays.

We offer this house to you at 1,190,000 €For more info click here: Large south-facing house with mooring.

The real estate market in Port Grimaud has hardly been affected by the health crisis

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate market continues to grow, despite some complications in the organisation of our agency’s work. Its impact was felt above all in the proposed visits, which had to switch to virtual mode. Our clients adapted easily, especially as we respected the health protocol. It was all a question of adjustment, which they were sensitive to.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the requests increased, like a boomerang effect to these restrictions. As a result, there were no significant changes in the market. Many buyers opted for real estate investment during the first lockdown, preferring to invest rather than let their money sit in the bank. A surprise that puts them in a more interesting dynamic, especially as the current trend indicates a rebound in resale prices.

What is the price of real estate in Port Grimaud?

With the covid-19 crisis, many experts expected a collapse in property prices.

However, while the volume of transactions certainly decreased in 2020, prices have maintained, or even continued their progression above 12,000€ / m2 on average in Port Grimaud.

Price of real estate in Port Grimaud
 Source: Les Clés du Midi

A slightly lower volume of transactions in 2020

2020 was marked by 2 major events: a sharp decrease in economic activity in France linked to the 2 lockdowns and the imminent entry into force of Brexit.

While a few people chose to leave the Paris region to spend confinement in more pleasant conditions in the South of France, we mostly noticed a certain wait-and-see attitude on the part of potential buyers who preferred to have more visibility before investing in a villa in Port Grimaud.

Between sometimes forbidden travel, sometimes limited travel to a perimeter of 100 kilometres, and the impossibility of showing properties for sale during the strictest period of confinement, the conditions were not met to sell serenely. Some owners who were still living in their homes also preferred not to be visited during the lockdown.

We, therefore, organised ourselves according to the regulatory constraints of the moment and the preferences of the owners and proposed video tours to those who wished to do so.

However, we note a stirring at the beginning of 2021. The prospect of owning a place to relax in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, far from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolises seems to be attracting more and more people.

Historically, the British constitute a significant part of our foreign clientele. We are waiting to see if Brexit will affect their willingness to invest in the area.

Prices of houses and flats in Port Grimaud

As you can see from the graph below, the average price of an apartment is 10,446€/m2 in Port Grimaud and 14,498€ for a house.

Source: les Clés du Midi

 The average price is a figure to be considered with caution because many factors determine the price of a property, which can vary greatly depending on:

– the presence or absence and the size of a mooring. As a general rule, all our houses for sale have their own mooring whereas the majority of apartments do not.

– the presence of a garden

– the orientation of the property.

On the other hand, the choice of neighbourhood in Port Grimaud does not have a clear impact on the price of the property as each of them has its own advantages.

Price per square metre of houses in Port Grimaud


Price of villas and houses in Port Grimaud
Source: Les Clés du Midi

As you can see from this graph, the average price of houses in Port Grimaud has fallen by around €1,500 per m2 over the past year.

In general, to acquire a property of €1 million in the region requires at least one visit and we have often been unable to arrange these due to travel restrictions and confinements in our European neighbours.

We, therefore, believe that this drop is only temporary and that house prices will rise slightly from 2021. So this year is a good time to invest.

We currently have for sale a superb balandrine at 11,538€ / m2 near the centre of Port Grimaud 1. This is a very nice product that deserves a visit.

Villa with 2 outdoor patios

Price per square metre of flats in Port Grimaud

Although the average price of houses is falling, the price of apartments continues to rise, reaching almost €10,000 per square metre, the highest price ever achieved in the lakeside city.

Price of flats in Port Grimaud

 Source: les Clés du Midi

Prices start at 230,000€ and they present a very good return on investment as we can rent them out for you during a good part of the year. We have a high demand from the Easter holidays until the end of October.

You can then simply book the weekends and holidays at your convenience and rent it out the rest of the time.

flat with air conditioning in Port Grimaud
3 room flat with large balcony and view of the canal

The investment is all the more profitable as one week’s rent collected in high season is often enough to cover a monthly payment on the loan taken out to acquire the apartment.

Escape to Port Grimaud this summer

The government is considering the possibility of a « return to a more normal life » from the end of Spring. That is our dearest wish: to be able to go out again, to tour the galleries of Grimaud, to take part in the cultural and sporting events that usually brighten up the beautiful season in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Beaches of Port Grimaud
Copyright Grimaud Tourisme

Many of us are looking forward to the summer holidays with the prospect that a good part of the population will be vaccinated. Thus, after more than 15 months of a health crisis, we will be ready to enjoy festive holidays in the sun!

We have just opened the 2021 booking schedule. Some properties are already online and this list will be expanded in the coming weeks by Yael, who is just back from maternity leave.

Book your rental house or apartment for the summer of 2021

You can already check out the properties available for rent here.

We have about forty of them, whose location is immediately visible on our map of Port Grimaud.

Map-holiday-rentals-Port Grimaud

If this summer is your first visit to Port Grimaud, you should base your search on the number of people you will be accommodating and the size of the mooring you will need for your boat if you have one.

House for rent in Port Grimaud with 16-metre mooring

If you have already been here several times, you may have a preference between the neighborhoods of Port Grimaud I, Port Grimaud II (also called Port Grimaud Sud) and Port Grimaud III. In this case, you can directly launch a geolocalized search.

Already 40 properties for rent

We already have 40 properties available for rent on the site. 

  • Do you have a small budget? Choose a 2-room apartment from 500 euros per week.
  • Do you have a large family? A big boat? In this case, the size of the mooring will be a determining factor in your selection. 

As soon as you find the property of your dreams, contact us to reserve it.

COVID-19 related measures

In strict compliance with health regulations, all our rental properties are cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards.

Booking conditions

They remain the same as in previous years:

  • We validate your reservation on receipt of a deposit of 25% of the total amount.
  • The remaining 75% must be paid 1 month before your arrival in the accommodation.
  • In high season, the minimum stay is one week.
  • Rentals take place from Saturday at 5 pm to the following Saturday at 10 am.
  • Cleaning takes place between 10 am and 5pm on Saturdays.

Cancellation conditions

In case of traffic restrictions due to:

  • Strict confinement
  • Limited mileage around your place of residence
  • A border closure
  • An administrative ban,

You can benefit from a credit note valid for 18 months.

For any other question, please contact us at 00 334 94 56 56 58 or by email at

We regularly publish new articles on this blog, so come back and read us as we will be reporting on the events and news of Grimaud and Port Grimaud. This will give you some inspiration for your next holiday.

Talk to you soon,

Yael, Marion and Mathilde

Your summer holidays in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Hello everyone,

It is with great joy that we reopened the agency on May 18th and that we now welcome you again from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12:30pm and from 3pm to 6:30pm.
The agency will be open to the public again on Saturdays as well from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Our agency located at 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud

Of course, we have put security measures in place to protect us all:

  • we wear masks and ask you to do the same
  • please do not shake hands (but even behind your mask, your most beautiful smile will delight us )
  • Only 1 person inside at a time
  • no carpooling

Welcome Mathilde, our newest collaborator

To book your holiday rental, you can contact Marion Boutemy, the agency director, as well as Mathilde, a sparkling and smiling young woman who joined the team in the spring.
Mathilde fell in love with our beautiful region a few years ago and is eager to share its wonders and good places with our clients. She is also fluent in English and Italian.

Can I book in Port Grimaud for the summer holidays?

We have excellent news: the Var prefecture decided, by prefectoral decree of May 15, 2020, to reopen the following beaches in Grimaud between 8am and 6pm:
– Port Grimaud North beach
– Gros Pin Beach
– Guerrevieille beach
– beach of Saint-Pons les Mûres.

Saint-Tropez and Pampelonne beaches, which are among your favorites, are also open.
You don’t have to be on the move; you can lie on the sand, swim and also sail. However, you still have to observe the rules of social distancing and prohibition to gather more than 10 people, which are posted at the entrance of the beaches.

We are also waiting for more information on June 2nd about a possible reopening of the restaurants. However, you should know that although they cannot receive customers on site, many of them have started to offer takeaway service.
Among these restaurants we can mention the Rialto, Don Peppe, Curry Box, Les pieds dans l’eau, Pizza Italia, La Marée, Pasta E Via, Le Relais des Coches, La table du Mareyeur and Lily’s.
We’d also like to add that the Amorino ice cream parlour has been successfully renovated. Lastly, we want to thank Charly, the organic baker of Port Grimaud who stayed open to the public during all the quarantine period.

Will I be able to cancel my reservation?

Port Grimaud, lakeside city

For the past couple of weeks, many of you have been calling us to book a house or apartment for the summer holidays but are concerned about whether you will be able to cancel your booking in the event of a new coronavirus spike or depending on government decisions.

If a new quarantine is decided or if you live more than 100 kilometres from Port Grimaud and are not allowed to travel beyond a radius of 100 kilometres, you will receive a credit note valid for 18 months from the date of cancellation.

We follow the government recommendations and know that this flexibility is very reassuring for many of you.

Reinforced hygiene measures between 2 rentals


To ensure the handing over of the keys or the cleaning services between each rental, we have set up new and very strict hygiene procedures. We will be happy to give you details of these procedures when you make your reservation request at the agency, by email at or by calling 0033 (0)4 94 56 56 58.

See you soon,

Marion, Yael and Mathilde

Have a great autumn in Grimaud

Discovering Grimaud and its surroundings in autumn means opting for new experiences that will delight young and old alike, even if swimming is no longer on the menu. Most of the summer visitors have left, so only the locals and enthusiasts of our charming little medieval village remain.

The Sea has its village

Port Grimaud, lakeside city

Grimaud cannot be dissociated from its charming lakeside city, they go hand in hand and complement each other at the same time. One allows long walks through the countryside, the other makes us travel along the sea. The Venice of Provence always has something unconventional to offer us, whether in terms of culture or outings.

Take the opportunity to enjoy yourself in its open air market. Local and seafood products are on offer, every Thursday and Sunday mornings to taste the delicious products of Provence.

The Musical Evenings / Les Soirées Musicales

They take place each month all year round and feature great classical music artists. This autumn the orchestral ensemble « Les Ambassadeurs » will carry the voice of a baroque Italy where singing, flutes and violins reign side by side. Depth and virtuosity punctuate this orchestral ensemble of Concerti inspired by Sammartini, Vivaldi and Tartini.

The « Soave and Virtuoso » Musical Evening on Sunday November 17, 2019 is presented at 6:00 pm in the Saint-Michel church. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear some of the greatest transalpine masters the world has ever seen.

Discover Grimaud

The Pont des Fées, copyright Grimaud Tourisme

The Tourism Office offers you free guided tours. The purpose is to immerse yourself in anecdotes, each one more delicious than the next, in the form of stories telling the story of the village.

For visits accompanied by a tour guide, please contact the Tourism Office directly as they are less frequent in autumn and winter. However, there are other options available to you:

– follow the paper plan that will be given to you at the Tourism Office 
– or equipped with your smartphone in geolocalised mode, let yourself be guided through the alleys to the most emblematic monuments in our history.

The main walks will lead you:

  • to the ruins of the castle overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez
  • at the Saint-Rock mill
  • at the Notre Dame de la Queste chapel, a high place of pilgrimage famous for its blessing of horses.

You can also find many excursions on the website.

Le Pont des Fées, video directed by Grimaud Tourisme

All around the table

As the best moments always end with a good meal, Grimaud won’t be the one to deviate from tradition. Last year we promised you, as the choice proved to be so difficult, to come back in more detail on some restaurants. When it comes to good food, the season doesn’t matter, each of them is to be highlighted. Enjoy your meal!

  • Trattoria St Joseph : A Pizzeria that offers you, as it should, a typical Italian cuisine. Made with fresh seasonal produce, you’ll be warmly welcomed and the atmosphere is friendly. Reservation recommended.
  • Pizza Italia delivers the artisanal quality for its pizzas, with packaging and production methods adapted to the criteria of takeaway catering. Speed and convenience are the leitmotif of this establishment.
  • Le Monroe’s Pub : A brewery in pure Irish tradition, with restaurant, terrace and pool table. Seafood, fish and pizzas punctuate Friday and Saturday evenings, with concerts and sports broadcasts.
  • La Caravelle : A restaurant-bar-pizzeria offering traditional cuisine and homemade desserts, but also seafood lasagna and mussels of bouchot marinière in daily specials. Terrace overlooking the canal, closed on Sundays.
  • Pizzeria Don Peppe : This is the true Italy that you find on your plate. Dishes and pizzas whose transalpine flavour blends with the scents mixed with the sea spray of the lake city of Port Grimaud. Terrace at the water’s edge.
  • La Spaghetta is an Italian restaurant open to its customers all year round in Grimaud. In addition to its culinary specialities, the establishment offers a room that can accommodate 30 people, whether for a special or private event.
  • Apopino Restaurant : In a contemporary style, a friendly Franco-Italian restaurant with interesting textures. The chef offers well-crafted dishes: stuffed squid and Apopino ravioli. Regional cellar.
  • Marina Lounge : Bar & restaurant, with refined traditional cuisine and stylish décor, located at Camping Holiday Marina. Theme evenings and various activities are part of the party, closed from December 25 to March 16 in winter. 
  • La Tartane is one of the oldest places in Port-Grimaud, where dining in front of the sailboats is a privilege. The cuisine is simple, regional and traditional. Everything depends on the market, based on a variety of high-quality fresh products.
  • Le Mûrier is run by Maki and Bertrand Comelet, lovers of old houses with a stylish décor but without frills or glitter. Their cuisine is in the image of the place, wise but with good Provençal dishes on the menu.

Let’s not forget to mention the restaurants presented in more detail last year: Le Just’in café, les Santons, Pizza Léone, la Bastide Blanche, le Clem’s, l’Ecurie de la Marquise, le New Burg, le Jas des Roberts, la Table de Didier, la Table des Oliviers, le Terracota, le Thai Boat, la Maracana Churrascaria, le Café Telline and la Pizzeria Don Peppe.

We hope we didn’t forget any restaurant open during the off season. They all offer varied and inspired dishes to the delight of all. Whether they are located in the charming alleys of its medieval village, or by the harbour, choosing one will be your only worry.

Discover the peninsula of Saint-Tropez

The Saint-Tropez Peninsula is a projection of the Massif des Maures in the Mediterranean Sea, which extends from Port Grimaud to La Croix-Valmer. It is a key destination in the Var, a particularly popular oasis on the French Riviera. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists from France and overseas, both for its fabulous landscapes and picturesque villages.

Saint-Tropez and the sea 


It is undoubtedly the most important city in the Gulf, highly prized for its atypical alleys and its popularity with the world’ s most prominent people. If it attracts especially in summer for its jet set and upscale side, it finds its full measure out of season. Then, we discover the charm of this small fishing village, where the famous market of the Place des Lices is held. But Saint-Tropez is also a host of cultural and sporting events, its artists inspired by the authentic charm of the Port, as well as its many beaches and coves.

Ramatuelle, the perched village

Ramatuelle scenic view

The village stands facing the beaches of Pampelonne, on which it offers a prestigious panorama and away from the seaside. This typically Provençal town is a delight for all those who come in search of festivities and activities. The clubs follow each other all along the coast where jet setters rush to immerse themselves in the mythical Tropezian dream. Cap Camarat adds touches of majestic colours, dominated by the white of its rocks, the green of its vegetation and the blue of the Mediterranean.

The village of Gassin

Gassin, copyright

Renowned as one of the most beautiful in France, the village of Gassin offers an exceptional view of the Var plain and the Mediterranean. Its position on the rocky promontory perches it at an altitude of 200 metres, from where it easily dominates the tortuous and flowery alleys of its village. Its location on the heights also offers an unparalleled view of wooded areas and a vineyard landscape, not to mention the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The best thing to do is to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a « Côte de Provence » as an accompaniment to local cuisine.

La Croix Valmer

A dream destination for a family day, very quiet and discreet, it is at an altitude of 369 metres that the village is perched. Its beaches are remarkable, whether they are located in Sylvabelle or Gigaro, each one leads to a heavenly cove as a gift. Taking a landscaped trail overlooking splendid panoramas is well worth the required 45 minutes walk. The most adventurous can reach the splendid beach of La Briande. The trick is to take the opportunity to fill up with PDO-stamped olive oil!

If you are staying for a while in Port Grimaud, we advise you to discover our charming neighbouring villages. The fauna and flora are at their peak and some places are steeped in history that is pleasant to discover through their heritage. As for the singing southern accent, its crickets, its sun and its gastronomy, how can we resist them?

The wine estates of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

If Saint-Tropez gets its nobility titles from the stars and prominent people who stay in this atypical village for its enchanting landscapes and the extent of its beach in Pampelonne, its wine-growing estate has nothing to envy them, however. The whole world has its eyes fixed on the azure blue of the Mediterranean, but still doesn’t ignore all the features that make it famous. Its on-site estates are very numerous, so we’ll try to draw up a list that cannot be exhaustive.

Cap Saint-Pierre Estate

This wine estate is established in Gassin, Var. Located on 12.50 hectares in a seafront property, original and gourmet wines (red, white and rosé wines) suitable for all occasions are produced and harvested.

Among these you will discover, on plots flooded with light, different grape varieties invigorated by the Mediterranean: Mer-lot, Sémillon, Tibouren, Syrah and Rolle. As the wine is made in stainless steel vats, it is thanks to the latest technologies that some of the best classified growths mature. You can discover, among others, the Star vintage or the légende vintage.

Whether you are an oenologist, a wine merchant or a seller of local products, the wines are offered in bottles or even in boxes.

Ferme des Lices 

This is a particular estate which, thanks to the tenacity and combined efforts of a handful of wine enthusiasts, has been spared from urbanization. Nature has won by offering the town of Saint-Tropez a tasty blend of traditional wines. It is on an area of 8 hectares that the vines flourish, in the plains of the Salins, as well as 3 hectares of olive groves. 

As the only private cellar in the commune, Ferme des Lices estate aims to the summits. By offering top-of-the-range wines, reserved primarily for renowned oenologists, it can be found on the list of upscale restaurants in the Gulf.

Every Thursday in July and August, Ferme des Lices organizes an after beach.

Bertaud Belieu Estate

This 65 hectare estate is established in the heart of the Saint-Tropez peninsula, and more precisely in Gassin. It is renowned for the exceptional quality of its red and white wines, but also for its production of Côtes de Provence PDO rosé wines. This Protected Designation of Origin gives it an 80% presence on the local market.

Its sandy-limestone condition is due to its position between the Massif des Maures and the Raphael coast for its sandy-clay soil. From this exceptional luminous and clayey situation were born a dozen grape varieties, the most famous of which are Cinsaults, Grenaches, Mourvèdres, Tibourens and Grenaches. The red wines are thus reserved for the parcels exposed to full sunlight, while the white wines are reserved for those with omnipresent limestone.

The following vineyards will please excuse us for simply listing them in alphabetical order:

Château Barbeyrolles offers a wine with the scents of Provence, a delicate rosé known as Pétale de Rose.

Château des Garcinières offers a variety of Côtes de Provence and PDO wines (red, white and rosé) in Cogolin.

Château des Marres on Ramatuelle offers Côtes de Provence, made from its 27 hectares of vines planted at the estate.

Chevalier Torpez is an association of St-Tropez vineyards that cultivates Côtes de Provence for the whole of the coast of Saint-Tropez.

Domaine du Bourrian produces its wines, mainly whites and rosés, under the label Organic Agriculture on Gassin.

Domaine de La Croix, classified growths covering 100 hectares of vineyards in La Croix Valmer that flourish by the sea.

Domaine Sainte Marie offers a short direct sales channel from the winegrower to the producer in Bornes-les-Mimosas

Domaine des Tournels cultivates the vine on Ramatuelle, a completely trellised site overlooking Pampelonne bay.

Domaine La Tourraque invites you to discover, in the form of wine tourism, their organic vineyards located in Ramatuelle.

Domaine Val d’Astier is managed by Artisans Vignerons, who offer tasting and sale at the estate in Cogolin.

The Maîtres Vignerons offer their 400 m² shop in Gassin, to present wines and local products for sale. A contemporary stylish and tasteful décor, to immerse yourself in the iodine flavours of the Gulf.

But we couldn’t close this chapter without telling you about the Saint-Tropez Wine Tour, which offers you a day of discovery in three of the peninsula’s prestigious vineyards. A guided tour wisely combining cellars and vineyards, a protected natural site and a unique lunch under the pines… which obviously cannot go by without taking a dip in the ocean.

Daily price fixed at €110, for a duration of 8 hours. Departure and return to Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

The festivities in Grimaud this summer 2019

The village of Grimaud is a wonderful scenery for cultural and musical events organized throughout the year by the municipality. The ruins of the castle as well as the cobbled streets sublimate the masterpieces offered to the public’s curiosity. We invite you to enjoy the events planned to brighten up your summer evenings.
Follow the guide!

Popular traditions

Proud of its Provençal culture, the village likes to introduce its holidaymakers to century-old traditions that are still passionately perpetuated by its inhabitants.

The Mill and Small Country Heritage Festival in Grimaud

On June 16th, let’s meet from 10am to 1pm at the Moulin Saint-Roch for a friendly country celebration. A guide will introduce you to the operation of water and windmills, the water supply of our perched village having presented significant challenges over the past centuries. Come with your family to enjoy folk dances, a mini-farm, horse-drawn carriages and pony rides and the traditional apéritif offered by Grimaud-Animations.

St. John’s Day Fires

Celebrated on June 23rd, St. John’s Day procession will leave the square in front of the town hall at 6:00 pm to reach the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Queste. It will stop in front of each fountain in the village for a serenade.

Visitors will be able to join the procession throughout the journey. A mass will be celebrated in the chapel to bless the bundles and to set the fire of St. John’s Day.

Grimaud celebrates the Revolution

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez Theatre School, the CRET will organize on July 14th historical reconstructions of scenes of the Revolution in the village’s alleys. Let yourself be carried away by their communicative energy and embark on a journey through time. And if you feel like it, put on cockades and phrygian hats. This exceptional day will be closed by the traditional ball on July 14th.

The village festival

For 3 days, on August 14th, 15th and 16th, there will be festivities in Grimaud. The villagers have always celebrated the Assumption in Grimaud, but this festival also has its roots in the Middle Ages, from which a large agricultural fair was organised in the park of the Notre-Dame de la Queste chapel.

This event now brings together religious traditions (mass and procession on August 15th) and festivities (shows, fireworks on the beach of Port Grimaud and the great aïoli of La Queste).

The Grimaldines

Every Tuesday from July 16th to August 06th, free concerts and shows will follow one another after sunset. The lakeside city and its medieval village will be hosts to artists from everywhere.

The Grimaldines will be marked by 4 exceptional concerts in the medieval castle of Grimaud:

  • Kimberose on July 16th
  • Alain Chamfort on July 23rd
  • Toure Kunda on July 30th
  • Noa on August 06th

Grimaud’s musical evenings

Juan Carmona

The musical evenings of Grimaud are a classical music festival taking place in magical places of the Grimaudois heritage: the Saint-Michel church, the Notre-Dame de la Queste chapel or the Pénitents chapel are all exceptional places to sublimate the performances of the invited artists.

This summer, Grimaud will have the privilege of welcoming:

  • Juan Carmona and his quartet on July 19th on « the land of flamenco »
  • Erik Berchot at the piano on August 09th to perform pieces « from Chopin to Aznavour »
  • The Modigliani Quartet (violin, viola and cello) on September 19th

These 3 concerts will be performed in the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Queste.

Your summer in Grimaud may be relaxing, sporty or cultural, but we’re sure it will be festive. We hope you’ll enjoy all these activities. For more information, you can visit our blog or the site

Lovely getaways in the heart of the Var countryside

Whether you decide to go for family walks or sports hikes in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, spring is the perfect time to embark on an adventure. The fauna and flora are awakening and the good weather is on board so it’s one of the best time of the year to enjoy the Var countryside.

Discover the Cistus

Copyright Domaine du Rayol

Domaine du Rayol offers an emblematic stroll that will take you straight to the encounter of Mediterranean plants. Accompanied by a botanist gardener from the Domaine, you will discover everything about the Cistus, these plants with delicately crumpled flowers. All their secrets will be revealed to you, an introduction to local botany that everyone will remember. This discovery walk is accessible to everyone, whatever your age and ambitions.

Departures on April 21st and 28th, with extensions on May 05th and 10th. The entrance to the garden + the nature walk are at the rate of €14 for adults and €8 for 6-17 year olds. It’s free for children under 6 years old accompanied by an adult.

The maquis of Rayol

Copyright Domaine du Rayol

It is out of the usual trails that the Domaine offers you an excursion into its wild and totally natural part. The old customs trail will lead you to a magnificent panoramic view of the coast if you take it. Cross by the maquis to discover the cistus hill, for the moment in full bloom. A fun way to get to know the plants of the region and learn about their uses.

Access to the garden and nature walk from Domaine Rayol at 2:00pm, from Friday March 28th to Friday October 27th. Duration 2.5 hours including a 1.5 hour walk. The rate is age-dependent and free for children under 6 years of age accompanied by an adult.

Full moon in Camarat

A forest path that leads to the seaside, nothing more exciting when it’s the moon that shows you the way. Your senses are awakened by the smell of aromatic plants against a backdrop of dark shrubby silhouettes. With the murmur of the wind in the foliage and the melody of the birds, it is the least of your perceptions that is stimulated. Add the sound of the surf crashing on the granite rocks and you have reached the pinnacle.

2.5 hour tour scheduled for May 11th, 2019 at 8:30 pm, for 1.5 hour of itinerary over 3.2 kilometers, with a difference in altitude of 110 meters. Rates are based on the age and condition of the participants. Stroll supervised by a naturalist guide.

Night for a walk

Copyright Domaine du Rayol

In the mildest hours, in this sometimes scorching season, enjoy a hike as soon as summer arrives. Domaine du Rayol is even more fascinating on full moon nights! The music of the wind and the aromas exhaling from the day will pick you up with full force. As plants also live at night, you will enjoy the scents of the shade, but also the pollination of their flowering. A 2.5hour walk that you will never forget.

Excursions on June 26th, July 21st, August 18th and September 22nd, for a nature tour at Le Rayol. Meeting at the entrance of the garden at 8:30 pm. The walking time is 1 hour and 20 minutes but it takes 2.5 hours on site with the visit of the Domaine. Rates according to age.

The Mills of Paillas


Overlooking the village of Ramatuelle, the hill of Castellas offers a paradisiacal view of the Gulf and the ocean. At your feet are the perched village of Gassin, the peninsula of Saint-Tropez, the castle of Grimaud and its ruins, as well as the vineyards of Croix Valmer. Of the 5 mills that were built on it, only one has been completely rebuilt. It’s the one that you’ll have you the opportunity to contemplate, during a 2.5 hour walk supervised by a naturalist guide.

Trips on July 27th at 5pm and September 21st at 2:30pm… for a 1.5 hour itinerary established over 1 kilometer, with a difference in altitude of 50 metres. Rates are based on age and number of participants. Book well in advance as tickets sell out quickly!

Horseback rides

For horseback riding enthusiasts and its benefits, the Stables de l’Eau Blanche offer you a ride on Cavalaire. The club’s immense wooded estate is available all year round, as well as its qualified instructors. If you wish to improve and progress according to the rules of the art, it is with the greatest pleasure that the team will welcome you.

Grimaud invites you to discover the Massif des Maures. Le Relais de la Mène will allow you to combine discovery, pleasure and love of horses, with the assault of the traverse paths. Beginners are welcome, all rides are accompanied by an equestrian guide.

Photo credit Ranch de la Mène

This year, night rides are on the agenda to make you discover sensations that only night can provide.

Note: this article was first published in French on the blog on May 3rd, 2019. We apologize if some of the events already occurred. 

The best day trips from Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud and its surroundings have a wide range of activities and day trips for young and old to enjoy your holiday as you please, while respecting everyone’s wishes and preferences.
You’ve had an insight through our articles published on this blog, into the many activities offered by the cultural, musical and sports associations of Port Grimaud and Saint-Tropez. Now discover some ideas for activities to be carried out and places to discover over the course of a day starting from Port Grimaud.

Initiatory visit of Port Grimaud


Rent an electric boat without a license to discover the « Venice of Provence » starting from its almost 7 kilometres of canals. To navigate conveniently, a route plan is provided when boarding. From the church, you will cross the first bridge, to go to various strategic points.

A highly ecological way to follow the Oriental and Northern Canal, to get to know the rue de l’Octogone and the rue de la Tour. You will have a view of the Place des Canons, where your adventure will take you to the Place du Marché and the Place des Artisans (hello, the agency is located at 32 Place des Artisans)… and you will end up, skimming the rue des deux Ports and the rue de l’île longue, at the entrance to Lake Intérieur. So from canals to bridge crossings, you will return to your starting point.

The rental is for 5 people, with rescue equipment and all the necessary equipment for a safe crossing. Its price is €30, for a limited time of 30 minutes, but you can certainly extend it. 
Click here for more information.

Discovery Tours 

To travel from Port Grimaud to Sainte-Maxime and to Saint-Tropez, the Bateaux Verts, a maritime shuttle service can be used. In just 30 minutes you can reach these strategic points of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, to experience their unique atmosphere or visit their surroundings. There are many possibilities for tours: whether you want to follow the Sails of Saint-Tropez regattas, stroll through its sidewalk sale or enjoy its nightlife, everything is possible.

In Sainte-Maxime, you will enjoy the old lively city and as well as its breathtaking views. Don’t forget to visit the Trois Caps Sauvages, the Baie des Canoubiers, and les Calanques de l’Esterel.


Some ideas to discover the Gulf of Saint-Tropez by sea… or by air

  • Boat rentals: With or without a license, managed by a skipper or not, come and discover Europboat Grimaud. In their offices, you can choose between several models… and as enthusiasts of sailing, they will help you choose, according to your needs and comfort.
  • Tivicat offers you the possibility to rent a catamaran  for a day. At a rate of €2.200 for 9 hours, you can take up to 18 people on board and can even book directly online. An absolutely magical experience!
  • Experience sailing on the luxury Wajer boats for a day or a personalized excursion in the Mediterranean. Their greatest attraction? A day accompanied by an experienced captain to discover the sites from Saint-Tropez to Nice.
  • The Taxi Boat  will take you from Saint-Tropez to any anchorage or mooring port you want. A VIP service is provided, wherever there is an event such as the Festival de la Plaisance, the Cannes Film Festival, etc.
  • The Flying Sailor offers a voyage of discovery throughout the Gulf of Saint-Tropez by parasailing. A diverse landscape, which you will enjoy observing from above.
Parasailing with the Flying Sailor

Enjoy your stay! The only inconvenience you might have is deciding between all these options….

Port Grimaud, the paradise for sailing lovers

If Port Grimaud is in the best position in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez from a navigation point of view, it is mainly due to its setting. For sailing lovers, it is a real paradise, which its founder has made sure that it is within everyone’s reach. Thus, unlike most conventional marinas, each housing or nearly all of them has a private mooring at its doorstep.

Port Grimaud

The concept of the Port 

In response to a daunting challenge he had sworn to resolve, an architect from Mulhouse (North East of France) named François Spoerry made it a reality. In 1962 he bought swampy lands that no one was interested in acquiring, to create a purely genius idea: to make sure that each house has a mooring ring! A project that guided the lakeside city to a successful completion, from the start of the works in 1967, to the beginning of the 21st century.

Focus on the offshore

For the record, Port Grimaud is located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. A strategic place like nowhere else, to explore all that its surroundings have to offer in terms of entertainment. A short distance from Port Grimaud, you can discover Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Ramatuelle or Cavalaire-sur-Mer, which are popular destinations on the Côte d’Azur.

Aerial view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Participate in the regattas

There are numerous of such events in the Gulf throughout the year. They attract a wide range of audiences and its participants sometimes come from far away. One of the most famous is called the Voiles de Saint-Tropez where old rigging and modern sailing boats from all over the world converge. It will take place in early fall (September 28 to October 6, 2019 this year).

There are numerous of such events in the Gulf throughout the year. They attract a wide range of audiences and its participants sometimes come from far away. One of the most famous is called the Voiles de Saint-Tropez where old rigging and modern sailing boats from all over the world converge. It will take place in early fall (September 28 to October 6, 2019 this year).

If you want to watch the regattas, all you have to do is to be on board a ship such as Les Vedettes Îles d’Or & Le Corsaire. Entertainment and unforgettable memories are guaranteed!

A unique moment: You will stay on the boat for the duration of the regattas, which corresponds to 4 hours of competition in the bay. The icing on the cake is that afterwards you can enjoy a stopover to explore the port of Saint-Tropez and discover its famous village. Two hours should be enough to give you a taste of the special atmosphere which is very much appreciated by the stars and celebrities of this world. The gendarmerie acting as a museum, you are welcome to follow in the footsteps of the De Funes team.

Discovery Outings

Just a visit to Le Lavandou will suffice to enjoy an underwater observation of the Mediterranean fauna and flora. A trimaran called Le Seascope® has a transparent central hull, which immerses you right into the depths of the sea. To have a good view, inquire about the clarity of the water beforehand. If the weather is bad, enjoy a walk around the islands of Port-Cros and Le Levant. This trip is made on a shuttle bus for a duration of just over an hour and a half without a stopover.

The Seascope and its transparent hull. Copyright

Other articles you may find interesting:
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Testimonies from happy homeowners – They bought an apartment in Port Grimaud

Our quarterly magazine is now available for free distribution in the streets of Port Grimaud! You will find a wide range of properties available for sale as well as testimonials from buyers of an apartment in Port Grimaud.

real estate magazine in Port Grimaud

Click the image to access the online magazine.

In our Spring edition, we interviewed 3 recent apartment owners but due to publication constraints we were unable to publish all the questions we asked them. We therefore encourage you to read their full answers concerning their buying experience as well as their favorite addresses in Port Grimaud.

In which neighborhood do you live?

Viviane and José: We have acquired our accommodation in Grimaldines 1 in Port Grimaud 3. Its location which is close to the village center and the large beach as well as the property itself captivated us from the very first visit with Marion. After a brief conversation, we decided to buy this property.

Julien: Our apartment is located in the heart of Port Grimaud 1. We love this district which is the first one you see when you reach Port Grimaud by sea. We appreciate the liveliness of the Place des Artisans on market days as much as the absolute calm that reigns on our private terrace.

Do you spend a lot of time in your new place?

Viviane and José: We have been the owners of our apartment since last September and plan to stay there as often as possible depending on our schedule, at any time of the year.

Julien: We spend almost every holiday from April to October here, on long weekends and in August.

What are your favorite spots and activities in Port Grimaud?

Viviane and José: The main advantage of Port Grimaud is that we don’t need to use a car so we like to visit places like Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime but most of the time we prefer the tranquility of Port Grimaud where we also enjoy parasailing activities, beach deck chairs and a little morning jog when the village is still dormant and the beach is deserted. Our holidays in Port Grimaud are really a refreshing holiday.

We love Antinéa beach, where we spend a lot of time relaxing, taking long walks and savoring Manu’s delicious dishes. We enjoy the market cuisine, the Tartane and Cathy’s ever welcoming smile, as well as the Telline for its cuisine and its ever pleasant welcome. We recommend the Licorne for its more family-friendly cuisine and especially for the hospitality of the entire David and Fabienne team; it is always a pleasure to spend some time at their restaurant. And also the Marée where Christian and Valérie prepare delicious fish dishes for the guests.In fact, our favorite places in Port Grimaud are mostly related to very good human experiences we’ve had and are places where we feel at home.

Julien: We like to spend time on the beach and take the boat to swim in front of the « madrague » (famous property acquired by Brigitte Bardot in 1958) in Saint-Tropez. We like to walk around, shop but more than anything else, visit the canals. When friends come to visit us, we always show them around Port Grimaud through the water.
Our favorite restaurant is the Tartane.

The season for major sporting events in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is here!

The magnificent weather which has set in throughout France and particularly in our beautiful region since February, is favourable to the resumption of sporting activities and major competitions that will thrill both experienced sportsmen and spectators alike. In spring, sailing, running and cycling will take centre stage.

The Saint-Tropez International Marathon

In a previous article we talked about this famous Marathon made up of 3 events on March 31st. It will link Sainte-Maxime to Saint-Tropez, a renowned seaside resort on the Côte d’Azur and an emblematic village in the Var.

March also marked the return of the regattas, which are so dear to the hearts of the skippers of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Regatta « les 900 Nautiques »

Picture taken during the 2018 edition. Copyright Gilles Martin-Raget

For its 10th edition, the Grande Course (renamed « Off the coast of Saint-Tropez » in 2017 and 2018) once again cruised the Mediterranean sea without a stopover. The crews competed from 21 to 31 March to cover the 900 miles of the event.  The single sailors and duets were subject to the same crossing but only over 400 nautical miles.

This event is renowned for its breathtaking course. The weather conditions are amazing at this time of year, enough to satisfy the enthusiasts of the open sea. An excellent practice for many transatlantic racing enthusiasts and professionals who see this sporting event as a perfect opportunity to develop their skills.

You can read an interview of Clément Giraud, the winner, here.

The Granfondo Gassin

Saint-Tropez will host the first stage of the Grand Trophée cyclo-sport challenge over a distance of 162 kilometres, which will take place on the steep roads of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. After the colder winter months, it is the ideal opportunity for cycling competitors to get away from the training sessions in the grey and cold weather.

A first-class programme is in store for this 33rd edition. This endurance event is open to anyone over the age of 18. Competitors are expected from all over the world.

The race will start on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 8:00 am, at the old port of Saint Tropez with a final sprint in the village of Gassin. Renowned to be one of the most beautiful in France with its breathtaking view of the Gulf, you can enjoy its charms. A jersey designed in the colours of the event will be given to all participants!

The 20th anniversary of Les Voiles

Registrations will open in April, so we wanted to mention the jubilee of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez. It will take place from Saturday 28 September to Sunday 06 October 2019. No fewer than 4,000 sailors are expected for a full week of extraordinary regattas.

2/10/2018, Les Voiles de saint-Tropez 2018, Day 2. Copyright Gilles Martin-Raget

Registrations will open in April, so we wanted to mention the jubilee of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez. It will take place from Saturday 28 September to Sunday 06 October 2019. No fewer than 4,000 sailors are expected for a full week of extraordinary regattas.

The most beautiful sails and hulls have built a solid reputation among enthusiasts, who are committed to the spirit of sporting friendship that governs the competition. 

Still at the initiative of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, Les Petites Voiles will share the honours owed to the competitors. Young tropezians, selected amongst boys and girls aged 6 to 12, will have to defend the colours of their club by racing in the heart of the port. There is no doubt that their families will be thrilled once again!

What to do in Grimaud during the winter season

Grimaud in the winter season is like an experience in a foreign land! All the activities that are organized in summer appear to be very distant memory, but don’t underestimate the dynamism that animates the Provençal Venice as there are still many outings and activities. We hope that you will include some to the activities below in your next vacation in the region.

The « bowling du golfe »

Located quart St Pont les Mûres in Grimaud, it has caught the attention of the famous travel book Petit Futé that recommends it warmly. It’s true that its eight synthetic tracks for computerized competitions, are worth the effort of coming to try and make a strike. The place is modern and friendly and has bowling alleys but there is also a billiard table and a bar in the centre to take a drink. Add to that an XXL video screen and a game room where American billiards and electronic animations can be found.

Bowling is open all year round. The facilities are designed to accommodate a young audience from 3 years old and parking is free.

Golf Up

The 9-hole Pitch and Putt golf course with its synthetic turf is set in a bucolic setting. The training area is known to be the most modern in the Var. Its academy is managed by qualified professionals. Customers experience ultra-connected entertainment with a fully computerized ball machine, pick-up robot and Trackman. You can enjoy a wonderful lunch at la Table des Oliviers and find equipment at the pro shop.

The Golf Up website

The Beauvallon Golf Club

It is a true masterpiece with its 18 holes in an environment that offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. It covers 40 hectares in an exceptionally well maintained natural setting.

Website of the Golf du Beauvallon

Grimaud Aventure

It is in the centre of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez that the accrobranche park is located in a pine forest whose 2 hectares are ideal for adventure. More than 60 workshops are available with 6 courses that include progressive difficulties. A unique opportunity to spend an exceptional moment with family or friends. The routes have smart carabiners or continuous lifelines to offer you aerial games that require balance and strength in complete safety. You can refresh yourself under the shade of this unusual forest of umbrella pines.

From 1 October to 28 February, trips are offered every day from 10.30 am to 5 pm (last departure at 3.30 pm).

More information can be found here.

Grimaud Karting Leisure

Discover a unique fully equipped structure, with its certified two-way circuit and its facilities (workshop, stands, terrace, snack bar…). Located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Grimaud Karting offers several models for everyone: LR5-160, RX-250, GT5-270, HANDIKART, BI-PLACE…. Machines adapted to all ages are therefore available in the park, as well as many initiation and race packages: Initiation courses, Endurance Mini Grand Prix, Grand Prix, or even birthday packages, etc..

Click here for more information about Grimaud Karting Leisure.

Pep’s Spirit

The Pep’s Spirit allows you to discover a different side of Saint-Tropez from the one that is synonymous with jet set and bling bling. Far from the glitter, it’s the ultimate eco-tourism trip! You have the choice between a wide range of activities, with an instructor or in complete autonomy. But whether you are guided or free, outings in turquoise waters offer many surprises. Each trip is a blend of land and sea, along the coast or in the discovery of the « forêt des Maures », a delightful combination of relaxation and action.

Thus the rentals of giant paddle or pirogue, Nordic walking as well as road cycling or kayaking… everything is an opportunity to take care of yourself by having a good time. Private lessons can be provided upon request.

The La Mène ranch

You will find it at the base of the « massif des Maures ». The objective of the team of passionate relay enthusiasts is to make you discover the whole thing on horseback. It is a genuine healthy course, in the wild nature of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, which is offered to you here. Pony and horse initiation courses are available. The first ones are designed to be used by the young ones, while the second ones are a real learning experience for you! Handling and sorting of livestock will only lead to slipping into the cowboy costume. And you shouldn’t miss the walks that are offered on Grimaud for anything in the world.

Exceptional encounters made on the spot are composed of llamas, pigs or biquettes. Activities for children include a bouncy castle, trampolines, but the young and old will gather at the end in the western atmosphere at the Ranch Grill.

Website of the Ranch

All these activities are open all year round, even in winter. They will give you the chance to discover Grimaud in a completely different way, so have fun:-).

The timeless charm of Port Grimaud

Well protected in the hollow of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Port Grimaud is a haven of peace nestled between the sky and the sea. This cozy haven originates from the productive personality of François Spoerry, an architect who in the 1960s deemed it worthwhile to transform a swamp into our beautiful « Venise provençale ». Thus this delightful place was conceived, in which you only have to set sail to enjoy the freedom of the high seas…. A family destination par excellence!

Its canal system

The canals were instinctively established on the marshes of the Giscle River around which his medieval village was developed. If it was compared to the Venetian city, it was due to the fact that it was built on its canals. Of course the French style has been the norm here, with fishermen’s houses similar to those found in Saint-Tropez. A boat service provides a scheduled service to the famous village.

Its unique style

The main reason Port Grimaud stands out is because of its layout. Its houses were built with waterfront facilities and (almost) each one has its own private mooring. Whether you want to go to Sainte-Maxime, to enjoy its endless beaches, or dive into the jet set world of Saint-Tropez, everything is possible. Whether you are on holiday or staying here for a while, this pretty corner of Paradise gives us a glimpse of what charm is all about.

colored houses by the lakefront

Its numerous wonders

In addition to being a lakeside city, Port Grimaud is the perfect gateway to an extraordinary cultural wealth. There are countless activities that highlight a wide range of artistic fields in both the winter and summer. You’ll find numerous art galleries as well as a traditional open air market. The old-fashioned alleys are dotted with café terraces and restaurants offering a wide variety of culinary specialities.


Its environment

One of the distinctive features of Port Grimaud is that it belongs to the medieval village of Grimaud, which is characterized by the ruins of a feudal castle. This is a landmark, with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, which until the end of the 19th century was actually called the Gulf of Grimaud. The Var region is a lovely spot in the sun, where many musical outings and other activities take place. Its authenticity is incomparable to the tourist sites available elsewhere, with its cobbled streets that smell of the Provence and its history.

One of the typical Grimaud alleys

The charm of Grimaud

We strongly recommend one of the many discovery trails that are available for hikers. The Pont des Fées trail is one of them, where you can discover legends and geology, historical and cultural heritage. The hinterland of Var, in the heart of the Maures Massif, has many assets.


The pont des fées / The fairy bridge

If you want to experience these timeless delights, the Boutemy Immobilier Agency will be pleased to guide you through Port Grimaud neighbourhoods. If you want to get in touch with us, check out this blog where we publish weekly articles. You will be dealing with a team of professionals, so don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the properties we offer for rent or for sale.

Port Grimaud, a perfect blend between traditions and modernity

Port Grimaud is a perfect blend between respect for traditions, modernity and the preservation of nature. All those who are familiar with it will boast about the many attractions of this Provençal Venice, which is a natural reflection of the passionate spirit of a very great artist, François Spoerry.

François Spoerry’s architecture 

We owe it to François Spoerry who, by using recycled materials to create his apartments and houses was well ahead of his time. He has recreated all the Provençal charm by imagining and crafting Port Grimaud, a unique model of its kind. In order to use the best means possible, this trendsetter has thus ensured that everyone can have a mooring within the vicinity of their home. Nowadays, we can hardly imagine that this pleasant lakeside city is only 51 years old.

This exceptional architectural structure has led to Port Grimaud being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 20th century site in 2002. Its geographical location is a major factor behind its prominence! It is well sheltered in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez but its easy accessibility to everything is the reason for its richness and popularity. Regarding private condominiums, these areas are provided with unique services although they are nevertheless not closed to visitors. To ensure the privacy of residents and tenants, vehicles are left outside in the parking lot. But discovering the village on foot is the best opportunity for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

The beautiful coloured facades of the houses in Port Grimaud

The wild nature

Port Grimaud is one of the most important « marinas » on the French Riviera most certainly for its 2,000 moorings, which make it a gateway to the deep blue sea. You will find electric boats, these ecological water coaches that sail on the canals. This is simply the Dolce Vita version of Provence, which you can share with friends or family for a very pleasant outing.

The coastline instantly makes you think of beaches and the sun and when you see the sea you immediately think of water sports. But at the gateway to the Massif des Maures, the lakeside city also offers you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful hikes as far as Sainte-Maxime. To enjoy a panoramic view of Saint-Tropez and its gulf, this is the best itinerary you can find to enjoy its wild nature. Make a stop in one of the small coves along the coast, take a bath or take a dip in its abyss. If you feel like it, you can dive, but also water ski, canoe or rent a pedal boat.

The massif des Maures

The port has its village

Do not forget that the lakeside city belongs to the municipality of Grimaud, a beautiful medieval village. Therefore, you can enjoy many festivities while making even more discoveries. Grimaud has managed to preserve an important cultural heritage characterized by its Occitan charm with its village in the heart of the land. Classified historical monuments such as the feudal castle and the Saint-Michel church are its pride and joy. The Popular Arts and Traditions Museum offers you the opportunity to discover what Provençal life was like in the past with its flowered streets and old-fashioned paved houses commemorating it all the time.

The Popular Arts and Traditions Museum of Grimaud

But Grimaud also represents the cultural richness in its purest form, with exhibitions in its very own streets. The guided tours are more like  » Heritage events  » or  » Stories about Grimaud « . As for the festivities, they take place all year round and the concerts organized within the castle feature top-class artistic events. The famous Grimaldines are its crowning glory, like an emblem displaying the colours of this corner of Paradise.
Finally, do not leave it without experiencing its natural and culinary heritage, it’s a blessing.

Events and entertainment in Grimaud in December 2018

The year is coming to an end and there are a lot of activities to be enjoyed in our lovely Provençal village during the month of December.

Saturday 01 December: Rugby Club lottery

A friendly and exciting rugby atmosphere will be the main attraction. Be the sponsors of one evening to encourage our young people to pursue their personal and collective development through our club and this magnificent sport, the school of life… Rugby.
To win: an electric bike, a TV, a PS4, household appliances and many other prizes!
Drinks and meals are available on site.

6pm – Blaquières Sports Complex
Reservations at 07 86 34 34 46 22 22
Organized by the Gulf Rugby Club

Tuesday 04 December: Advent evening in Grimaud

Every year, Grimaud Europe celebrates the tradition of Advent, the period preceding Christmas, with a great festive evening. Everyone brings traditional dishes, salty or sweet delicacies from their region or country to savour with friends. A very pleasant way to get to know each other better and to discover our customs and those of our neighbours.

6pm – Beausoleil Hall – Free entry Organised by the extra-municipal commission of Grimaud Europe

Friday 07 December: Celebration of Light

To celebrate the start of the Christmas and New Year festivities, the Association des Feux de la Saint Jean invites you to come and enjoy hot chocolate, mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. This year, the traditional torchlight walk for children will be led by artists who are passionate about it.

6pm – Place Vieille – Free entry
Co-organized by the association des Feux de la Saint Jean and the association of Grimaud Animations

Sunday 09 December: Sundays on the Stage

« Perfume & Suspicions » by Troupe Les Miss on stage.

Every Thursday afternoon, the four Martin sisters meet to play cards. But this Thursday will be a little special when Commissioner Oscar Berthomieu visits them to announce the murder of Irma Santos, who recently returned to her hometown. A murder in which the sisters may well be involved. Four sisters, four contrasting personalities but no alibi….. Twenty-four hours to conduct a thorough investigation: the Martin sisters will have to reveal a couple of well-kept secrets… A police plot led by a police commissioner with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

5:30 pm – Beausoleil Hall Free entry (limited places)
Organized by the Culture & Heritage Department

Wednesday 12 December: the time dedicated to storytelling 


In the faraway lands of Russia, the story of Baba Yaga is recounted around the fire… not the story of Santa Claus but the story of Baba Yaga! Who is she? Is she a witch? No! She’s a child-eating spinster living in a small isba, perched on chicken feet!
It is even rumoured that every time she is asked a question, she gets a year older.
Who will fall into the hands of Baba Yaga? Vassilissa or you?

6:30 pm – Beausoleil Hall – Free entry Tale for children from 2 years old
Organized by the Youth and Animation Department

Saturday 15 December: Christmas Cup at Golf Up

Golf Up is expecting you for the Christmas CUP. The opportunity to get together and celebrate the last golf competition of the year together! Young and old, experienced golfers and beginners, come and have fun on the course!

On the agenda, Saturday 15 December:
2pm: Arrival of the players.
2:30 pm: Start of the competition in 9-hole Shot Gun. Game formula: Simple Stableford.
3:30 pm: Return of the players.
4pm: Award ceremony with Santa Claus.
Meanwhile, golf school party will be held.
Entry fees: adults 35€, Golf Up card + 30€, juniors (-18 years old) 15€.

Sunday 16 December: Children’s Christmas and toys fair

During this Christmas season, Grimaud Animations and the Tourism Office are organizing a special afternoon for children. A show, refreshment and the arrival of Santa Claus. Nowadays, the traditional toy market is free and open to everyone (registration at the Tourism Office). Our little munchkins will even be able to enjoy pony rides thanks to the Ranch de la Mène.

2pm – Beausoleil Hall – Free entry
Co-organized by Grimaud Animations and the Tourism Office Information: 04 94 55 43 83

Saturday 22 December: Dancing concert

« Fred et son frère »

With Frédéric and JeanChristophe Gairard.

Accompanied for the occasion by Jérémie Schacre, their friend from the group « Clair de lune trio » (gypsy and electric guitarist) and Stéphane Bularz, a skilled double bass player from the group « Tzwing ».
For its Advent evening, Grimaud Animations invited these four talented performers to offer the audience of the Beausoleil hall a rare musical evening of listening and dancing. A beautiful moment of pleasure for the ears (and feet) to be enjoyed on the penultimate day of Christmas Eve.
A cozy setting, swing atmosphere, champagne and petits fours will available.

Sunday 23 December: Christmas with the great organs

Brice MONTAGNOUX (Organ) Eva VILLEGAS (clarinetist)

For the first time, here are two concerts to celebrate Christmas with the Organ of the Saint-Michel church, the first of its kind, designed by the factor Pascal Quoirin, which has been enriching the city of Grimaud’s heritage since 2015.

The instrument that majestically animates the services celebrated in the church presents all the facets of its registrations during numerous concerts and is at the centre of the scheduling of the Musical Evenings of Grimaud.

At 3 p.m., it is the organist Brice Montagnoux, owner of the Quoirin grand organ of the church of Sanary-sur-Mer and artistic advisor to the City of Saint-Maximin for the scheduling of organ concerts at the basilica, who will enlighten all its sound colours with a programme dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach, Louis-Claude Daquin and Olivier Messiaen.

Brice Montagnoux will then be joined by clarinetist Eva Villegas for a program that combines the sonorities of the clarinet with those of the organ with works by Camille Saint-Saëns, Claude Debussy, Fernande Decruck and Charles-Marie Widor.

3pm – Saint-Michel Church – Free entry (limited places) Organized by the Tourism Office

Visiting Port Grimaud

Houses in Port Grimaud with beautifully coloured facades

This lakeside city founded in 1966 on a swamp by the architect François Spoerry, is the Venice of Provence of Var. Explore this colourful Mediterranean port, which has canals lined with small « fishermen’s houses » and picturesque alleys.


Wednesday 26 December at 3pm
Friday 28 December at 3pm

In January, the following dates have been scheduled:
Wednesday 2 January at 3pm
Friday 4 January at 3pm
For reservation, please contact the Tourism Office 04 94 55 43 43 83
Go to the main entrance of Port-Grimaud 1 (next to the Petit)
Duration 1h30 – Walking tour
Fees: adults: 5€ / youth (11-17 years old): 2€50. Free for children under 10 years old
A small snack will be offered to children

And like always…

Grimaud’s permanent guidance course

Come and discover one of the most beautiful villages in France while having fun or by challenging yourself individually, in a group or with your family. This orientation space is a network of posts permanently installed with details characteristic of the municipality, and evidenced by beacons.
It is suitable for all types of orientation activities, sports, leisure and tourism.
With the help of a motherboard available free of charge at the Tourism Office, try out one of the 4 thematic routes at your disposal.
Everyone can do it their own way! Then meet us at the Tourism Office and and have a look at your compasses!

Provençal markets

the market square in Port Grimaud

Every Thursday in Grimaud Village (Place de l’Eglise)
Every Thursday & Sunday in Port Grimaud

Flea market

Every Sunday at the Jas des Robert 

Port Grimaud in Autumn

Discover our cultural variety

Culture is certainly promoted all year round in Port Grimaud and not only during the summer when tourists are visiting our little village. Like a magician, who never reveals his tricks, Provençal Venice always has something new to offer.

Grimaud’s Musical Evenings

The autumn-winter season started on Sunday, November 18, with the brilliant entry of « the 1826, great Quartets ». The Psophos performed pieces of classical music in a venue with an exceptional heritage for a concert of an equally impressive quality.

The port has its village

The guided tour of the port is among the most famous, and it takes place every Wednesday of the year. Colourful and enchanting with its picturesque alleys, this Mediterranean port is different from the others because of its canals which border the « fishermen’s houses » . Our lakeside city is brightened every Thursday and Sunday morning by a market where local products and seafood are on display. In short, everything that makes Provence so appealing!

The colourful facades of the houses in Port Grimaud

The tales and history of the village of Grimaud are filled with anecdotes, all of them extremely interesting. The Tourism Office offers you 3 free visits:


  • Guided tour of the castle once a month, to learn more about its history
  • Discover the chapel of Notre Dame de la Queste, a major place of the Gulf pilgrimage because of its blessing on horses.
  • Many walks to be enjoyed on the Cirkwi site including Grimaud-Port Grimaud, Le Pont des Fées, Le Pierredon, la Calade, la Castellane and le Peyron.

Treat yourself: many restaurants are open all year round

You can enjoy delicious meals all year round in Grimaud! The summer season may have come to an end, but you will still find some very nice places to eat good food:

Make your choice!

  • Le Just’in café, in which the management promises you dishes made with love, with fresh and quality products. Its casual table is packed with homemade burgers and fries, pizzas and salads with handmade desserts.
  • The Santons offer you gastronomic dishes, where the local recipes are well known. This restaurant has been recognized by the Collège Culinaire de France. It is available for private events with a maximum of 50 people.
  • Pizza Léone is open all year round for lovers of quality. You can enjoy pizzas made by a pizzaiolo graduate from the French Pizza School. Which can be eaten at the restaurant or taken away with a variety of sumptuous salads.
  • La Bastide Blanche has a  » contemporary and fusion  » menu with a blend of subtlety and elegance. Its success is based on a concept whereby semi-gastronomy creates a lounge spirit where music is in the spotlight.
  • Le Clem’s is a friendly and warm setting. It is a balance combining all levels of society and a sporting atmosphere. Its menus are also a combination of Provençal and traditional dishes.
  • – L’Ecurie de la Marquise has a range of Niçoise specialities and pizzas which can be taken away or eaten at the restaurant while enjoying a cozy atmosphere with antique furniture. The mood is refreshing and its local dishes are complemented by a vintage cellar.
  • – Le New-Burg offers a selection of burgers inspired by the French style. This steakhouse offers exceptional quality meats, but also fresh homemade fish and a wide range of salads.
  • – Le Jas des Roberts: This is an exceptional site that hosts this restaurant, where traditional and Provençal dishes are served with a breathtaking view of the Grimaud region. Grilled meats, meats and fish are served on request.
  • – Didier’s table is very welcoming and ideal for traditional dishes. It puts a lot of emphasis on products such as truffles and meats from many parts of the world. Fish lovers and vegetarians will certainly be delighted!
  • La Table des Oliviers is open 7/7 days all year round. It has sophisticated and diverse dishes that will delight your taste buds while enjoying an exceptional view of the Gulf. A setting where Provençal charm blends with modernity.
  • Le Terracota guarantees you « Epicurean PleasuresAn absolute Delight ». Its refined and aromatic dishes are inspired by Mediterranean cultures. « A real culinary journey to the land of flavours » as they say!
  • Le Thai Boat, a fast food restaurant which is open every day for lunch and dinner on the go.
  • La Maracana Churrascaria offers a diverse menu. Grilled meats and pizzas are the most popular
  • Le Café Telline which has already featured in several articles on the blog here and there.
  • La Pizzeria Don Peppe, an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria whose opening we recounted in these pages.

We would never have enough words to describe all of them to you. We will tell you more about the restaurants below in future articles.

Trattoria Pizzeria St Joseph – Pizza Italia – Le Monroe’s Brasserie – Pizzeria Don Peppe – La Caravelle – La Fontaine – La Spaghetta – Apopino Restaurant – Crêperie-Grill Le Boubou – Marina Lounge Bar and Restaurant – La Tartane – Le Murier.

There are many other places with very good ratings, but they are closed during the off-season.

Whether it is around a beautiful table with your feet in the water or in one of the charming alleys of this medieval village, Port Grimaud offers a wide range of choices. Whether you want to learn about Provençal flavours or explore new horizons, our restaurateurs are here to serve you. Now, all we can do is wish you a « bon appétit »!

Grimaud is keen on facilitating the settling of young farmers

The municipality of Grimaud has launched a consultation process with landowners to facilitate the settling of young farmers. Objective: to restore the cultivable area to its former glory.

On one side, is an agricultural plain of 532 hectares divided into small plots, 11% of which are fallow. On the other hand, are the ambitious young farmers who want to start their own business.

To kill two birds with one stone, the Grimaudoise municipality was able to bring together landowners and project leaders in the Blaquières during the week of November 5, 2018.

The Mayor, Alain Benedetto, accompanied by representatives of the Chamber of Agriculture and SAFER, were expecting a shared awareness of the current neglect of the Grimaud plain during this unprecedented meeting.


After a reminder of the situation in the agricultural plain, the discussions were held. And the project leaders, a dozen of them in attendance were the most forthcoming in the discussions.

Like Sylvain for example, a farmer from Cogolin: « My goal is to make a living from the vineyard. I currently own 4 hectares.’’ ‘’I currently own 4 hectares. Ideally, I would like to have about 8-10 hectares.’’ Other projects presented included the setting-up of a chicken farm on a one-hectare plot.

Or the case of a young man from Gassin who is currently looking for a 5 hectare plot of land to cultivate vines.

« We can see that these young people are dynamic and have a lot of ideas. Relying on them will ensure that we can look forward to something sustainable for the agricultural future of the plain, » Alain Benedetto emphasized.


For their part, the landowners in attendance were less vocal. Only two of the fifteen or so present spoke, however, they indicated that they were willing to rent or sell their land. Nonetheless, most of them established contact with the project leaders at the end of the meeting.

« It’s a start, » Alain Benedetto pointed out. Some of them are finding it difficult to let go of their land, without properly keeping it up to standard, while the young people need it as well. »

Because the biggest hurdle that future farmers will have to overcome is still the availability of land:  » Nowadays, the landowners are the ones who have the biggest say. We must trust the newcomers in the sector and give them the opportunity to express themselves, » Arnaud Ferraro, president of the Young Farmers of the Gulf, insisted.

Notably, the lands around the old Traveller’s area, which was abolished in 2017 were targeted: « No one was exploiting them because of their proximity. This must change now. »

Committed to the agricultural and forest land management of the Grimaud plain since 2015, the municipality wants to bring the stakeholders together to create renewed interest in the plain. Whilst everyone has been sensitized and informed, there is still a lot of work to be done to restore this area to its former state of the 1960s: « When all the plots were under cultivation ».

This article was first published in French in our local newspaper Var Matin.

Port Grimaud, useful tips and good ideas

During holidays, housing accounts for the largest part of expenses. But it is important to ensure this does not affect the activities. Good news, Port Grimaud is offering you activities for as little as nothing or even free of charge. To enjoy an idyllic stay, tips are offered to you in abundance and don’t worry, they are suitable for all budgets.

A privileged setting in the heart of the French Riviera

Wherever you look, if there is a place where nature has been able to assert its law, it is right in the heart of the Var. Enjoying an enviable location, halfway between the Massif des Maures and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, Port Grimaud is a delight to behold. Oscillating between the sea and mountainous landscapes, hiking is available for all budgets. A good equipment and you are ready to go on one of the tours available to enthusiasts of all levels while admiring the splendours of the region.

The massif des Maures

Cultural outings and free entertainment available in abundance

The Tourist Office organises activities for everyone so each one of you can benefit from the countless opportunities the region has to offer : from cultural activities to discovery outings or workshops, you will always be able to find free ones. It is a real manna that is being offered to you to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. And of course, you can brazenly relaxing on the sumptuous beaches of our coastline.

– Heritage Discoveries: In addition to the guided tours organised each month by the municipality, you can explore the architectural treasures of Grimaud. This superb medieval village has several tours in store to enchant you. The tours run through the chapel of Saint-Roch and its mill and can be extended to the Pont des Fées. To find out about the schedules of these outings, as well as many other activities, visit the portal of the Grimaud Tourist Office at

Grimaud : chapelle saint-roch

The Saint-Roch chapel

– Exhibitions of all kinds: For several centuries, Provence has been the lair of painters of all nationalities. Several art galleries have chosen Grimaud as their home, with so many photos, sculptures, ceramics as well as jewellery by artists and others. And if it is a little late to participate in the sessions of the Salon des Peintres, Atelier 14 and the Galerie des Arcades remain open all year round.

Exposition dans les rues de Grimaud

– Concerts and theatre: Although the summer season ended in a blaze of glory on Port Grimaud and its city, we should not forget that the 16th Saint-Tropez Autumn Festival is extending the season until November 3rd. On the programme are many artists and musical groups in recitals who, since the beginning of September, have been performing at the Théâtre De La Renaissance – Cinéma. For more information on the concerts in progress, visit the cultural agenda page of the 16th St-Tropez Autumn Festival.

But whether you will be visiting for a day or several weeks, consult our blog to make the best of your holidays in Port Grimaud. The Boutemy real estate agency is committed to regularly publishing the programmes of its port and city.

Our team wishes you an excellent stay, complemented by unforgettable moments.

Port Grimaud, ideal holiday destination for families

If you are planning to spend your holidays with your family, Port Grimaud is a destination that will delight both children and grownups alike. Rightly known as the  » Provencal Venice « , this vibrant lakeside city has countless attractions! This is a reality that we cannot emphasize enough, because everyone, without exception, will find it worthwhile. It is a special place on the French Riviera, where, not far from the jet set of Saint-Tropez, sublime golden sandy beaches are found alongside the famous medieval village of Grimaud.

Activities in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

A magical atmosphere during the Grimaldines festival

They are quite numerous, by the way! Let us remember the famous Grimaldines, a festival where music resounds day and night to the rhythm of the currents. This year they are celebrating their 16th birthday, which is a good reason for a great celebration. An extraordinary and unusual mixture, where great concerts and street shows happily combine. Two major events, with a unique atmosphere, should also be mentioned: the Harley Davidson Euro Festival, a celebration held each year in May and the Sails of Saint-Tropez regattas in October.

Discovering Port Grimaud

We strongly recommend that you use the water coaches to discover the village. You can admire the yachts and sailboats that have come to anchor there. To fully enjoy the Provencal scents, nothing beats a quick tour of the market, where all the Occitan flavours blend together. On the other hand, Port Grimaud is also about taking a step closer to the village, to discover exceptional wild landscapes.

The remnants of Grimaud


The medieval castle of Grimaud

The splendid Riviera is hardly a surprise, so visiting the hilltop village of Grimaud and its medieval castle is better natural. The amphitheatre is used as a pretext to give open-air shows as soon as the summer season arrives. But it is the surroundings that display its great riches, with landscapes reminiscent of the decorations that adorn our nativity scenes during Christmas. Only the figurines and its mill are missing for it to look like we are experiencing one of Daudet’s tales. As part of the  » Heritage Festival « , come and relive the legend and myths of Grimaud!

Water games

And finally the icing on the cake! In addition to everything you will find to do in Port Grimaud, the lakeside town is the ideal place to enjoy for sporting activities. You can enjoy the seaside pleasures offered by the beach, but also water sports. As a result, swimming and diving are combined with water skiing, sailing or surfing to ensure you have fun. From the land to the sea, Grimaud is a docking port in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez where you can settle down. To enjoy these Var pleasures with your feet in the water and with mooring please book without delay as the rentals are in great demand. The agency will be happy to help you find the perfect solution, so don’t hesitate to come and knock on its door. You will be able to discover all the attractive offers that have been reserved for you and thus make your dream become a reality.

Port Grimaud, the extraordinary challenge of a genius architect

The origins of Port Grimaud

The history of Port Grimaud is magnificent and it is with great pleasure that we will narrate it to you today in these pages.

In 1962, a Mulhousian architect named François Spoerry acquired a marshland in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez that no one wanted, but he had a vision and devoted the rest of his life to it.

This is the land bought by F. Spoerry to build Port Grimaud on it

During holidays with friends in Greece, the young sailor architect had bemoaned the difficulty of mooring his boat near his holiday rental. The dream of a lakeside city then sprang up where each house had its own mooring. This vision was realized in 1966 when the Port Grimaud building permit was granted on June 14.

Port Grimaud, a unique village in Europe

The construction work lasted from 1967 with the emergence of Port Grimaud I until the early 2000s, which marked the completion of Port Grimaud III. Today, the city is divided into 3 districts: Port Grimaud I, Port Grimaud II (also called Port Grimaud Sud) and Port Grimaud III, governed by 3 separate and autonomous trade union associations.

Port Grimaud on the French Riviera

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 20th century, the village covers 90 hectares and includes 2400 accommodation units for more than 2000 moorings.

Its 7 kilometres of canals influenced its nickname « Venice Provençale ». François Spoerry has indeed made it a point of honour to respect Provençal architecture. Coloured facades, Roman tiles and the use of recycled materials have contributed to give it its original character. It is for this reason that the architecture of the creator of the lakeside city is now described as « soft architecture » because it blends perfectly into its local environment.

We could really believe that the lakeside village facing the sea has been there for centuries because it is so well integrated into the landscape.

Spoerry’s « soft architecture »

The names of the houses in Port-Grimaud are typical of the Provence. They are called fishermen’s houses – don’t get me wrong, they are by no means modest – ostales, borderives, balandrines, hunières and portales.

Coloured provencal houses

If you still don’t know the Portgrimaudois lexicon well enough, don’t worry, Marion Boutemy and Yael at the agency will be delighted to help you get started.
You can also read about the different types of Port Grimaud housing on our blog.

An exceptional quality of life

It was an extraordinary challenge, to the extent that the architect François Spoerry had to buy the land himself and start construction. No one believed in it, but driven by his vision, François Soperry has succeeded and Port Grimaud has gradually come to life. Sea lovers have found every sailor’s dream there: to be able to take their boat whenever they want, even for just one hour. Here, it’s easy since the moorings are close to the houses!

Since then, Port Grimaud has also charmed families in search of relaxation in a preserved environment.

The village life was established thanks to the shopkeepers, residents and its common spaces: captain’s office, church, gardens. Travelling is done mainly by boat, with fully electrified tow barges for the locals.

The coches d'eau to travel the canals in the lakeside city

The coches d’eau to travel the canals in the lakeside city

Port Grimaud has won the hearts of its visitors thanks to its authentic Provencal markets and its ecumenical church of Saint-François d’Assise lit by the magnificent stained glass windows of Vasarely and open.

stained glass windows by Vasarely

The lakeside town and the medieval village of Grimaud are a delight for culture lovers who enjoy the many art galleries in the village and its exceptional musical events including the Grimaldines and the musical evenings of Grimaud.

Finally, the proximity of Saint-Tropez, the mythical villages of the Var as well as the Massif des Maures make it an ideal destination for a perfect holiday.

The regattas in Port Grimaud

The Spi Dauphine Challenge

The SPI Dauphine Challenge took place from 14 to 21 April 2018 at Port Grimaud and Port Fréjus. For its 37th edition, the competition brought once again together the students who have come to compete in the event. No less than 600 of them were present on the starting line for the most popular student event in the South of France. Its reputation goes beyond the sporting world and by distinguishing itself in this endeavour, it offers many opportunities to young people for their professional future.

During the summer of 1981 some students from the Paris Dauphine University, who had not been able to register for the Edhec Cruise Race, came up with the idea to compete in their own regatta. It was as a result of a combination of circumstances that the idea of setting sail for the Mediterranean from which the event was launched five years later and would remain consistent thereafter. To the great surprise of its instigators, the sporting gamble has since taken on increased significance defying all forecasts. Nevertheless, the challenge remains on a human scale, a real adventure born from the osmosis between the organizing team and its participants.

Since then, team spirit has always dominated, just as values such as fair play and mutual support have been forged.

The Sails of Hope / Les Voiles de l’Espoir

Placed under the aegis of the French Round Table, they’ve organizez  »The Sails of Hope » since 2001. The French Riviera had the privilege of being their host country in 2017… but it is on a rotational basis that they are organized in Languedoc Roussillon, Normandy, Poitou-Charentes, Champagne Ardennes, Brittany and Corsica. This competition requires devoting at least 2 years to the preparation, because of the numerous economic, technical and human requirements. It is above all a « wonderful human adventure combining solidarity, conviviality and sharing! « .

It is the world’s largest sailing event around the world for children with cancer and leukemia remission. Sick young children between 8 and 14 years old, from all walks of life: Metropolitan France, overseas and other countries of the world, such as Morocco or Luxembourg.They are the motivating factor of the volunteers involved in large numbers and of course of the organizers. Because of their medical constraints, this is often their very first sea trip.

2017 route

European Championship of SURPRISES 

In September 2017, the Port Grimaud International Yacht Club organized the famous four-man Championship. Once again this year, about thirty boats are expected for this event in the 7.65 meter monotype keelboat category. The regatta is popular in most European countries, especially in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The 2017 trophy was won by the latter, who brought in major reinforcements for the occasion. The Biel sailboat  »SRS Moi…Non Plus », with its five round victories, literally flew over the competition.

It was at the beginning of the 80s that the Yacht Club was established in Port Grimaud, today internationally renowned. Every year it gathers about fifty yachts of all sizes, which have only one idea in mind: to participate in the famous regattas of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. So even if the dates are not yet determined with certainty, we can be pretty sure that this season once again will see rushing competitors ready to battle against the waves.

A great opportunity to get together with family or friends, in these idyllic locations conducive to escape the confines of everyday life!

The emblematic museums of Saint-Tropez

The Annonciade Museum (« le Musée de l’Annonciade »), renowned as one of the most charming in France, is a constant reminder of the renewed history of Saint-Tropez from the beginning of the 20th century. It is Paul Signac who, discovering this small fishing port of his yacht the Olympia in the year 1892, established its prominence. Even though he had purchased a house in the village, which he will later make his workshop, this one will become one of the most active leading-edge centers of the pictorial creation. This house, La Hune, from that time received many of its illustrious painters, among them Marquet, Matisse, Cross, and many others.


The collections which succeeded until 1950 are splendid. The work of all the artists who exhibited have shown consistency when you study them. It is therefore through color that they are distinguished, while remaining faithful to figuration and cubism. It is a coherence of painters of the highest quality who make up this group, drawn from the pointillist movements, nabis and fauve. More than twenty paintings are exhibited, all of international standing.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

The Butterfly House (« la Maison des Papillons »): It is an impressive collection, with 20,000 world species displayed in a true Tropezian style house. In 2015, Dany Lartigue renovated it in a very original fashion. The museum’s home-shop area was then furnished and a workshop was then open to the public. It offers a layout worthy of this extraordinary collection of butterflies from all walks of life detected by the entomologist.


A multi-faceted artist, we often meet Dany Lartigue on the edge of the old port alley, with a net in his hand. 

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 5pm.
Entrance fee: €2 only for adults, free for children under 12

The Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema (« Le Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma »): No one can ignore the fact that between Saint-Tropez and the Cinema it has been very beautiful love story that has grown, especially when they were associated with the Gendarmerie for the famous saga of the Gendarmes.
The museum is located near the splendid Hôtel de Paris, which was completely renovated and opened in late June 2016. Everyone will remember the numerous scenes, shot by the famous team of the Saint-Tropez Brigade from 1979 until 2013. This then became an emblematic venue, after having fulfilled public functions since 1838.


When you first walk in you are given an explanation on the representation of Gendarme (The constable), and then on the global History of Cinema in Saint-Tropez. This area shows you a whole host of achievements that were shot in the Peninsula of Var. The various professions related to the cinema are honored there, without forgetting the icon of these mythical venues, the sculptural Brigitte Bardot. After having learned the ropes, with accomplishments such as « La Servante de Jean Choux » in 1930, or « Pour un Soir » by Jean Godard in 1931, she became an international star in the famous « And God Created Woman » by Roger Vadim, her first husband.

The museum is open daily from 10am to 8:30pm.

The mythical beaches of Saint-Tropez

This article is the second one of a series of articles about Saint-Tropez. You can also read about the magnificence of numerous religious monuments of Saint-Tropez on our blog.

The beach of Pampelonne welcomes 30,000 visitors each day in the summer, 500 registered movements of vessels during the afternoons of August … for a turnover of €40M , that is generated from 35 beach hotels around the seaside. And what a beach! With its 4.5 km of fine sand and its classification « Outstanding natural site », it is actually one of the famous myths so dear to the Tropezians. It is the ideal place for sunbathing, relaxing with dignity, swimming and dancing. It is undoubtedly the most recognized in the Var. However, it remains largely accessible to the public and has preserved its style without allowing their success change them or be embarrassed by urbanization.


Naturally sheltered from the mistral and in the absence of road facing the sea, canes and vines brighten up your leisure. For more than 60 years, numerous beach hotels have ensured they are renown and rewritten their  history: Club 55, Tahiti  Plage, Aqua club or even Moorea without forgetting the Nikki beach, a worthy successor to the Voile rouge. Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim, Gilbert Becaud, Michèle Morgan, Elton John, Claudia Schiffer and Johnny Hallyday or recently Tony Parker and Paris Hilton, have made visits to these clubs. Noting that, for lodging the crew of the film « And God created woman », from simple canteen Club 55 has transformed into a reputable restaurant.

The beach of La Ponche and the beach of Fontanette: These are two adjoined beaches, which are located near the oldest neighborhood of Saint-Tropez. It is renowned for welcoming youngsters on vacation in the summer thanks to popular and traditional festivals.


But you can also enjoy the pleasure of walking on the granular sand or to swim at the very feet of the fishermen’s houses.

In the shelter of its walls Saint-Tropez protects a legendary hotel, « La Ponche », just as charming as discreet. Many film scenes have been shot here, through which the actors were made immortal. The great Françoise Sagan said, « I got up from my bed, I opened the shutters and the sea and the sky threw in my face the same blue, the same pink and the same happiness ». It was like time remained still temporary suspended, flirting between the boisterous twist of a blessed  era and the delightful sweetness of his living paintings. It is not our national icon Brigitte who will disagree nor would Jacques Cordier, the painter whose heightened sensitivity has disappeared today.

The beach of L’Escalet is not the easiest to find on Ramatuelle (just beside Saint-Tropez) but it is nonetheless one of the most pleasant. Well located between Cap Taillat and Cap Camarat, following the avenue of Casabianca, then that of the Escudelier, leading you to the parking lot. It is interesting to know because from there it leads to alternating sand and coves. Wonderful beaches on the outskirts where having picnics is a sheer delight. Dogs kept on a leash are allowed and during the summer period the beach is under surveillance.

Plage de l'Escalet à Ramatuelle

Plage de l’Escalet à Ramatuelle

Do not forget to bring walking shoes as there are sites to explore, notably the stroll of the Good Bay (« La Baie de Bon »). The vegetation is very dense and lush, reasons why nudism has become common practice. A bewitching forest, where cactus grow up exquisitely in abundance and the cicadas enchant you. Te pines immerse themselves for their delight, while a few steps away you can swim in an ocean worthy of the Caribbean. 

The Art Galleries and Art Studios of Grimaud

There are 10 Art galleries that have set up their studios in Grimaud, proof that the majesty of this medieval city is conducive to artistic inspiration. If they have chosen to live here, it is also because it is a must for any self-respecting amateur. Each visit to the Côte d’Azur should involve a visit to these unusual places, full of history and incomparable charm. It is said that Grimaud is a village of Art that cannot be described but must be visited. The doors to these Galleries are open to visitors from April to October… Don’t miss out!

Atelier d’Art Geca (Geca Art Studio)


His eclectic repertoire of oil paintings is matched only by the fame established by this artist far beyond our borders. From January 1st to December 31st, his artwork takes center stage in Rochefort, but also in London, in Louisiana, and in Carmel, California. And we recall that China had the excellent idea to invite him to the Salon d’Art Canton (Canton Art Show). The 2013 show was a great success and the media was in awe. He was then given the honor of participating in “The 19th Guangzhou International Art Fair” in 2014.

We attended the springtime opening exhibition of the Geca art Studio a couple months ago and enjoyed every minute of it. You can read more about it here.

Galerie d’Art et d’Antiquités Artagra (Artagra Gallery of Art and Antiquities)

Oeuvre en vente à la galerie Artagra

Painting for sale at the Artagra gallery

Nestled in the heart of the village, on the hills overlooking the bay of Saint-Tropez, this pearl of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is sure to surprise you. Its selection is constantly renewed, be it furniture or objets d’art, not to mention the quality of the paintings. A harmonious ensemble that could delight even the most skeptical. Bernard Lezoray invites you to get to know his universe, with an unparalleled notion of elegance, a distinct eye for beauty, and a strong taste for antiques.

Galerie Francis Chapus (Francis Chapus Gallery)


Francis Chapus, who was an architect in his previous life, has been exhibiting his works of art for twelve years. Burrowed in an alley at the foot of the castle, his gallery is full of exquisite oil paintings. The artist-painter draws his inspiration from his travels in Moorish countries, more precisely from Egypt, Morocco, and his wintertime presence in Venice… His artistic motivations are the most noble; as he confided, “I paint because I want to!” His exhibition space, where no less than forty paintings are permanently displayed, is arranged in an old stone house. The amateurs who have visited it are amazed by the strength married to hyper-sensuality.

Rêve de voiles (Dream of Sails)


It is a place that you will discover with great pleasure! The cleverness of this exhibition, which Stéphane Couchie delivers to you with grace, is that the objects up for sale are made of recycled sails. Without revealing too many details, it is a photo gallery of “sails and reflections.”

Terre de Sienne (Sienna)


The gallery showcase sculptures and ceramics of an artist who is quite unusual. Sonia Holzeitner proposes to introduce you to her Art by offering modeling classes for adults and children. A nice way to get in touch with glossed terracotta sculpture, under the shrewd eye of the Master!

Atelier d’Art Peter Thumm (Peter Thumm Art Studio)


It is in an idyllic setting that the privileged territory of this artist is located, surrounded by the hills of Grimaud and dominated by its castle. You can admire paintings on canvas, ceramics, and sculptures.

Galerie Paul Janssen (Paul Janssen Gallery)


It showcases various styles of Art: Pop Art – Photography – Cobra – Contemporary Art. We’re in love with Nick Brandt’s photographs.

Also noteworthy:

La Galerie du cygne (The Swan Gallery) exhibits paintings and drawings, following current artistic trends and the artwork entrusted to it.


La Galerie des Arcades (The Arcades Gallery) is selling paintings and sculptures, a very nice place that is worth discovering.


La Galerie Laurent Boyrie (The Laurent Boyrie Gallery) is an exhibition of sculptures and paintings and a collection of jewelry by various artists.


We wish you a most enriching visit, in an enchanting area where every day of the year is magical.

Stars who own (or owned) villas in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

The Var appears to be THE destination in the hearts of the Stars, whether French or hailing from the other side of the planet. That’s what makes this area so charming! Political personalities, rising stars, and celebrities known world-wide cannot seem to feel accomplished without a « pied-à-terre » in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Brigitte Bardot

Photo Dylan Meiffret

Photo Dylan Meiffret

She was the first of her generation to establish the notoriety of these idyllic places. It was in 1958 that our national B.B. claimed the Madrague, the most famous of the villas on the outskirts of Saint-Tropez. This dwelling has become a tourist attraction, many of the tourists wishing to at least see the boat. Acquired at the time for 27 million old francs (equivalent to €270,000), ìToday, that is the price of a parking lot!î says the actress. A cozy nest decorated with the colors of Provence, where Bardot lives surrounded by her numerous 4-legged companions. A fervent and militant activist of animal welfare, it is in peace that 80 of them rest in her garden.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy

Photo Patrice Lapoirie

Photo Patrice Lapoirie

It is at a splendid family property in Cap Nègre that the couple regularly establishes their summer quarters not far from Le Lavandou. Built in 1937 by André Faraggi, the Bruni-Tedeschi clan acquired it in 1971. It is in this house that the famous model grew up with her sister Valeria and her brother Virginio, who died in 2006. The villa is composed of 10 bedrooms, each with its own terrace that overlooks the ocean. The immense park allows the growth of flax and lemons imported from Italy, which cut into the surrounding cypresses. It is by taking a staircase, leading from the rocky promontory to the sea, that the former President of the Republic and Carla like to go to swim.

Johnny Hallyday

Photo Franz Chavaroche

Photo Franz Chavaroche

The famous Villa Lorada was built in 1989 in Ramatuelle and was designed from A to Z according to his wishes, only a few miles from Saint-Tropez. Its name, Lorada, is the contraction of his daughter’s name, Laura, and his son’s name, David. The villa was most conducive to the king of French rock in that he, with a little inspiration and nice weather, recorded several hits there. He drew his inspiration from a hacienda, a small jewel with an extraordinary pool. With bad luck that could strike anyone, the villa was sold at auction in April 2013 by the court of Draguignan for the modest amount of €600,000, in reimbursement of sums due.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo Franz Chavaroche

Photo Franz Chavaroche

With regards to the couple of sulfurous American cinema, their fame has cloaked the Gulf with an elegant drapery. Fantastic spouses in the city, it is in discretion that they spend the holidays with their family of 6 children. In 2008, they acquired the castle of Miraval, near the village of Correns. Their recent separation will not detract from the legend of this mythical duo.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Villa de Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis sur la Côte d'Azur

It is only a short twenty kilometers from Saint-Tropez, more precisely in Plan de la Tour, that this couple lived in a gigantic residence. Located in the countryside on the hill, the couple have set up several vacation residences for their many friends, a bar-restaurant, and a must-see home of the staff. Another amenities include a fitness space, a gaming room for children, and a swimming pool of course! Since they ended their marriage, the husband of the singer has listed his property for sale for the modest sum of € 55 million.

Viktoria and David Beckham

Photo Roland Gal

Photo Roland Gal

Even though the English couple spent their holidays in Bargemon as often as possible, the singer and her ex-footballer husband have since deserted the Var. After selling their home a few months ago, the fact remains that the region and its history have left a lasting impression on them. According to People magazine, their luxurious property would have been sold off, but, when talking about €2.75 million, everything depends on one’s point of view. Let me reminde you that the couple acquired this property in 2003 for €1.8 million euros.

Your villa in Grimaud : a sought-after property

The summer holidays are fast approaching and we are working very hard at the agency : the high season will soon begin and as we approach the summer holidays, the more the demand for rentals will increase.

We are very fortunate being able to work in such a charming and sought-after village by holiday makers. We value and appreciate the confidence that property owners in Grimaud have placed in us when asking us to rent out their homes in their absence.

The advantage of living in a tourist region is being able to rent out your villa or apartment during the holidays.

In fact, if you entrust your villa to us we will rent it out to holiday makers during your holidays and ensure that it is in the exact same condition when you return.

Several thousand euros a week rental

A villa can be rented out for several thousand euros a week without a problem. Consequently, you can finance (all or part of) your holidays while you are away.

To define clearer rental price, we would first need to visit your villa and assess it various attributes.

Sought after attributes like a large garden, a swimming pool, a good location in the village, a view of the seaview or numerous bedrooms are some of the factors that can determine the rental price.

However, be assured that you will be able to draw a sizable income as Grimaud is the fourth most expensive coastal village in France in terms of price per night for a hotel.

This is therefore a wonderful opportunity for owners who can offer more attractive alternatives than a hotel to holiday-makers.


Villa with air conditioning for up to 8 people in Grimaud

The reliability of Boutemy Real Estate Agency in renting out your villa

We know that your villa is one of your most expensive assets and that it is not always easy to let just anyone stay there, even if the financial compensation is lucrative.

We know that you have stylishly decorated it, and that all your personal items are there. This is why we believe it is important to have real estate professionals manage all the steps in the rental process :

• contact with clients and validation of rental profiles

• organizing the return of the keys to the agency

• receiving tenants

• introduction to the village and its surroundings (local attractions, or shopping..)

• pointing out rules and norms to respect

• signing  a contract and an incoming inventory of fixtures to ensure that your villa remains in the state in which you left it

Our agency is committed to facilitate all these steps, reassuring owners and enabling holiday makers to have a wonderful stay. Our reliability and dedication enable us to establish longstanding relationships with numerous owners in Grimaud and, consequently, to offer a wide selection of rental options for holiday makers and website users.

We are very active in the village as well as on the internet through our various websites and social networks and we are today without a doubt the realtor enjoying the greatest visibility on the internet.

This is what allows us to reassure owners who entrust us with the rental management of their properties that we can easily, quickly and at attractive rates, rent out their house and villa.

Villa available for rent in Grimaud

To rent out your villa in Grimaud through our broker, why not call Yael or Kim on 0033 (0)4 94 56 56 58 or contact us via email at

Discover Port Grimaud in the Springtime

The season soon resumes in Port Grimaud. The spring signals the reopening of restaurants that were in hibernation during the winter. Between Easter and the first of May, terraces, stalls and shops will reclaim the city. You can satisfy your appetite at one of the many pizzerias or at the gourmet restaurants, with their abundant offerings of seafood, crustaceans, and fish of all kinds. Most of these restaurants have a view of the sailboats, direct access to the canals of the famous lakeside town, or are situated at the intersection of quaint, small roads within the medieval village.


One of many Port Grimaud’s canal-side restaurants (and one of our favorites too)

You might wish to work up the courage to sample Provençal cuisine, or you may prefer to forget yourself in a non-conventional brewery, of which there are no fewer than 60 brands that offer their services. Whether you wish to enjoy a snack or to revel in an exquisite beef tenderloin, the tastes will be respected and your appetite satisfied. Everything, regardless of what it may be, smells of Provence; from the herbs to the atmosphere, everything here is perfectly in place.

Throughout the year, you may browse the markets, become inebriated with the southern scents, enjoy an open-air flea market or an obstacle race through the village—but it is during the springtime that these activities are the most pleasant, while the temperatures are mild and the vacationers are not too numerous.

Culture lovers will enjoy the theater festivals (“Theater Sundays” or « les Dimanches de la Scène »), lectures, and other literary escapades. Evenings of music and historical discoveries are very much appreciated by all. The artistic and cultural heritage is so abundant that there is no need to look elsewhere in order to enrich your soul and your spirit.

L'Antichambre, theater play

L’antichambre, (the antechamber), a play performed in Grimaud on March 12 for the « Dimanches de la Scène »

From May to June, many activities will be available to you:  the Night of Museums,  the now unmissable Harley Davidson Eurofestival, and, last but not least, the summer celebrations, which we will describe later in detail. One must not forget the guided tours of the medieval castle, which tell the tale of the discovery of its fortified city walls and its presentation of the patrimony. The National Archeology Days and the book fair, which will be held for the 5th time, as well as many exhibitions, are also on the program.

eurofestival Harley Davidson du 11 au 14 mai 2017

On the front-lines of the Saint-Jean bonfires, with a procession and a lot of good music, the Grimaud Music Tour will be renewed this year for its 3rd installment. Groups of musicians and singers will move every fiber of your being, as the panel includes varieties of all kinds, including all musical styles.

To be kept up to date about current events, do not hesitate to contact the Grimaud Tourist Office or to browse the “Animations à Grimaud” section of this blog (French only), which lists each month the activities organized for the upcoming month.

Port Grimaud: A Dream Vacation for the Whole Family

Spring is around the corner, following the winter sports season, and with it come the scents of thyme and rosemary. It is arriving at the perfect time because if you do not have specific plans for your extended weekends in May (French labor day on May 1 and celebration of the end of WWII on May 8), a seductive and charming lakeside city awaits you. Adorned with an adjacent, unusual, and charming medieval village, Port Grimaud is a dream destination, nestled away in the center of the Gulf of St-Tropez.

Fishermen Houses in Port Grimaud

Everything is designed to ensure your calm and serenity, which in these troubled times is a non-negligible guarantee. The cars are ordered to remain outside the perimeter reserved for locals and the parking is regulated there. An asset that many tourists appreciate because of the palpable sensation of security ensured by the Gendarmerie Nationale and by the ASL guards patrolling 24 hours a day in the city.

One of the attractions that seems to stand out—apart from the fact that each property has direct access to a mooring in front of the house for a personal boat—is indeed this security of inviolability. You can rest assured while enjoying your quiet holiday. The outbound ships are mostly sailboats, which bring you, as a bonus, a little poetic charm.

Port Grimaud I

Apartment with direct access to the beach

Contact our agency to rent this apartment with a breathtaking view of Port Grimaud I beach.


But let us return to the magic of the locations, designed in their time by François Spoerry. The historic heart of this lakeside city is mainly found in Port Grimaud I. Many shops are situated there, and you will fall under the spell of the Place des Artisans (where our agency is located) and that of the Traditional Market. For people who travel with children, rest reassured that the only access is by foot.

Port Grimaud II


In Port Grimaud II (also known as Port Grimaud Sud), the houses often open onto pleasant terraces with gardens, adjoined by numerous green spaces. Its proximity to the beach is a tremendous advantage, especially since the beach is private and thus offers you unmatched tranquility. No need to drag along beach towels or even buckets and sand shovels for miles since everything is only a few steps away, a significant asset since holidays often go hand in hand with lazing about.

A dream for families, but also for retirees who come to spend a peaceful holiday in tranquility.

Port Grimaud III

Finally, Port Grimaud III is situated a little on the outskirts. It is unique in that it unites all the peculiarities specific to the two other areas and so establishes a link between them. Each person can thus choose where to pose their luggage, according to their needs and in response to their expectations.

Wherever you wish to stay in Port Grimaud, please note that our reservation schedule is online on our website

If you would like to come during the high season (from June to September), do not delay in contacting us to book your rental, in order to ensure the availability of the property of your dreams.

Let Yourself Experience the Dolce Vita at Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is a charming lakeside town nestled away in the Gulf of St. Tropez and is ideal for leisure, offering many activities for those who decide to visit. Whether it is over the summer, or any time during the rest of the year, everyone finds happiness here, both in its location and in its offerings. It is a quasi-mythical place that will bring you relaxation in whichever form you desire, whether it be bucolic, artistic, historic, or sportive.

Port Grimaud is all about the Dolce Vita and outings, especially if you have the good sense to take off on the shuttle to St. Trop’ as soon as you feel the urge to escape. Its configuration is such that the rentals are immediately coupled with a mooring right in front of the door, a most desirable and practical proximity. If you want to go for a stroll, no problem: on board the local « coches d’eau » or on foot, the canals are bordered by walkways that you will find pleasant to walk along.

Port Grimaud canals

This Provencal Venice has more than one trick up its sleeve to seduce you, especially with a dinner by the water that nobody can refuse after returning from a getaway. What’s more is that every Thursday and Sunday morning, the Market and Craftsmen squares (Place du Marché and Place des Artisans) open their stalls, bringing together traditional and regional products. In the middle of a large colorful bath, you will find seafood and all the ingredients and vegetables to marry them with your sauce.

The Market Square in Port Grimaud. In the background, you can see the church where François Spoerry, the creator of Port Grimaud, is buried.

The Market Square in Port Grimaud. In the background, you can see the church where François Spoerry, the creator of Port Grimaud, is buried.

If Port Grimaud is compared to a sentinel, it is only to better preserve its little corner of paradise—in this case, a medieval village. It is impossible to ignore all the opportunities that are offered to you for penetrating this preserved nature with subtle accents suitable for strolling and engaging in activities in the fresh air. Its castle guards a story that will delight all, young and old, as much as it did during the 1930s, when the city won the hearts of the lovers of the south of France.


Its narrow streets with archways are designed for enthusiasts of old stones. Tourists have emphasized the beauty of its sun-bathed shores, as well as its resorts along the Riviera, between the azure blue of the ocean and the soothing green of neighboring countries. The charm of its vineyards is matched only by its single maquis. As for culture and art, every day during the summertime, an outing or an exhibition is improvised and designed for your entertainment.


Free guided tours of the Saint Roch chapel and mill are organized once a month.

If you are hesitating, simply let yourself be tempted by all the seduction that oscillates between Province and the Côte d’Azur. Whether or not you want to enjoy the proximity of St. Tropez to immerse yourself in its glamor universe is only a detail in itself. One of the shuttles will take you, in less time than it takes to speak the words, to place you in the wake of one of the marvels of this world.

The Great Nautical Events of the Gulf of Saint Tropez

Coming to Saint-Tropez without taking advantage of its great nautical events would be, in some way, to commit a capital offense. Everything is organized in magnificence, destined before anything else to distract locals as well as vacationers and tourists with an enjoyable time. Each year you are given the opportunity to attend real sailboat ballets, too, and to make your mouth water, let us introduce some of these to you.

The Armen Festival



For its 40th year, these celebrations will take place from March 3rd to the 12th, 2017. With no fewer than 70 sailboats expected at the start, we are already guaranteeing a successful show at this popular and highly-rated event in the Gulf. Created in 1978, the festival takes its name from the contraction of ARt-MEr-Neige (in reference to the famous Breton lighthouse which bears the same name). It was not long before this festival brought an enthusiasm defying any prognosis.

A ski-sailing challenge called “André Herman” was associated with the René Perrier Trophy (combining Art & Sailing). This is a competition that will gather both modern and traditional sailboats, whose prizes of excellence are very coveted by the rivaling competitors. It should be noted that at the same time an Art exhibition will take place, where there will be on display a handmade piece by one of the members of each participating crew.

Les Voiles Latines

Voiles Latines Saint-Tropez


Organized from the 25th of May to the 28th, 2017, together with the City of Saint-Tropez and its Port, and with the support of the Société Nautique (the Nautical Society), these festivals have been held since 2001. This year, we will attend the 17th edition of the Voiles Latines, an authentic installment where conviviality happily mixes with the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean. Exhibitions, craft stands, and historical conferences are all part of the event, which is sure to delight everyone’s tastes.

There will be a wide range of boats of all persuasions which are led, either by sea or by land, to the festival and whose owners disembark for the festivities. More than 80 boats are expected, and an unusual tent village is planned along the outskirts of the harbor master’s office to welcome and accommodate all of these beautiful people. A program once again of an incomparable richness, where musical performances, dancing, singing, and tastings can be found neck and neck.

The Giraglia Rolex Cup

Giraglia Rolex Cup 2016


This regatta will take place from June 10th to 14th on Saint-Tropez should expect to unite 200 boats, coming from 10 different horizons. The Giraglia was born in 1952 in a Parisian café where Beppe Croce, Franco Gavagnin, and René Levainville met, three companions with extraordinary ideas. Their intention was then to create a competition which would allow the Italian and the French to conquer the universe of high-sea sailing.

One thing leading to another, the Yacht Club and then the Société Nautique (Nautical Society) of Saint-Tropez took the torch and inaugurated new formulas. The competition progressed from the 22 original ships to an international fleet, so the configuration needed to be redesigned to three coastal regattas. Ultra-competitive boats and stunning sailboats are competing, as well as have duplicate crews since 2014.

Below are some beautiful images of the 2016 edition.

The Voiles of St. Tropez

30/09/2016, Saint-Tropez (FRA,83), Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2016, Day 5



This is, without a doubt, THE event to attend. It will take place from September 30th to October 8th, 2017. Its history has been reported countless times, but it is always with pleasure that the uninitiated hear the tale. In summary, two boats, “Pride” and “Ikra,” were pit against each other one day in September 1981 for the game. After many twists and turns, the “Club 55 Cup,” an improvised name for the occasion, was replaced by the title “Voiles of Saint-Tropez.” The memory was retained and the spirit of yesteryear preserved.

And thus, legends were born. From year to year, the coastal game has been emulated and the competitors have arrived to reinforce this good-natured atmosphere. Different classes of sailboats can be found there, ranging from traditional to modern, but also the Wally Class J boats. Their number can reach up to 300, a mass of racing enthusiasts and lovers of Saint Tropez. Every year, this event overflows with festivity and conviviality. Amateur photographers can feast their eyes on this panel of colors and unique characteristics of Saint-Tropez.

The 2016 was splendid. This video will give you a glimpse of it.

We selected 4 nautical races for this article. To view the full list, please visit the « Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez » website.

Buying or selling a house in Port Grimaud : expert advice

Boutemy Real Estate has been operating in Port Grimaud for 18 years. Although the real estate market and the city is not immune to French and international economic fluctuations, one thing is certain : the market has been very active since the beginning of 2016.

Mortgage rates are lower than ever : now is the time to buy your house

It’s a historical event : mortgage rates are at an all-time low. In October 2016, buyers with a very good profile have seen rates of 1.60% for 20 year mortgages. It is a great windfall that many owners have benefitted from.

It’s true that we have recorded a net transaction increase since the beginning of the year at the agency . An interesting thing to take into account is that lower mortgage rates haven’t resulted in higher property prices in Port Grimaud until now.

The deputy director general for trading in real estate taxes Cafpi, Philippe Taboret, said: « Investors are attracted by good financial conditions in brick and mortar and its performance and stability gives value when compared with other investments. »

This investment in fact presents 2 major advantages : the opportunity for young people to build wealth and and for the older counterparts to accumulate funds.

It is now, as the lakeside city just celebrated its 50 year anniversary, that one should invest in Port Grimaud.

A house with mooring ?

house with mooring

If Port Grimaud attracts many holiday makers who enjoy experiencing both the luxury of the French Riviera and the authentic charm of Provence, it was first and foremost built for the sailing enthusiasts.

Indeed, François Spoerry, it’s architect and founder (who we just mentioned) would have loved to become a sailor and he made his dream come true here: he enabled residents to have a mooring for their boat or yacht right in front of their house. This is not a privilege of the happy few as there are about 2000 moorings spaces for 2400 houses and apartments. Some are located at the “port” but most of them are right in front their owners’ homes.

So if you wish to buy a property in Port Grimaud, one of the first questions we’ll ask you is “Do you own a boat or do you rent one for your holidays?”. If yes “how large should the mooring space be?” Based on these criteria, you’ll then be able to narrow down your search for your home in Port Grimaud. This is the reason why you can search by the size of your desired mooring space on our website (<12 meters, between 12 and 14 meters and >14 meters).

Marion Boutemy, agency director

To organize a visit of a house advertised on our site or to meet with one of our agents in order to let them know your requirements and search criteria, we encourage you to make contact with Marion, the agency manager, or Yael.

We would love to hear from you and help you fulfill your real estate project.

To do so, you can call us on 04 94 56 56 58 or meet with us at the agency which is located at 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud.

Why not rent a marina in Port Grimaud?

Did you know that what we today call the Gulf of Saint Tropez was for a long while called the Gulf of Grimaud ?

Yes, this is our charming village which for a long time gave its name for what is today one of the most popular tourist regions in Europe, and we are proud of this !

We are also proud of the architecture in our little provencal Venice of which architect François Spoerry was the visionary for this architectural genius. While the Mediterranean coast has often been built without any real aesthetic appeal or heritage conservation in the years after the war, François Spoerry imagined a riparian city with numerous marinas enabling everyone to enjoy the sea while at the same time appreciating the tasteful and respectful surrounding architecture.

It is therefore today, in these surroundings that will take your breath away, that our village has earned the label “20th Century heritage” from UNESCO and offers a collection of real estate of 2,400 properties and more than 2,000 moorings for boats.

What a luxury ! In fact almost all the properties have their own mooring.

Port Grimaud : a collection of 2000 luxury marinas

Today, the possibility of enjoying your own mooring is without a doubt one of the major attractions in Port Grimaud.

Boutemy, our real estate agency, offers a wide range of rental properties with mooring in Port Grimaud, whether they are houses, villas or apartments.

To view them, you would need to have a look at the heading entitled properties with mooring on our website.

You can then refine your search criteria :

– holiday rentals / sales
– type of property : apartment or house
– length of the mooring

Some moorings are located right on the doorstep of the rental property while others are a little further.

In the second case, the rental prices of the house or apartment + mooring are slightly lower.

According to your criteria and requirements, we leave you free to choose how close to the mooring you want to be or whether or not the rate is more important.

The widths (from 2,5m) and lengths of the moorings (up to 18m) are indicated on each of our advertisements. Therefore take these criteria into account in relation to the size of your boat when you choose your location.

In fact, in every listing we display the availability of the marina. In green, contact us : you can stay in this property, in red, the dates are no longer available.

A selection of marinas to rent

You can view the marinas to rent for the holidays on our website and we encourage you also to subscribe to our Youtube channel to be the first to know when a new property is offered up for rental.

Below are a few marinas in in which you can stay from April to October.

A stunning 168m2 villa with a 13.5m x 5m mooring.

A lovely fisherman’s house with a 10m x 4m mooring.

or this breathtaking villa in Port Grimaud Sud with its 15m x 4.20m mooring

A day in Grimaud

We love advising you on what there is to do in Port Grimaud, whether it is for a day, a weekend or a week.

Today, we would simply like to present Grimaud our village to you : its history but also what you can discover if you spend a day here.


Grimaud is a high medieval village overlooking the clear blue bay of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, and is dominated by the remarkable ruins of the castle dating from the 11th century. The village is situated on the Mediterranean coast in the Maures Massif, the wooded hills which extend to the south west up to Pierrefeu-du-Var and Hyères, and to the north east in the direction of Fréjus. The sinuous D558 road which links the Gulf of St Tropez crosses the Maures after La Garde-Freinet, through oak, chestnut and pin forests. The winding D14 road,which is even narrower, runs towards the west of Grimaud through the hills up to Collobrières, passing close to Chartreuse de la Verne.

Grimaud through the centuries

The origin of the name Grimaud remains uncertain. Certain historians thought that it comes from Grimaldi, the family who reigned over Monaco, but this origin is debatable.

Pre-historic times

The vestiges of the pre-historic times are the hills of Grimaud which comprise of 2 menhirs; situated 3 km to the north west of the village, on the Couzes farm and on the Avelan side of the hill; one of two menhirs has an anthropomorphic side. At Our-Dame-de-la-Queste there are some basalt mills (black washed stone), and a sculpted Phoenician Carthaginian head can be seen in a cave situated in what we today call Port-Grimaud.

Gallo-Roman Times

In Ancient Times, Grimaud was the port of Sambracis, and several ancient gallo-roman objects were discovered in the area, notably large stone pots two meters high found buried underground for anchoring boats. A very large number of Roman ceramics were discovered here, notably amphora and slabs.

Medieval times

Grimaud was the Domaine of the Viscount of Marseille, then the Lords of Pontevès and Jean Cossa and, up until the 17th century, Lords of Castellane-St-Juers.

The high position of Grimaud offers a magnificent view over the surrounding hills and the Gulf of Saint Tropez, a bay which carried the name of Gulf of Grimaud until the 17th century. The overhanging passage which crosses the center of the Maures offered Grimaud a strategic position in the Middle Ages.

Discover Grimaud

A typical provencal village

The village has been carefully restored, but not excessively so and has successfully retained its authentic character.


Certain houses in the village date back from the 15th and 16th centuries. Many of them have been built with stone walls in the ancient style, and numerous others have been restored with luminous paste colors typical of Provence. In the rue des Arcades, you’ll see a house dating from the 15th century called the House of Templiers, whose façade and underground area are typical of the time.

The village is rather grand for a provencal village and you can easily spend half a day winding your way around the streets, exploring them, especially certain narrow medieval passages and a few passages with low vaults.

The Tourism Office offers visitors a free brochure which offers a walking tour of Grimaud, and you can view the corresponding signs on the buildings offering the visit itineraries. Several old village fountains are really interesting and, in particular, that of the Place Neuve dating from 1886.


A high-perched village which is easy to visit

The fishing villages and the villages on the other side, so typical of Provence and so picturesque, can be a problem for young children, people with reduced mobility and the elderly. Luckily, Grimaud has built a glass and iron lift (to transport people to the village or to the main part of the village, where the town hall certain main buildings and other shops are found).

The principal challenge for Grimaud throughout the centuries : the provision of water

All Grimaud’s water was supplied by three Middle Age wells up until the 16th century. Then, an aqueduct system was built to lead the water from the Pont des Fées (3 km to the north) towards the castle and the village. Some remains of the aqueduct are still there and le Pont des Fées dating from the 15th century which crosses the river Garde, is a magnificent ancient site.


The Pont des Fées : « The Fairy Bridge »

From the 19th century, the expanding population required more water and an air pump was built in 1886 to guide the water to the village from a low lying source.

The church 

The village church is Saint-Michel church. It dates from the 12th century and is a Roman parochial church with a square bell tower. There is also the lovely stone Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs in the village, which was built in 1482.

La Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs : "The Chapel of the White Penitents".

La Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs : « The Chapel of the White Penitents ».

Shops and local businesses

Grimaud has a vibrant commercial village life, but the shops are located in several locations throughout the village. There is a grocer, a butchery and three bakeries/confectioners. You can also find several real estate agencies and numerous art galleries.

Specialities and presents to bring back home

Grimaud is situated in the wine region of Provence, and the local vineyards offer the famous wines « Côtes de Provence AOC”. A wine cooperative is situated not far from the village. The other specialities produced here are honey, flowers, sweet chestnuts and cork.

Port Grimaud’s Internal Regulations

In this article, we would like to introduce you to Port Grimaud’s internal regulations.

As you may know, Port Grimaud is a collection of 3 « districts » belonging to the municipality of Grimaud but managed by Free Union Associations  (ASL : Association Syndicale Libre) like private co-ownerships.

The aim of these associations is « the management of common portions and the port, conservation, general surveillance of the Lacustre city as well as respect of specifications and special provisions. » (source)

The 3 districts are :

Port Grimaud I, the historic district with the Saint Francis of Assissi Church, the Market Place and the Place des Artisans where you can find us. This is the largest district and has 867 moorings.

Port Grimaud II is also called Port Grimaud South and was built between 1974 and  2002. The district has 679 moorings.

Port Grimaud III was built between 1978 and 1993 (492 moorings)

Each district has its own internal regulations and it is good to have these in mind to derive the most benefit out of your stay in our charming village.

In this article, we remind you of the regulations prescribed in Port Grimaud welcome pack.

– Proper dress code is required,
– Dogs must be on a leash and are forbidden on the beach,
– Vehicle access to boats is confined to loading and unloading and no vehicle may be parked for more than an hour throughout the year,
– Cleanliness of sites must be respected : throwing of objects of any nature into canals, streets or gardens is strictly forbidden,
– Picnics as well as barbecues are forbidden,
– Please respect the peace of the residents,
– For safety reasons, swimming and fishing are forbidden in the canals,
– Laundry may not be hung from windows or on boats,
– Speed is limited to 3 knots (5 km/h). Do not cause waves,
-Sailing in the port is forbidden,
– Bunkering of hydrocarbons par in they quays is strictly forbidden,
– Emptying of tanks in the port is not allowed,
– Do not waste water and and use a jet wash to wash your boat,
– Finally, respect the peace of your surroundings and your neighbors.

As you can see, these rules are stricter than other coastal towns in the Côte d’Azur but it is because of them that Port Grimaud today enjoys an unequalled reputation for safety and peace.

In fact, if you own a property in Port Grimaud and you want to carry out  some work or modifications (especially those that are likely to affect the outer appearance of your property), you must make the ASL in your district aware of your intention. In order to maintain the harmony and authenticity of the architecture around you, you must respect certain urban regulations, an overview of which you can view here.

We hope that this article has cleared up certain peculiarities around Port Grimaud. Our village welcomes many holiday makers each summer and the internal regulations are there to ensure that we all live together as harmonious as possible.

Buying a studio in Port Grimaud : an achievable dream

Often called la “Provencal Venice”, Port Grimaud is a small harmonious paradise between sky and sea, nestled in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Since 2002 it has been part of the XXth century heritage and this riparian city givers a unique architectural offering, with a mixture of studios, apartments and sumptuous fishing houses. Amongst the canals and islands, amid the sails and the masts, it is a gateway to the open seas and freedom. The sweetness of living here is like nothing else, all your senses are heightened under this mediterranean sun where colors, scents and sounds mingle in the air.

So when the dream becomes reality when you buy a property here, life suddenly seems to take on another sense, as this haven of peace is the ideal place to be.
Port Grimaud has the peculiarity of being organized into private co-properties, which ensure maintenance and preservation of the property. Without being closed off to visitors, despite its private atmosphere, the heart of the city can be visited on foot. Indeed, vehicles are requested to remains outside and the peace and respect of the inhabitants is one of its major attractions.

Who are the property owners in this lakeside city ?

A large number of owners in Port Grimaud are company directors, often on retirement. Although a portion may not be part of the Jet Set like most their Saint-Tropez counterparts, this is because they have chosen to live a peaceful life far away from the spotlight and the clicking of the camera.

So after having become acquainted with this unique and paradise-like place, let’s look further at the  sought-after opportunities on offer to capture that rare pearl. If a studio is your preferred option, don’t worry because the town consists of around 2% tenants for 98% of owners (the latter being 50% of them French and 50% foreigners, most of them from neighboring European countries).

Studio with a view on the canal

This combination of unique real estate, which extends over 75 hectares, has a total of 2,400 accommodation options. The evolution of building in Port Grimaud has, over time, distinguished three areas that are managed by separate and autonomous trade unions.

Boutemy Real estate specializes in Port Grimaud and is particularly well established in the market to assist you completely in this regard.

A selection of studios which deserve a visit

From around twenty properties, ranging from a studio to  2 rooms, here are two which could correspond to your search criteria and could give you an overview of the numerous possibilities offered by our real estate agency. Firstly a large studio of 30 square meter, with a large balcony, a parking space on the main parking and a view over Saint Tropez behind closed doors goes for €250,000.

Studio for sale in Port Grimaud

Studio for sale on our websites and

There is also a cabin studio available with a loggia measuring 26 m², for the sum of €165,000, with a breathtaking view over the canals. It has a main living area with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a bedroom as you come in. The cherry on top is that it has a loggia facing the South east side of the canal, climate control and a parking bay with possibility of underground garage. This is an opportunity to take, and you can view it on our site

In any event, when making contact with our agency you are in good hands, so without any further ado, come and pay our agency a visit or even send us an email to with your search criteria. We will do what it takes to find the studio which will brighten up your days and enchant your nights.

Port Grimaud on a budget

Whilst on holiday, accommodation is the main cost. This is even more so for prime destinations such as those on the Côte d’Azur.

But if you have a limited budget for your holidays in Port Grimaud, you need not worry because there are some handy tips you can make use of in order to enjoy a wonderful holiday at a great price.

1. Port Grimaud, a nature destination

Provence is very popular, mainly for its year round sunshine, its quality of life, but mostly due to its beautiful landscape consisting of sea and mountains.
In the very heart of Var, Port Grimaud enjoys an enviable position, between the Maures Massif and the scintillating Mediterranean sea.

You could go mountain biking or hiking in the trails within the Maures Massif. The Var hiking week takes place From 24 September to 2 October 2016 for example. Various circuits will be advertised so that hikers at any level can discover the scenery of our magnificent region.

Massif des Maures

The Massif des Maures, copyright David Michon

Holidays are made for relaxing, aren’t they ? So, what better way to do this than to kick back on the beaches of our coastline ?

2. Various free entertainment and cultural excursions

Throughout the year, our village’s Tourism Office is honored to offer various free entertainment and cultural activities which are accessible to everyone.

A. Discovering our heritage

Every month, the community arranges free and guided visits to the Saint-Roch mill and the Saint-Roche chapel, as well as to the Notre Dame de la Queste chapel.


The Notre Dame de la Queste chapel

To obtain the schedule of these visits, visit Grimaud’s Tourism Office website or consult our blog where we publish the monthly program (and often even the weekly one) for the entertainment that is organized in Grimaud.

Here is an example of the weekly program from 5 September 2016 to September 11 2016.

B. Concerts, theatre and shows

Provence has fascinated artists and, more specifically, painters for several centuries. To continue in this tradition, the village highlights their efforts throughout the year. You are invited to stroll through the village’s many art galleries.  Every Thursday from July to mid-September, art galleries are open until late in the evenings so that you can enjoy their art works with a drink in your hand.

In addition to this, an art exhibition is held in Grimaud twice a year (Spring session in April and autumn session in September). Here again, access is free for everyone where you can discover the region’s artists.


3. The Gulf of Saint-Tropez is home to several exceptional sporting events

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez has not lost its charisma and each year hosts several exceptional sporting events and rallies. The most iconic of all of these is certainly the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, a regatta bringing together traditional, centennial and cutting-edge modern yachts during September. Here, you are simply one of thousands each year admiring their fascinating ballet from the port of Saint-Tropez.


However, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez also welcomes Harley Davidson, Vespa and Porsche lovers during festive weekends. Large parades are organized in Grimaud and Saint-Tropez for everyone to admire.

As you can see, nature, sport and culture are honored in our village and the several exhibitions offered are completely free of charge. Take advantage of them!

The birth of Port Grimaud, 50 years ago

Exactly half a century ago, the State issued the building permit for the construction of the lakeside city.


On this aerial view of 1955, you can see the mouth of the Giscle and all of the marshland on which the future lakeside city will be built.

A crazy bet. These words quoted by Mayor Alain Benedetto on June 14 at the 50th anniversary of Port-Grimaud, symbolize the incredible saga of the birth of an outstanding project.

« In the end, it’s an exemplary success. » Grimaud is fortunate enough to have in its region a city whose global reputation reflects on us all », he continued.

Yves and Bernard, the two sons of François Spoerry, designer of the lakeside city were on hand to unveil the plaque commemorating this highly symbolic day of the issuance of the building permit, that of June 14, 1966.

‘’It is an important event for the whole family » stressed Yves. « Being here is very poignant, » said his brother Bernard. « This site was only a swamp but my father has succeeded in this unlikely undertaking. »

The series of speeches ended with a tasty anecdote told by Alain Benedetto: in fact, the building permit of Port-Grimaud was not issued on the 14th but on the 13th of June: ‘’The date was changed to please the senior official Paul Ploix (father-in-law of the elected representative Florence Ploix, Editor’s note), in charge of the urban planning initiatives. June the 14th is the date of birth of his son Christian! « 

Right after, a Spoerry’s exhibition was inaugurated at the Community Hall. A must-see available for one month (until July 14).


‘’Port-Grimaud is 50 years old’’ is the title of a nice book newly released for the occasion.
It’s author is Bernard Spoerry, son of the master and it reminisces in pictures and sketches the crazy and beautiful adventure of the lakeside city’s construction. Here are a few images. 3000 copies were made and 1000 numbered. You can get hold of a copy in the village.

François Spoerry on the marshland

1962: François Spoerry has just acquired 35 acres. He is at the eve of his crazy dream.


As incredible as it may seem, the Great bridge was built on… dry land, just a few hundred meters away from the nearest canal!


1967: the first 14 houses are completed. 125 000 francs for a « Fisherman’s house »

François Spoerry with Brigitte Bardot

François Spoerry with Brigitte Bardot at the very beginning of the construction

Bird's eye view of Port Grimaud

François Spoerry loved to repeat that his village was « like the nested fingers of two hands… One for the land, the other for the sea! »This article was first published in France on Var Matin, our local newspaper.

A day in Grimaud by Emilie who fell in love with our village

At Boutemy, we love to discuss with our clients what enchants them most about Port Grimaud. After having spent 20 years in the village, we are filled with wonder each day with these fantastic surroundings, but it is always nice to find out the little favorites of others.

That is why we wanted to let travelers do the talking on this blog. Today, we inaugurate this series of interviews with Emilie, mother and blogger who reminisces about her first visit to Grimaud:

 » We chose to visit Grimaud in the morning and Port Grimaud in the afternoon.
We went there by car because Grimaud is located only 12 kilometers from Sainte-Maxime where we were staying. To avoid the traffic along the sea, I would advise you to go by Plan-de-la-Tour. Once you arrive, you can park in the village for free which has many parking lots available, that Port Grimaud does not have.
We had taken a map including a touristic track in a store (downloadable here.)

The village is charming with its paved roads and typical Southern houses. Grimaud is home to a 15th century castle that offers a splendid view of the golf of Saint-Tropez, and an open air theater gives concerts during the summer.

15th century castle in Grimaud overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

After we had lunch in a brasserie, we jumped on the little train to Port Grimaud! This allows you to easily move along the coastline and as you can imagine, my daughter loved it.
Prices: One way: adults 5 euros – children 3 euros  or roundtrip: adults 7 euros – children 4 euros.

little train from Grimaud to Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud, called the Venice of Provence, is a maritime village. Cars are forbidden (except for residents) and you can visit the lakeside city in electric boat that is possible to drive without a license. It costs 25 euros for 30 minutes. Since we didn’t have enough time, we walked there, which was also very enjoyable. At the end of the afternoon, we took the little train back to the car and went back to our vacation rental.

We must do it again with a concert in the ramparts of the castle!

We would like to warmly thank Emilie for her help. Grimaud and Port Grimaud are ideal destinations for children who would be entertained by the different modes of transport available to travelers. We hope that she will have the chance to test the electric boats next time because little ones love to drive them (wearing their lifejackets, of course, and with the help of an adult :-).


The 900 Nautiques of Saint-Tropez, edition 2016

The 7th edition of the 900 Nautiques of Saint-Tropez will take place from March 10 to 20 with a beginning race on March 12, 2016. Organized by the Nautical Society of Saint-Tropez, this Mediterranean race usually reserved to groups will open up this year to individuals with an adequate route of 400 nautical miles.

Registrations – open in November 2015 – were met with a large success since initially only 30 spots were provided. With this new racing system, the direction of the race and the organizer had preferred to reduce the number of registrations to 30, but the enthusiasm of the participants obliged the SNST to increase the number of participants. So, 38 sailboats are already registered in the race – 21 individuals and 17 in groups.

 900 nautical mile race around Saint-Tropez

Which route ?

The sailboats in the “group” or “individual” category will each participate in a race of a different distance – 900 nautical miles for the first one and 400 for the second – leaving and arriving at Saint-Tropez. The boats will need to mark several points of obligatory passage. Two races are programmed (for each category) and it is the direction of the race and the organizer who will choose the one that will be held, depending on weather conditions.

Group Race

Race 1:

Southern Menorca (Balearic) / Southern Sardinia (Italy) / Northern Corsica

Race 2:

Southern Sardinia (Italy) / Eastern Ponza (Italy) / Northern Corsica

Individual Races

Race 1:

Southern Corsica / Northern Corsica

Race 2:

Northern Corsica / Elba / Southern Corsica

Who can participate?

The regatta is open to single-hulled boats measured IRC with a minimum TCC of 1,000 in “groupe” and minimum 0.980 in “individual” and for multi-hulled boats measuring Multi 2000 in “groupe.” French citizens also need to have a FFVoile license.

Sailing race in Saint-Tropez, March 2016

What are the stand-out features?

The 900 Nautiques of Saint-Tropez are registered on the UNCL calendar of proof of the Offshore Championship IRC 2016 Group and Individual. The three first winners of the race (the podium) will win a monetary prize.

For a group between 5 and 10 boats, the 1st will win 2,500 euros, the 2nd 1,500 euros and the 3rd 500 euros.

For a group of more than 10 boats, the 1st will win 5,000 euros, the 2nd 3,000 euros and the 3rd 1,000 euros.

For a group of more than 5 boats, the 1st boat in real time “individual” and “groupe” will win 1,000 euros.

Below is a video from the 2015 Edition. Enjoy!

A week in Port Grimaud

When you come for a visit to our lovely town, you will no doubt notice that there are many others in the neighboring area. Though we strongly recommend visiting Port Grimaud first, we must admit that some of them are quite nice and worth the visit. So if you plan on staying in the area for a week or more, here are some places you can visit once you have exhausted the charm of our seaside city.

1- Cavalaire


A half-hour drive away from Port Grimaud, Cavalaire-sur-Mer is an old Greek colony that used to be named Heraciea Caccabaria. It is now a city centered around tourism and its port, so you can be sure to be well welcomed. It is renowned for its Mediterranean landscape and beautiful hiking paths with incredible views. It is also a very popular diving spot, as there are a dozen shipwrecks to explore. Thanks to its 4 km of white sandy beaches, you are free to picnic, sunbathe, swim, and enjoy a large number of activities such as water-skiing, sailing and more. All the equipment is available for rent in the nautic base.

2- Rayol Canadel

Plage de Rayol Canadel

About a 35-minute drive away from Port Grimaud, Rayol Canadel is a botanist’s dream come to life. It is filled with over 400 species of plant imported from all around the world which cover 80 % of the area’s municipality. There are 5 beaches of fine white sand for you to delight in and explore. Everyone can find something to enjoy at the Domaine du Rayol, centrepiece of the town where people can discover a great variety of Mediterranean plants all year round.

3- Le Lavandou

Le Lavandou

A 45-minute car ride away from Port Grimaud, Le Lavandou is perhaps most famous for celebrating Christmas on July 31 with a wonderful parade. The local Thursday morning market is also very popular and fun to discover. There is also the Fountain Trail to discover, with 13 fountains to admire along with a tour guide’s explanations of their significance and history. The highlight of the town, however, is without a doubt its 12 beaches connected by the Beaches’ miniature train. Art lovers will delight in the Painters’ trail, where they can admire the views that inspired the most famous French neo-impressionists. Lavandou is a town where everyone will find something to inspire and delight them.

4- Sainte-Maxime


A 20 minute drive away from Port Grimaud, Sainte-Maxime is a town with a lot to offer. The Mediterranean side offers 6 km of fine sand beaches where you can relax and enjoy a wide array of aquatic activities, including boat tours. On the southern side, you can discover many hiking trails offering beautiful views of Saint-Tropez Bay. For art and architecture lovers, the village itself retains its Art Deco style of the 1920s. Guided tours are offered and will allow you to discover this lovely town from an insider’s perspective.

So there you have it, four lovely towns besides our own to visit when you come to our seaside region in the south of France. Happy travelling!


A day in Port Grimaud

Most people who hear “vacations in Port Grimaud” think a holiday lasting at least two weeks. However, our seaside town is perfect for even a day-trip. There are many things to discover, which makes for a fun-filled day. Here are some suggestions.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is the town’s beautiful beaches. One can easily spend the whole day discovering the beautiful white sand beaches lining the Gulf of St. Tropez. There is always room and the water is always warm. There are also boats for hire, which allow you to explore the coastline, find shady bays and inlets that will make you feel as though you are the first to see them. You can go swimming and snorkelling at your own pace, without having to worry about a schedule. To top it off, why not watch a beautiful sunset from your boat, or have a long romantic walk on the beach? Peaceful and relaxing, this is the perfect way to spend the day with a loved one in a pristine setting.

Salins beach in Saint-Tropez

If beaches aren’t your cup of tea, worry not! Port Grimaud has much more to offer. The area is quite famous for its wines, so why not go on a vineyard tour? The south of France, especially Port Grimaud, gets the most sunshine. This means that the grapes grown here are naturally sweet and have a high alcohol content. The wines made here are not aged, so they are made to be sold at the local market and enjoyed quickly. There are plenty of vineyards in the area offering tours and tastings, all you have to do is make your pick!

Vineyard in Cogolin

Visit the Domain de la Giscle in Cogolin, a village near Port Grimaud

You can also explore the town itself. It is a great way to spend time. Visit the lovely town square, shaded by big trees and framed by restaurants and bars. The market is held there every Thursday and Sunday, so plan your trip accordingly in order to experience its joys. There are many shops and art galleries to discover, as well as St. Francis Assisi church. You can also head for the hilltop to explore the old part of the village and see the stunning views of the area. Finish off the day with a nice meal in one Port Grimaud’s lovely restaurants to make a truly wonderful memory.

The castle of Grimaud on top of its hill

Of course, these activities may not take all day depending on how quickly you take it all in. However, you can mix and match them to better suit you. Go on a vineyard and wine tasting tour, then head over to the market to buy your favorites. Explore the old town and go to the beach when you get too hot. The possibilities are endless, and you will without a doubt find something you will enjoy and will remember fondly.