The mythical beaches of Saint-Tropez

This article is the second one of a series of articles about Saint-Tropez. You can also read about the magnificence of numerous religious monuments of Saint-Tropez on our blog.

The beach of Pampelonne welcomes 30,000 visitors each day in the summer, 500 registered movements of vessels during the afternoons of August … for a turnover of €40M , that is generated from 35 beach hotels around the seaside. And what a beach! With its 4.5 km of fine sand and its classification « Outstanding natural site », it is actually one of the famous myths so dear to the Tropezians. It is the ideal place for sunbathing, relaxing with dignity, swimming and dancing. It is undoubtedly the most recognized in the Var. However, it remains largely accessible to the public and has preserved its style without allowing their success change them or be embarrassed by urbanization.


Naturally sheltered from the mistral and in the absence of road facing the sea, canes and vines brighten up your leisure. For more than 60 years, numerous beach hotels have ensured they are renown and rewritten their  history: Club 55, Tahiti  Plage, Aqua club or even Moorea without forgetting the Nikki beach, a worthy successor to the Voile rouge. Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim, Gilbert Becaud, Michèle Morgan, Elton John, Claudia Schiffer and Johnny Hallyday or recently Tony Parker and Paris Hilton, have made visits to these clubs. Noting that, for lodging the crew of the film « And God created woman », from simple canteen Club 55 has transformed into a reputable restaurant.

The beach of La Ponche and the beach of Fontanette: These are two adjoined beaches, which are located near the oldest neighborhood of Saint-Tropez. It is renowned for welcoming youngsters on vacation in the summer thanks to popular and traditional festivals.


But you can also enjoy the pleasure of walking on the granular sand or to swim at the very feet of the fishermen’s houses.

In the shelter of its walls Saint-Tropez protects a legendary hotel, « La Ponche », just as charming as discreet. Many film scenes have been shot here, through which the actors were made immortal. The great Françoise Sagan said, « I got up from my bed, I opened the shutters and the sea and the sky threw in my face the same blue, the same pink and the same happiness ». It was like time remained still temporary suspended, flirting between the boisterous twist of a blessed  era and the delightful sweetness of his living paintings. It is not our national icon Brigitte who will disagree nor would Jacques Cordier, the painter whose heightened sensitivity has disappeared today.

The beach of L’Escalet is not the easiest to find on Ramatuelle (just beside Saint-Tropez) but it is nonetheless one of the most pleasant. Well located between Cap Taillat and Cap Camarat, following the avenue of Casabianca, then that of the Escudelier, leading you to the parking lot. It is interesting to know because from there it leads to alternating sand and coves. Wonderful beaches on the outskirts where having picnics is a sheer delight. Dogs kept on a leash are allowed and during the summer period the beach is under surveillance.

Plage de l'Escalet à Ramatuelle

Plage de l’Escalet à Ramatuelle

Do not forget to bring walking shoes as there are sites to explore, notably the stroll of the Good Bay (« La Baie de Bon »). The vegetation is very dense and lush, reasons why nudism has become common practice. A bewitching forest, where cactus grow up exquisitely in abundance and the cicadas enchant you. Te pines immerse themselves for their delight, while a few steps away you can swim in an ocean worthy of the Caribbean.