Discover the peninsula of Saint-Tropez

The Saint-Tropez Peninsula is a projection of the Massif des Maures in the Mediterranean Sea, which extends from Port Grimaud to La Croix-Valmer. It is a key destination in the Var, a particularly popular oasis on the French Riviera. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists from France and overseas, both for its fabulous landscapes and picturesque villages.

Saint-Tropez and the sea 


It is undoubtedly the most important city in the Gulf, highly prized for its atypical alleys and its popularity with the world’ s most prominent people. If it attracts especially in summer for its jet set and upscale side, it finds its full measure out of season. Then, we discover the charm of this small fishing village, where the famous market of the Place des Lices is held. But Saint-Tropez is also a host of cultural and sporting events, its artists inspired by the authentic charm of the Port, as well as its many beaches and coves.

Ramatuelle, the perched village

Ramatuelle scenic view

The village stands facing the beaches of Pampelonne, on which it offers a prestigious panorama and away from the seaside. This typically Provençal town is a delight for all those who come in search of festivities and activities. The clubs follow each other all along the coast where jet setters rush to immerse themselves in the mythical Tropezian dream. Cap Camarat adds touches of majestic colours, dominated by the white of its rocks, the green of its vegetation and the blue of the Mediterranean.

The village of Gassin

Gassin, copyright

Renowned as one of the most beautiful in France, the village of Gassin offers an exceptional view of the Var plain and the Mediterranean. Its position on the rocky promontory perches it at an altitude of 200 metres, from where it easily dominates the tortuous and flowery alleys of its village. Its location on the heights also offers an unparalleled view of wooded areas and a vineyard landscape, not to mention the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The best thing to do is to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a « Côte de Provence » as an accompaniment to local cuisine.

La Croix Valmer

A dream destination for a family day, very quiet and discreet, it is at an altitude of 369 metres that the village is perched. Its beaches are remarkable, whether they are located in Sylvabelle or Gigaro, each one leads to a heavenly cove as a gift. Taking a landscaped trail overlooking splendid panoramas is well worth the required 45 minutes walk. The most adventurous can reach the splendid beach of La Briande. The trick is to take the opportunity to fill up with PDO-stamped olive oil!

If you are staying for a while in Port Grimaud, we advise you to discover our charming neighbouring villages. The fauna and flora are at their peak and some places are steeped in history that is pleasant to discover through their heritage. As for the singing southern accent, its crickets, its sun and its gastronomy, how can we resist them?