What is the price of real estate in Port Grimaud?

With the covid-19 crisis, many experts expected a collapse in property prices.

However, while the volume of transactions certainly decreased in 2020, prices have maintained, or even continued their progression above 12,000€ / m2 on average in Port Grimaud.

Price of real estate in Port Grimaud
 Source: Les Clés du Midi

A slightly lower volume of transactions in 2020

2020 was marked by 2 major events: a sharp decrease in economic activity in France linked to the 2 lockdowns and the imminent entry into force of Brexit.

While a few people chose to leave the Paris region to spend confinement in more pleasant conditions in the South of France, we mostly noticed a certain wait-and-see attitude on the part of potential buyers who preferred to have more visibility before investing in a villa in Port Grimaud.

Between sometimes forbidden travel, sometimes limited travel to a perimeter of 100 kilometres, and the impossibility of showing properties for sale during the strictest period of confinement, the conditions were not met to sell serenely. Some owners who were still living in their homes also preferred not to be visited during the lockdown.

We, therefore, organised ourselves according to the regulatory constraints of the moment and the preferences of the owners and proposed video tours to those who wished to do so.

However, we note a stirring at the beginning of 2021. The prospect of owning a place to relax in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, far from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolises seems to be attracting more and more people.

Historically, the British constitute a significant part of our foreign clientele. We are waiting to see if Brexit will affect their willingness to invest in the area.

Prices of houses and flats in Port Grimaud

As you can see from the graph below, the average price of an apartment is 10,446€/m2 in Port Grimaud and 14,498€ for a house.

Source: les Clés du Midi

 The average price is a figure to be considered with caution because many factors determine the price of a property, which can vary greatly depending on:

– the presence or absence and the size of a mooring. As a general rule, all our houses for sale have their own mooring whereas the majority of apartments do not.

– the presence of a garden

– the orientation of the property.

On the other hand, the choice of neighbourhood in Port Grimaud does not have a clear impact on the price of the property as each of them has its own advantages.

Price per square metre of houses in Port Grimaud


Price of villas and houses in Port Grimaud
Source: Les Clés du Midi

As you can see from this graph, the average price of houses in Port Grimaud has fallen by around €1,500 per m2 over the past year.

In general, to acquire a property of €1 million in the region requires at least one visit and we have often been unable to arrange these due to travel restrictions and confinements in our European neighbours.

We, therefore, believe that this drop is only temporary and that house prices will rise slightly from 2021. So this year is a good time to invest.

We currently have for sale a superb balandrine at 11,538€ / m2 near the centre of Port Grimaud 1. This is a very nice product that deserves a visit.

Villa with 2 outdoor patios

Price per square metre of flats in Port Grimaud

Although the average price of houses is falling, the price of apartments continues to rise, reaching almost €10,000 per square metre, the highest price ever achieved in the lakeside city.

Price of flats in Port Grimaud

 Source: les Clés du Midi

Prices start at 230,000€ and they present a very good return on investment as we can rent them out for you during a good part of the year. We have a high demand from the Easter holidays until the end of October.

You can then simply book the weekends and holidays at your convenience and rent it out the rest of the time.

flat with air conditioning in Port Grimaud
3 room flat with large balcony and view of the canal

The investment is all the more profitable as one week’s rent collected in high season is often enough to cover a monthly payment on the loan taken out to acquire the apartment.