5 stunning beachside restaurants on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Let’s say it on this blog: if the vacationers in Port Grimaud are looking for the natural and authentic side of our village, many of them also enjoy being tempted by the glitz and glamour of the neighboring villages in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for a day trip. So, here are 5 beach restaurant recommendations that you’ll love.

1. Lily of the Valley

The beach club. Copyright Lily of the Valley

Below the Lily of the Valley hotel, Gigaro Beach gracefully stretches over 6 kilometers of fine sand. At the end of this stretch of sand, where the pine forest takes over, the Lily of the Valley Beach Club has found its haven. It proudly houses two restaurants: Brigantine and Pépé.

Overlooking the waves, the terrace of Brigantine offers an escape, transporting guests to an exotic location.

However, it’s on the golden sands of Gigaro that you can savor a delicious culinary journey through the authentic flavors of Italy, from the mountainous regions of the north to the Mediterranean delights of Sicily.

With their feet in the sand, Pépé’s guests are invited to the heart of a lively Italian village square, where the market hums. Laughter mingles with clinking glasses, while taste buds are charmed by fresh and joyful dishes, as if they were just plucked from the market stalls. Reservations can be made here.

2. Cabane Bambou

Copyright Cabane Bambou

Nestled along a tranquil sandy path by the beach, the Cabane Bambou is a hidden gem of Saint-Tropez. This charming beach hut has transformed into an ecological haven, prioritizing natural materials and solar energy.

Sho Miyashita adds an Asian touch to the menu, featuring dishes like the Karaage fried chicken and a deliciously spicy grilled fish. The atmosphere invites relaxation, with detox juices and various services offered, including sunrise yoga sessions.

The beach offers daily rentals of comfortable relaxation spots, complete with a secret shower behind a wooden screen. A shaded ethnic lounge and a snack bar provide space to dine and unwind. This sustainable paradise, open from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, heralds a new era of environmentally-friendly beaches in Saint-Tropez.

3. Club 55

Copyright Bu Sehail

Founded in 1955 by Geneviève and Bernard de Colmont, Club 55 is a must-visit in Saint-Tropez, with the couple’s children, Véronique and Patrice, ensuring the preservation of its history.

It draws a diverse crowd daily, embodying the spirit of the village. From Hollywood celebrities arriving by boat to art collectors and boho regulars, everyone gathers under the pergolas at tables adorned with Provençal tablecloths to savor the classics of the establishment: Niçoise salad, fresh vegetables, catch of the day, and chilled rosé. The lunch menu offers a variety of à la carte options and a dish of the day, featuring wild-caught fish specialties.

Since its inception, Club 55 has always honored the location and its residents, prioritizing an environmentally respectful ethos. This way of life is reflected in a preference for local suppliers and products. The Domaine des Bouis in Ramatuelle has been producing organic wine, olive oil, vegetables, and fruits for the restaurant for over fifteen years. Furthering this approach, the Château de la Mole farm also supplies produce. A significant portion of the ingredients used are certified organic, and many dishes at Club 55 are plant-based.

4. Playamigos

Copyright Playamigos

Bathed in a sunny ambiance, this place blends natural wood, cacti, straw hats, and ceramics to offer a lunch experience with your feet in the sand.

Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts will be delighted at Playamigos, where striped benches and delicate ceramics create a unique atmosphere, traversing flavors from Greece to Lebanon. On the menu, options include matbucha or royal sea bream tartare for starters, slow-cooked lamb or catch of the day for the main course, and a delicious orange blossom cheesecake to conclude on a sweet note.

5. La Réserve à la Plage

Copyright La Réserve à la Plage

Last summer, La Réserve unveiled a unique culinary experience right by the water’s edge on the famous Presqu’île Beach. Philippe Starck designed a decor enveloped in wicker suspensions, striped ochre and white benches, and Greek ceramics. Visitors can choose to relax in the shade of the canes, dive into the waves, or dine at the restaurant led by Nicolas Cantrel. The Southern cuisine highlights grilled wood-fired fish and seasonally flavored vegetables with Provençal herbs. As the day winds down, the atmosphere becomes more relaxed with shared tapas and delicious cocktails.

Before plunging into the nightlife of Saint-Tropez, this stop is the perfect spot. The atmosphere comes alive in the evening with music and champagne to savor the sweetness of the moment. The stars twinkle in the sky, feet in the sand, in an ambiance like no other.

Embrace the allure of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez through these beachside restaurants. With sun-soaked sands and captivating flavors, each venue offers an unforgettable experience – from tranquil moments to vibrant soirées. Let these culinary havens guide you to an immersive coastal adventure where nature, cuisine, and culture unite under the Saint-Tropez sun.