4 wonderful gardens to discover near Grimaud

Some of my friends love exploring gourmet restaurants while traveling. Others hop around trendy bars, and then there are those who wouldn’t miss the chance to discover a new museum for anything in the world. As for me, I’ve embarked on a journey across France’s most exquisite gardens because they offer moments of delightful wonder and serene tranquility.

So, I’m thrilled to share with you these four gardens located near Grimaud.

1. The Jardin du Rayol at Rayon-Canadel-sur-Mer


The Jardin du Rayol, also known as the Mediterranean Garden, is a true botanical gem nestled along the coastline of Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer. Designed in harmony with the surrounding nature, this landscaped garden takes you on a journey through Mediterranean landscapes from around the world. Exotic and native plants, majestic palm trees, and vibrant flowers blend seamlessly to create a visually and aromatically unique experience.

The garden also offers breathtaking views of the sea, making it an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts.

2. The Botanical Garden of Myrtles in Sainte-Maxime

Located in Sainte-Maxime, the Botanical Garden of Myrtles is a little corner of paradise for plant enthusiasts. This private garden is a true green oasis, home to over 250 species of Mediterranean plants, including numerous myrtles (which produce small edible black berries), of course. You’ll also discover olive trees, oleanders, bougainvilleas, and many other species that will enchant your senses. Take advantage of the tranquility of the place to stroll along its shaded paths and breathe in the delightful fragrances of the flowers.

3. The Gassin garden

Copyright Ville de Gassin

Two sisters, Julia and Anne
, have transformed a private space of one and a half hectares on the Saint-Tropez peninsula into a natural garden that preserves biodiversity. Their rose garden is open to the public and houses more than 300 varieties of roses, including 500 old, botanical, and modern rose bushes cultivated without pesticides or chemical products. Visitors can purchase quality plants available at the nursery, thus supporting the garden’s existence. Their approach is environmentally responsible, with natural and waste-free agriculture. The two sisters welcome visitors with educational awareness of their farming methods.

The garden offers an eco-responsible experience of the Saint-Tropez peninsula, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. Personalized events, workshops, and seminars are also organized for gardening enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Together, they encourage a sustainable culture based on knowledge sharing and hospitality.

4. The Hardy-Denonain remarkable botanical garden

Entrance to the L’Hardy Denonain Botanical Garden https://gassin.eu/fr/

The Germaine L’Hardy Denonain Botanical Garden
, acquired in 1973 by Germaine L’Hardy-Denonain, is a unique place transformed into a magnificent garden classified as remarkable since 2009. Situated on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, it harbors hundreds of Provencal and Mediterranean plant species. Accessible from the Place deï Barri, across from the restaurant Le Micocoulier, the garden sprawls across 2500 m² with its romantic pathways and staircases amidst the lush terraces. The garden’s model is virtuous, where the sale of rose bushes helps maintain its beauty. Visitors can enjoy a free tour and the warm welcome of Mrs. L’Hardy-Halos, who will passionately share the hidden wonders of the garden.

It is an essential destination for garden enthusiasts, offering an immersion in Mediterranean biodiversity, featuring diverse species such as irises, wild orchids, and cork oaks. Horticultural species like roses add an elegant touch to this botanical paradise. The garden is also a testament to the region’s rich agricultural past, now preserved in a rural environment in harmony with the surrounding old village and nature.

Enjoy your visits and let us know which one you’ve preferred 🙂