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The wine estates of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

If Saint-Tropez gets its nobility titles from the stars and prominent people who stay in this atypical village for its enchanting landscapes and the extent of its beach in Pampelonne, its wine-growing estate has nothing to envy them, however. The whole world has its eyes fixed on the azure blue of the Mediterranean, but still doesn’t ignore all the features that make it famous. Its on-site estates are very numerous, so we’ll try to draw up a list that cannot be exhaustive.

Cap Saint-Pierre Estate

This wine estate is established in Gassin, Var. Located on 12.50 hectares in a seafront property, original and gourmet wines (red, white and rosé wines) suitable for all occasions are produced and harvested.

Among these you will discover, on plots flooded with light, different grape varieties invigorated by the Mediterranean: Mer-lot, Sémillon, Tibouren, Syrah and Rolle. As the wine is made in stainless steel vats, it is thanks to the latest technologies that some of the best classified growths mature. You can discover, among others, the Star vintage or the légende vintage.

Whether you are an oenologist, a wine merchant or a seller of local products, the wines are offered in bottles or even in boxes.

Ferme des Lices 

This is a particular estate which, thanks to the tenacity and combined efforts of a handful of wine enthusiasts, has been spared from urbanization. Nature has won by offering the town of Saint-Tropez a tasty blend of traditional wines. It is on an area of 8 hectares that the vines flourish, in the plains of the Salins, as well as 3 hectares of olive groves. 

As the only private cellar in the commune, Ferme des Lices estate aims to the summits. By offering top-of-the-range wines, reserved primarily for renowned oenologists, it can be found on the list of upscale restaurants in the Gulf.

Every Thursday in July and August, Ferme des Lices organizes an after beach.

Bertaud Belieu Estate

This 65 hectare estate is established in the heart of the Saint-Tropez peninsula, and more precisely in Gassin. It is renowned for the exceptional quality of its red and white wines, but also for its production of Côtes de Provence PDO rosé wines. This Protected Designation of Origin gives it an 80% presence on the local market.

Its sandy-limestone condition is due to its position between the Massif des Maures and the Raphael coast for its sandy-clay soil. From this exceptional luminous and clayey situation were born a dozen grape varieties, the most famous of which are Cinsaults, Grenaches, Mourvèdres, Tibourens and Grenaches. The red wines are thus reserved for the parcels exposed to full sunlight, while the white wines are reserved for those with omnipresent limestone.

The following vineyards will please excuse us for simply listing them in alphabetical order:

Château Barbeyrolles offers a wine with the scents of Provence, a delicate rosé known as Pétale de Rose.

Château des Garcinières offers a variety of Côtes de Provence and PDO wines (red, white and rosé) in Cogolin.

Château des Marres on Ramatuelle offers Côtes de Provence, made from its 27 hectares of vines planted at the estate.

Chevalier Torpez is an association of St-Tropez vineyards that cultivates Côtes de Provence for the whole of the coast of Saint-Tropez.

Domaine du Bourrian produces its wines, mainly whites and rosés, under the label Organic Agriculture on Gassin.

Domaine de La Croix, classified growths covering 100 hectares of vineyards in La Croix Valmer that flourish by the sea.

Domaine Sainte Marie offers a short direct sales channel from the winegrower to the producer in Bornes-les-Mimosas

Domaine des Tournels cultivates the vine on Ramatuelle, a completely trellised site overlooking Pampelonne bay.

Domaine La Tourraque invites you to discover, in the form of wine tourism, their organic vineyards located in Ramatuelle.

Domaine Val d’Astier is managed by Artisans Vignerons, who offer tasting and sale at the estate in Cogolin.

The Maîtres Vignerons offer their 400 m² shop in Gassin, to present wines and local products for sale. A contemporary stylish and tasteful décor, to immerse yourself in the iodine flavours of the Gulf.

But we couldn’t close this chapter without telling you about the Saint-Tropez Wine Tour, which offers you a day of discovery in three of the peninsula’s prestigious vineyards. A guided tour wisely combining cellars and vineyards, a protected natural site and a unique lunch under the pines… which obviously cannot go by without taking a dip in the ocean.

Daily price fixed at €110, for a duration of 8 hours. Departure and return to Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.