A weekend in Port Grimaud

Sometimes all it takes to recharge your batteries and feel good as new is a nice weekend getaway. For this purpose, Port Grimaud is the perfect destination. Numerous activities await you, all in a beautiful setting and a relaxing atmosphere. Here are some ideas of things to do in Port Grimaud for a weekend.

Port Grimaud canals

Though this time of year is not what one would consider “beach weather”, there are still plenty of things to do and discover. For example, the Grimaud se met en scène theatre festival happens every month throughout the fall and winter. There are also blues nights where various local blues bands play, fairy tale readings, music nights where local musicians display their talent, etc. There are obviously holiday celebrations, such as Halloween, Advent evening, and New Year’s Eve. Perhaps the most beautiful however, is the Celebration of Light, held on December 4. On this night, the whole village appears to glow as everyone lights candles and places them on their window sills. It is a truly beautiful sight. There are events of this kind throughout the fall and winter, despite the chillier weather.

Fête de la Lumière in Grimaud

The Celebration of Light will be held on Dec 4, 2015

As for any seaside town, things really pick up in the spring and summer. Spring evenings are full of literary, musical, and artistic discoveries, as well as more unique events. For example, in May is held the Harley-Davidson festival, lasting three days. There is a book fair lasting three days in June, and of course the awesome Midsummer fireworks display on June 23. The summer is also full of fun cultural events. For example, the Grand Bal on Bastille day (July 14) is extremely popular, as are Les Grimaldines, a world’s music festival with shows happening every week in July and August. The musical evenings of the fall and winter continue without interruption, and the theatre festival is replaced by productions that use the castle overlooking the town as a theatre. Throughout September happens the widely popular Salon des Peintres which showcases the talent of local artists. Finally, we say goodbye to the summer with the traditional Feast of the Archangel Michael.

Salon des Peintres - fall 2015

As you can see, there are many things happening all year round. All you have to do is consult the calendar of local events and see what interests you. No matter the time of year, we will have something to entertain and delight you. It may not always be beach weather, but there is always something fun happening in Port Grimaud. Come discover the joys of our seaside town, stay and enjoy a lovely evening with people you love, and go back home feeling happy and refreshed. All it takes is a weekend with us. Whenever you chose to come visit, we will be here to welcome you and show you a good time.