Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez regatta: 2015 edition

Sail in Saint Tropez

At the end of the month will be held an event that we are especially fond of : Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, a competition between the most modern and traditional yachts in the world.

While the summer season is coming to an end, the 17th edition of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez will allow some of the best navigators in the world (Marc Pajot, Sébastien Josse, Philippe Monnet, Marie Tabarly, Bruno Peyron, and Lionel Péan to name a few) to come together with sailing enthusiasts and families come to see this surprising aquatic ballet.

From Saturday, September 26 to Sunday, October 4, everyone is invited to enjoy this fabulous show.
The races will take place from September 28 to October 3 for modern sailboats, the Wally Class, and the “J Class” (starting at 11 am), and from September 29 to October 3 for traditional sailboats (starting at noon).
Thursday, October 1 will be the challenge day, including the Club 55 Cup. The competitors can compete against whoever they like as long as they inform their opponents.

You can enjoy the show from the shore or in the water. Private companies offer to take you on one of the regattas participating in the modern sailboats’ race.

The Bateaux Verts who usually do the liner route between Port Grimaud and Saint-Tropez will also allow you to follow the regattas (by 2 hour, half-day, or full day time slots). For this, you can book your tickets online.

If you prefer staying on the mainland,  the organizers of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez  offer to watch the show
“* in the Voiles’ village, next to the harbor master’s office, open to participants and the public every day from 9 am to 9 pm,
* in Saint-Tropez’ port in the morning and the evening, with some of the competitors docking in the old and new ports, or along the Jean Réveille dock.

Of course, if you own a boat, you will be able to enjoy the event from the different shores of the Saint-Tropez gulf.

During the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, you will be able to stay and dock your boat in Port Grimaud. We will help you find the rental that will perfectly suit your wants and needs.