The main tourist sites in Grimaud

What is there to do in Grimaud for a day or several weeks of holiday? Here are the must-see sites that we suggest you visit.

The Grimaud Castle

The castle ruins at the top are Grimaud’s main attractions. The summit is steep to reach but is really worth the effort. The castle was built at the beginning of the 11th century, reconstructed in the 15th century, and originally consisted of a round tower at each of the four corners. The castle was demolished by Richelieu during the 17th century (it was mainly active between 1624 and 1641).


Jean de Cossa reconstructed part of the castle, namely the towers built with arrow slits, the high walls, the underground passages, the windows and the entrances with curved doors, and two large tanks, which are still intact.

The main part of the ruins, that which is particularly visible from outside of the village, is surrounded by a long stretch of pointed ramparts reaching up to 7 meters in height. These were part of a triple wall enclosure, and are some of the most beautiful ones we have seen in the Provencal villages.

The ramparts are used during the summer as decor in an open air theatre, with the terrasses high up turned towards the castle ruins serving as theatre seats.

The Saint Roch Windmill


The Saint Roch windmill dates back to the 17th century and is situated on a small hill, just to the north of the village’s main hill (a few steps to the centre, just after the cemetery). Named the Gardiolle Mill in the 17th century, this wheat mill was one of the many mills in the region during the Middle Ages, consisting of 4 or 5 water mills along the the river Garde. The old, stone tower and the wooden blades were renovated in 1990 by the “Compagnons du Tour de France”, and seem perfectly finished and authentic. Visible from the castle ruins nearby, the windmill gives the impression that it could still function today.

The La Roque Troucade Mill, on the right bank of La Garde, uses a canal of running water in the rock.

Port Grimaud

This part of the village is situated on the coastline, 5 km from the hilltop village, to the extreme west of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Each house was designed to strongly resemble an authentic Provencal style and the modern result is harmonious and has weathered well with time.

It is a leisure port harbor where you can moor your boat directly in front of your house, a luxury that is difficult to find, even in the most popular seaside jet-set locations.

For more information on the routes you can take and the various places to visit according to your requirements (with children, the elderly or, alternatively, sporty types), we suggest you contact the Tourism Office. They can give you some brochures but also on site advice.

The Grimaud Tourism Office

The Tourism Office is situated on the main road at the lower part of the village, and can offer you a lot of useful information. There is a billboard on the outside under a covered awning which has times, maps and other information available that you can consult even when the office is closed (which seems to happen to us all the time).

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Markets and flee markets

An open air market is held every Thursday in the village in Place Neuve.
On Thursdays and Sundays in Port Grimaud in the market place.
On Mondays and Fridays in the place François Spoerry in Port Grimaud South.

Flee markets – Flee markets : the first Sunday of the month. Get up early because they are very popular !

The community organises numerous cultural excursions and sporting activities. Boutemy Agency advertises them every month on their blog. Here is an example the latest programme that was published in July 2016.

The Folk Museum (Musée des arts et traditions populaires)

This lovely little trade and ancient traditions museum offers exhibits on local rural industry, as well as an olive oil mill, a cork manufacturer, and a village apartment from the 19th century.
It is situated on the D558 main road along the lower part of the village (the same road as the Tourism Office).
Entrance is free. You can visit every day, 7 days a week : 02:00pm – 05:30pm from Monday to Saturday, and 02:00pm – 05:00pm Sundays and public holidays.
Tel : 04 94 94 49 29