Buying or selling a house in Port Grimaud : expert advice

Boutemy Real Estate has been operating in Port Grimaud for 18 years. Although the real estate market and the city is not immune to French and international economic fluctuations, one thing is certain : the market has been very active since the beginning of 2016.

Mortgage rates are lower than ever : now is the time to buy your house

It’s a historical event : mortgage rates are at an all-time low. In October 2016, buyers with a very good profile have seen rates of 1.60% for 20 year mortgages. It is a great windfall that many owners have benefitted from.

It’s true that we have recorded a net transaction increase since the beginning of the year at the agency . An interesting thing to take into account is that lower mortgage rates haven’t resulted in higher property prices in Port Grimaud until now.

The deputy director general for trading in real estate taxes Cafpi, Philippe Taboret, said: « Investors are attracted by good financial conditions in brick and mortar and its performance and stability gives value when compared with other investments. »

This investment in fact presents 2 major advantages : the opportunity for young people to build wealth and and for the older counterparts to accumulate funds.

It is now, as the lakeside city just celebrated its 50 year anniversary, that one should invest in Port Grimaud.

A house with mooring ?

house with mooring

If Port Grimaud attracts many holiday makers who enjoy experiencing both the luxury of the French Riviera and the authentic charm of Provence, it was first and foremost built for the sailing enthusiasts.

Indeed, François Spoerry, it’s architect and founder (who we just mentioned) would have loved to become a sailor and he made his dream come true here: he enabled residents to have a mooring for their boat or yacht right in front of their house. This is not a privilege of the happy few as there are about 2000 moorings spaces for 2400 houses and apartments. Some are located at the “port” but most of them are right in front their owners’ homes.

So if you wish to buy a property in Port Grimaud, one of the first questions we’ll ask you is “Do you own a boat or do you rent one for your holidays?”. If yes “how large should the mooring space be?” Based on these criteria, you’ll then be able to narrow down your search for your home in Port Grimaud. This is the reason why you can search by the size of your desired mooring space on our website (<12 meters, between 12 and 14 meters and >14 meters).

Marion Boutemy, agency director

To organize a visit of a house advertised on our site or to meet with one of our agents in order to let them know your requirements and search criteria, we encourage you to make contact with Marion, the agency manager.

We would love to hear from you and help you fulfill your real estate project.

To do so, you can call us on 04 94 56 56 58 or meet with us at the agency which is located at 32 place des Artisans in Port Grimaud.