12 Tricks to Decorate Small Spaces

Most residences in Port Grimaud are not very big. As we have previously mentioned on the blog, the average surface of the properties sold last year is less than 50 square meters.

That is sufficient for a secondary residence I hear you say, and I would agree, but if you want to invite people, you may as well optimise every square centimeter to fully enjoy your idyllic vacation.

So here are our 10 tips to optimise your studio or apartment’s space in the lakeside city.

1. Favor light colours

Light colours have the virtue of expanding the space and making the walls almost disappear.

White pieces of furniture make the space come alive without crowding it, and light fabrics allow more light to come in and insure that there is a continuity with the white walls, which makes the room appear larger than it actually is.

2. Define the space’s limits with carpets

rugs small places

You have a studio? We suggest you decorate the different living spaces (bedroom side and living room side) with different coloured carpets to define them clearly, and thus give an illusion of size.

3. Choose a “strong” decorative element

Tiles studio decoration

Beautiful tiles. Found on marianneevenou.blogspot.fr

To avoid crowding a small apartment, one must avoid encumbered decoration and focus on one “strong” element that will attract all eyes.

This can be as simple as brightly coloured bed linen if you live in a studio for example, an original light fixture, or even a piece of art.


4. Use and abuse mirrors


Found on theberry.com

Mirrors are a small space’s best friend! Disperse them throughout the space (in the bedroom, the living room…) and even go for an XXL model to enlarge the room and give it an original touch. Just because the apartment is small does not mean one should settle for small pieces of furniture, quite the contrary!

5. Avoid the abundance of colours

studio: 2 colors and wood

Found on blog.westelm.com

If you cannot imagine your small spaces without strong colours, keep this principle in mind: do not mix too many colours so as to avoid giving your apartment an unfinished and crowded look. Focus on two colours, one ideally being white as we see here, to give the room a lightness, and the other colour that inspires you.

6. Remove partitions

stained-glass partition

Found on bloglovin.com

One must open the space as much as possible by avoiding obstacles and separations in small apartments, and by replacing a solid door by a French door or a stained-glass partition.

7. Dare to be transparent

transparent furniture

Found on tecnisa.com.br

Nothing is lighter than transparent furniture! Chairs, coffee table, or dinner table, completely transparent furniture or associated to metal: thanks to transparency, your decor will be as light as a feather!

8. Go for clever furniture

staircase shelf desk

Found on cdn.stylisheve.com

No space, no problem thanks to clever furniture! Liftable coffee table, sofa bed, nesting tables, office shelving, extension table… Your furniture must have many functions so it doesn’t clutter your small apartment for nothing.

9. Free the space

free space

Found on avenuelifestyle.com

We know, every single cm² has its importance in a small room, thus, ensure to free the space as much as possible by hanging shelves and by placing your furniture close to the wall: you will have more space in the centre of the room and will obtain a more fluid circulation.

10. Focus on mixed storage

Studio Port Grimaud

To open your space and avoid a suffocating aspect, alternate between open and closed storage. And if it can be white, that is even better!