7 Tricks to Decorate Your Patio in Port Grimaud

If you are one of the lucky people whose apartment or house has a patio, you most likely enjoy spending hours on it lounging in the sun and finding the solutions to life’s problems with your friends and family.

It is therefore important to take your patio’s decoration as seriously as you do your home’s.

Here are our 7 tricks to decorate your patio in Port Grimaud without breaking the bank.sh

1. Instal a parasol or a sunshield

Sunshield Patio Port Grimaud

Found on langiusdesign.nl

These two items are essential to provide some shade to your sunny patio. Furthermore, they usually offer beautiful lively colours which will brighten up the atmosphere.

This picture demonstrates 2 affordable decoration tricks:

2. Use a sheet in lieu of a sunshield

You can also use a sheet to protect yourself from the sun and give your patio a bohemian look. The best idea is to use a sheet that has already been used or dye it… Depending on the style you want to create, you may also buy a new sheet, or an old one in a garage sale.


3. Position old oriental carpets to create a gypsy patchwork on the ground

If your patio is well protected, recycle your used carpets in order to create an inviting patchwork which will bring a touch of sophistication to your patio without spending anything!

In France, we have a website called leboncoin.fr (the equivalent of Craiglist in the US) which will allow you to buy these carpets for close to nothing in an around Port Grimaud.

4. Hang decorative garlands, bunting, pompoms and Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns

Found on www.souslelampionblog.com/fr. Photography by Julie Abreu

These affordable decorative accessories, often made of paper, are little charming elements which will bring a festive note to your patio. Do not hesitate to install light strings which will create a calm environment once the sun goes down. To do this, you can use the lights you put on your Christmas tree! Even better, if you do not want to or cannot plug in the light strings, find some powered by solar energy.

5. Collect sand, stones, and seashells at the beach

Seashells in decoration

No matter which neighbourhood of Port Grimaud you live in, the beach is never far. To give your patio a beach atmosphere or a zen garden look, do not come back from your trip to the beach empty-handed: white sand, stones, and seashells work just fine!

6. Arrange flower pots, boxes, and vases

bright flower potsDecorate your patio thanks to plants and flowers, and draw attention to their containers. Whether it be a flower box, pot, or vase, choose them coloured, glossy, matte, made of zinc, etc. Your patio’s style is up to you!

You will certainly find what you are looking for at Rocchietta de Grimaud garden centre.

7. Instal beach chairs, tanning chairs, lounging chairs, or hammocks

hammock on patio in Port Grimaud

Found on abeautifulmess.com

Decoration stores specialized in outdoor furniture now stock very comfortable yet affordable seating. As for hammocks, you can find some for all tastes and adaptable to all patios: suspended, on a support, or to hang between 2 trees.

For custom-made patios with the best material, we suggest you contact the Rafflin carpentry store in the neighbouring village of Cogolin.