Port Grimaud, the gem of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Conceived by the visionary architect François Spoerry in the 1960s, Port Grimaud is a lakeside city residing at the end of the Saint-Tropez Golf. This unique architectural ensemble deeply fits into the heritage of the 20th century.

Colored facades, roman tiles, houses that blend into each other, back alleys full of charm: here a birdhouse above the porch, there a fresco with window dressing, further along a pediment inspired by ancient architecture… Port Grimaud is a unique Provençal neighborhood, perfectly integrated into the countryside of the Var, constructed in the 1960s, on a plot of land located at the hear of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. This lakeside village, dotted with shops and all necessary commodities, is spread out over 13 hectares of lake and 22 hectares of land.

houses in Port Grimaud

The houses and small buildings, each one unique, can be accessed on land and via canal. Divided into three areas, Port Grimaud houses 2,500 accommodations, most of which have their own mooring. The apartments consist of studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments and the villas are divided into 4 types.
The smallest one, called Balandrine, offers a livable surface of 60-70 m2 and a morning of 10 x 4 m. Its price is €800,000 on average.
The Ostale and the Cassine, slightly bigger, consist of 3 bedrooms. Because they are rare, they are generally listed for more than a million euros.
Finally, the fisherman house, at 100 m2 and more, has three floors. Because of the length of its dock and its space, it goes for between €950,000 and €1,800,000.

All options told, the turn-over of accommodations put up for sale is from 1 to 3 % per year.

Apartments for sale in Port Grimaud

On average, apartments are listed according to their location and, depending on whether they are equipped with a mooring between €7,000 and €10,000 euros per square meter (they have been slowly decreasing for 2 years) and the houses are between €14,000 and €15,000 euros per square meter. The exceptional units that offer a carefully researched thought-out location, a large mooring and services of high standing can reach 17,000 euros per square meter.

The clientele is mostly made up of families and retirees searching for a way of living on the seaside with optimal security. A lot of these retirees used to be CEOs of large companies who have a large estate and prefer the discretion of Port Grimaud over the glitter of the neighboring village, Saint-Tropez.

Port Grimaud, which is a co-ownership at the interior of Grimaud, certainly imposes important charges but the quality of life there is exceptional. Security guards make their rounds 24/7 and each street possesses its own caretaker in charge of maintenance and upkeep of public spaces and private gardens.

Half of the buyers are not French. Among our clientele, there are many Brits, Germans, Belgians and Dutch, for example.

The wealthiest among them do not hesitate to ask for two or even three attached houses in order to transform them into one large unit and so obtain a larger size mooring to accommodate the increased size of the boats.

The owners only have a small possibility of exterior modifications as the specifications are very restrictive. Any project of transformation has to be submitted to the cabinet of architecture of Xavier Bohl, successor of François Spoerry. Nevertheless, each person can transform his interior the way he likes.

Port Grimaud is a great choice for those who like mixing a « pleasure purchase » and a good property investment. By becoming the owner of your property in Port Grimaud, you will be able to take part in enjoyable vacations with your feet in the water with friends or family, and most of all you will benefit from exceptional surroundings on the Côte d’Azur in a preserved and protected environment.