How to enjoy Saint-Tropez in December

The blessed season of Advent on Saint-Tropez is looming, that which young and old alike are eagerly awaiting for a variety of reasons. Christmas and New Year’s Day are just around the corner this December, with the promise of many gifts and festivities to be shared. The smell of fir trees blends with those of Provençal spices and the delights of the coming weeks will be revealed at the many events that we’ll share with you in this article. In short, Saint-Tropez is once again promising to offer us surprises beyond measure!

Mobilization for the Telethon

For its new edition of the Telethon, a very special day is on the horizon in 2018. The entire urban community appears to be working towards a single objective: to surpass its limits in order to collect even more donations for research on rare genetic diseases. Helping others is a recurring theme cherished by the Tropezians! Also, in order to surpass last year’s record, they will not have too much time on Friday 7 and Saturday, December 8  to accomplish this.

For this event, many sporting contests will be launched at Place des Lices, including a hike organized from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This will cover a 350-metre ascent circuit, over a 6-kilometre route, in collaboration with the association Découverte Pédestre Lavandou/Bormes. This challenging course will be complemented by a sauerkraut-beer dinner, with an evening dance to recuperate from this epic climb. A single watchword will be used to control these animations: Sharing and Friendliness! IA yard sale will take place simultaneously.

A participation fee of € 15 will be requested for the dinner and evening, of which € 5 will be donated to the Telethon. We’re counting on you!

Launch of the Christmas festivities

They will be celebrated together with the inauguration of the giant Provençal manger of Passions-Traditions on Friday, December 6 at 5:30 pm.  Nestled in the Chapel of Mercy, from December 7, 2018 to February 2, 2019, its appearance will lead to spectacular performances. Thanks to the know-how as well as the meticulousness of the association’s volunteers, you will be able to admire hundreds of figurines that have sprung to life there.

To celebrate the city’s illuminations, La Place des Lices will once again be the venue for an event designed to brighten Saint-Tropez with a thousand lights. From 6pm on December 7th, interplay of light and shimmering sceneries will add their charming flair to the façades of the old port. The tropezians and their consorts will be invited to the opening of the mouth-watering food chalets, located near the king’s tree in the XV Corps Square. They will be able to jointly attend the opening of the Skating Rink, 720 m² for open-air sliding.

An event is scheduled for Friday, December 7, for the inauguration of the complex, which will remain open until January 6, 2019.

Solidarity is on the agenda of the Theatre

For their 4th festival, Les Tréteaux of the city of Saint-Tropez will introduce us to their theatrical delusions. The first show to be performed will be a play by Laurent Baffie (French humorist). The « Les 3 A » group of Sainte-Maxime will have the privilege of performing a hilarious show on OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Taking advantage of an unexpected delay by the world-renowned Doctor Stern, six patients humorously discuss the repercussions of their respective symptoms on their private and social lives.

« Two parakeets on a stage » will be presented to you by Cavalaire’s Théâtre de l’Eucalyptus on Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 5 pm. A show that aims to renew the duo of the genre on stage by blending it with femininity… we can guarantee that misunderstandings and unexpected occurrences will delight the audience with this sparkling performance. An amazing performance by actresses that’s worth every penny!

The play « Toc Toc » will be presented on Saturday, December 8 at 5 p.m., the €10 entry fee will be donated to the Telethon.

Also on the Tréteaux program:  « L’étudiante et Monsieur Henri » on December 15 and « Le squat » on December 16 (5pm).

Exhibition at Lavoir Vasserot

The artist Alain Rolland has created a refined style to portray his paintings, enhanced by colour and light in half-tones. His illustrations in the pages of the Larousse dictionary on fauna and flora have earned him a degree of recognition. The subjects he reveals are based on expressions related to man and nature.

Free entry from Thursday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 19.

Mouth-watering food exhibition: For the 2018 edition, exhibitors will let you try their specialities such as wine and foie gras.  After promoting sweeter flavours such as chestnut, fig and even nougat, it’s a change that will be appreciated both the young and the old.

On the weekend of December 22nd & 23rd from 10am to 7pm, there is free entry to the Jean Despas Hall. Have a nice time and enjoy!

Lou Pastorale of the Rampèu of Sant-Troupès is traditionally performed in Provence. This theatre play, which is often performed but also sung, is a must-see at the end of the year. The group pays tribute to Charles Martin, who wrote « La Meravihouso Veihado » in the 1950s. Discovery of ancient Christmas, in pure tradition and an adapted style of decorum.

There will be only one performance at the Cinéma-Théâtre la Renaissance, on Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 3 p.m. – Entry is free.

Arrival of Santa Claus

The Man in the red garb will make a stopover in Saint-Tropez through the sea in order to surprise the children who will come to the port eagerly to await his arrival. A magical moment for an entry on the Tartane that will delight the parents just as much.

Appearance scheduled for December 24th from 6:30 pm on quai Suffren – It will be a delight.

Parish church at 11:30 pm – Provençal nativity vigil, with midnight mass by the Rampèu choir.

La Brocante de l’Ormeau from December 27 to 29 – Exhibition at the square bearing the same name by its traders, all areas included.

Declaration of Humour on December 27/28/29, with Didier Gustin, Warren Zavatta, Giroud & Stotz – Lol Entry fee of €60 for all 3 evenings!

Christmas of the Antique Dealers: Events from December 27 to January 4, 2019, from 10am to 7:30pm, Jean-Despas Hall – Free entry.

Concert by Bàrri Nòu, who will be performing during his Christmas musical break on 29/12 at 6pm, outdoors in the Chapel of the Convent.

Orchestral recital by Boisgelin, Rolland and Bourrely, on Sunday, December 30 at 5:00 pm in the Parish Church – Free entry.

The Grande Anchoïade on December 31 will take place at the Port at noon – Savouring Provençal delicacies and the rosé wine.

The fireworks on December 31 will close this year 2018, which will be placed under the aegis of culture and entertainment of all kinds. This sparkling spectacle will brighten the skies of Saint-Tropez, making this moment a beautiful passage to the following year. Let 2019 be an opportunity to uphold the traditions so dear to all lovers of Saint-Tropez!

Join us on the Môle Jean Réveille, for a breathtaking and explosive fireworks spectacle on this last evening of the year….