Discovering Grimaud

The summer has given way to a nostalgic aftertaste throughout France, where children are back on the school path. However, a charming village in the South of France called Grimaud is still resisting, promising some very nice surprises to anyone wishing to explore a little. We will highlight some of the attractions and activities that are still on the agenda, but we will not name all of them because they are so many and diverse. To help you in your quest for entertainment, please follow the guide!

Weekly Provencal market

If there is one thing not to be overlooked, it is a beautiful stall, whether it offers fruit and vegetables or freshly caught fish. In Grimaud, it is practically a must, as the flavours mix with the aromas into a palette as melodious as the regional accent.

The Grimaud Village market is held on every Thursday of the year, except in the event of bad weather where it is canceled.

Artistic Presentations

Every year, the municipality of Grimaud transforms itself into a cradle where artistic expression prevails! Organized in the open air, these public demonstrations bring an air of spring… particularly and among other things through monumental sculptures, which subtly occupy every nook and cranny of the medieval city.

Organised by the Culture & Heritage Department, the Eclats exhibition – Couleur et Transparence is taking place at the Maison des Arcades and in the alleys of Grimaud up until October 14 (tour available at the Tourist Office).

Historical discoveries

More than 70 chapels are listed on the territory, which strongly influence the very lives of the indigenous people. The Heritage Museum retraces the history of these monuments. Their smallest peculiarities are recounted to you, since the existence of hermits and penitents who lived there in ancient times.

From June to the end of October each year, the Heritage Museum opens its doors every day, except on Mondays and Saturdays.

Orienteering races

The Grimaud Tourist Office organises 4 tours to help you discover the village. These tours are accessible to all and will allow you to visit Grimaud while having fun. There are markers to be discovered, which will help you search for the most unusual local attractions.

This initiation is free of charge, it will lead you to discover places such as the Mill, the Castle or the Pont des Fées.

Cultural exhibitions

We are convinced that the 24th Grimaud Painters’ Fair will once again be a great success this year. No less than 34 sculptors and painters will be exhibiting this autumn, with a special tribute to Fabienne Quinsac, who will be honoured for her work in its entirety. With the utmost rigour, the artist works with a variety of watercolours, oils and tar.

Organized by the Painters’ Association of Grimaud, the exhibition will take place from September 08 to 26… after the opening on September 07.

In addition, here are some events not to be missed in this warm month of September.

– Friday, September 14 at 9 pm, the « Lumières de Venise » Musical Evenings, with the works of Vivaldi on the agenda.

– Weekend from 15 to 16 September, guided tours and activities for the « European Heritage Days« .

– Sunday, September 30, return from the Feast of Saint-Michel, with the theme « Tradition & Terroir ».

For more information on the upcoming events and their dates, consult the calendar of events in Grimaud. As well as our blog.