What to do in Saint-Tropez in September?

Your holidays will be in the sun and more precisely in Saint-Tropez in September, good for you! You are one of the lucky ones for whom the start of the school year will be a matter of choice when it comes to stopping your leisure activities. This is because the famous seaside resort does not only rhyme with idleness, it is also a place to enjoy events such as cultural activities, sports events and historical discoveries. We have made a selection of what you can explore, discover or share as you embark on your journey to enjoy the off-season in style!

The famous HydroContest is back!

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It will be in Canebiers Bay from 02 to 09 September 2018 where this 5th edition will take place. The Hydros Foundation has decided to renew its partnership with Saint-Tropez. The project will once again be carried out in the future in order to focus on maritime innovation in the city. An ambitious initiative for a noble cause! Especially when you consider that its success in the Var region has led to its dissemination and even to its international expansion. It should be recalled that this university entrance examination is recognized by the various institutions and political bodies of the participating countries.

With more than 30 teams competing, we are confident that this new edition will deliver on all its promises while keeping us on the edge of our seats. Spiced up by an occasional challenge, it will allow them to take advantage of renewable energy to give a boost to the future boats. This initiative has been strongly approved by the municipality of Saint-Tropez. Needless to say, the teams are already at work, in order to meet both the strategic and technical challenge. 

Teams area & registration: hydrocontest.org

Exhibition of sculptures by the artist Arman

Opening of the Arman exhibition

From June 23 to October 07 2018, the city of Saint-Tropez will have the great privilege of showcasing to you a cross-section of the contemporary works of a local sculptor. Arman is indeed a son of the soil, who from a very young age shows an aptitude for painting and drawing. But although he was born in Nice in 1920, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, nothing could stop him from attending the city’s school of decorative arts. Afterwards, he will go to refine his style, assiduously attending the Louvre de Paris school.

In the autumn of 1960, he filled the Iris Clert Art Gallery with objects collected in the garbage cans, waste to be recycled, as we would say now. The rue des Beaux-Arts in Paris will then serve as a springboard for his exhibition « Le plein », as he likes to call his  » collections « . By extending to infinity manufactured objects produced by human hands, he thus ensured the continuity of the production-consumption-destruction cycle. His career would continue in New York, where his bric-a-brac achievements would receive the success they deserve while remaining loyal to the country of his childhood.

Saint-Tropez Polo Club

Two events have been scheduled to enable you to enjoy this noble discipline! The first one is the upcoming Sunday Polo, which was held on Sunday 09 September at the Haras de Gassin. The day will be under the auspices of the Gold Cup matches. For €90 you have the privilege of having a first-hand view to witness the matches from the top of the magnificent terraces that surround the field. 

The second meeting will take place at the very centre of the facilities of the Saint-Tropez Polo Club, where you can discover the International Traditional Coupling Competition. In a breathtaking setting, on the 29th and 30th of September 2018, you will have the opportunity to watch some great games. There will be a gourmet break reserved for you to eat around the food trucks. As for the connoisseurs, they will be able to attend the Polo Club Gala Dinner on Saturday 29th.

We have outlined a few outings for you but you should not forget that they are as many as they are diverse. Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities and cultural visits that you can be delighted to participate in:

The Heritage Days / Les journées européennes du patrimoine

On the weekend of September 15 to 16, the monuments will open their doors in Saint-Tropez under the theme « The Art of Sharing »… Program and Official Website! For its 34th edition, the European Heritage Days will feature almost 25,000 events throughout France, within the walls of some 17,000 historical treasures from the past. We are confident that Saint-Tropez will not disappoint us, by revealing many of the riches that this mythical city has to offer to us.

Autumn Festival 2018

The bird symphony

The 16th edition will be held in St-Tropez, from Wednesday 05 September 2018 to Saturday 03 November. Headlining the Cinema/Theatre of the Renaissance: classical concerts.

  • Tuesday, September 25: Anna Fedorova, Ukrainian classical music pianist. Entry fee from 5 to 30 €, Book Quickly!

22nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Artists

Intended for creators from all backgrounds, photographers, sculptors, painters, the exhibition will open its doors to them from September 27 to October 3rd, 2018. By visiting the Jean-Despas room of the Place des Lices, the public will have every opportunity to come and admire the beautiful works: Free entry from 11 am to 9 pm.

    • The exhibition is organized by the International Association of Contemporary Artists.
    • Two prizes will be awarded at the end, one from AIDAC and the other one from the city of Saint-Tropez.
  • Contact at, for any registration request or information

The Horse and the Sea, an Art exhibition by Gérard & Josiane Abrial, will take place at the Lavoir Vasserot from September 6 to September 12.

As for the big Marine Sell-off, it will take place on September 16 2018, with surprises for this first event open to the public.

The Bocce Var Championship will take place on the same day, what better way to kill 2 birds with one stone if you are in the area!

Wilson & De Victor exhibition showcases the magic of anonymous photos. Site of the Saint-Tropez tourist office.