How to decorate your South of France home with traditional elements

Last week, we gave you a few tips on how to decorate your house with navy and seaside elements.
In this article, we would like to talk about typical provençal decoration.

Provençal decoration is mostly characterized by its colors. They are light and luminous, and can be found in the Provence’s landscapes: ochre colors (yellow, orange), lavender blue, olive green. Ochre colors are used in painting for mural decoration, as for green and lavender blue, they are found on the shutters of provençal homes.

Natural materials such as wood and terracotta tiles are very present in provençal decor. Wood is often painted, dyed, or weathered to harmonize with the other provençal colours.

The emblems of Provence

 – Olives, lavender, cicadas.

These patterns are often found in provençal decoration, on upholstery, on table linen (especially tablecloths) and on most decorative objects.

tablecloth cicadas

Furniture can also be customized. They are most often made of wood or cast iron. Whatever the material, it is decorated with provençal colors and ornaments.

Lavender is also a classic in provençal decoration.

lavender decoration

There are many lavender fields in Provence, which create its famous blue expanses. Lavender is used to make perfume essence. Packets of it are often found in wardrobes to perfume the clothes. It is also a natural moth-proofer. 

At Christmas, provençal Santons (an article about them will be published soon on this blog) make their appearance in interior decor.

Santon cueilleuse d'olives


 – Provençal fabric

Provençal fabric is full of provençal colors, that is warm colors (yellow, orange, and red), lavender blue, and olive green. But provençal fabric wouldn’t be what it is without its patterns. Provençal patterns are found on all decorative provençal objects: cicadas, olives, sunflowers, scarabs.

Samples of provençal fabric

Samples of provençal fabric

 – Pottery and basketry

Anduze potteries. They are big terracotta vases that are found in provençal gardens. The particularity of Anduze pots is the garlands that adorn the vases and their ochre color.

Anduze pottery

Basketry designates all the baskets and boxes made of vegetal fibre, mostly wicker or rattan.

These decorative objects also have their place in provençal decoration.

– The provençal kitchen

The provençal kitchen’s decor has a special place. It includes the classic colors and patterns of provençal decor, but there is also a whole selection of decorative objects to have:

–  The mortar

mortar provençal cuisine

– The provençal service with its olive oil bottle, vinegar bottle, pepperpot and salt cellar.

service provençal

If you wish to bring back a piece of Provence from your holidays in Port Grimaud, you will easily find all these objects in one of the typical markets of the region.

The market is held in Port Grimaud every Thursday and Sunday from 8 am to 1 pm on the well-named “Place du marché”.