Decorate your Port Grimaud Villa in Navy Colors

If you want to decorate your vacation villa in local colors, you have two possibilities: either go for a Provençal decor, or go for a navy decor with the Mediterranean’s colors.

Here are our 3 tips to make your home a peaceful Mediterranean haven.

1 – Choose a wooden, illuminated, or refreshing decor!

seaside home decoration

Inspired by fishermen’s cabins and Mediterranean houses, seaside decor can be done in many ways. When it comes to the walls, if you are not a fan of untreated wood, we suggest you favor neutral tones such as white or white paneling. This will give you more luminosity and will give your interior a more modern look. For those who prefer a seaside atmosphere, choose turquoise, sky blue, ultramarine, or even lagoon blue, which are all much softer than navy blue. For your bathroom, the addition of wall tiles, whether they are glazed stoneware or faience, will give you a beautiful washroom. On the ground, we recommend that you choose light flooring or to opt for seagrass. This decor will allow you to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere, typical of seaside homes.

2 – Choose furniture adapted to seaside decor!

If you wish to have the perfect seaside atmosphere, you will have to choose your furniture with care. We suggest you choose furniture made of natural materials: wooden chairs, wooden tables, rattan chairs, wooden shelves, etc. to enhance the natural aspect of your rooms. For a chic seaside decor, a mix of contemporary and industrial styles can also integrate itself very well to a more classical navy decor. Another option for the handymen among us is to repaint a few pieces of furniture or incorporate old industrial shelves in your interior. To complete your decor, you can associate various accessories to the furniture in order to accentuate the marine atmosphere.

3 – Accessorize your furniture by taking your inspiration from the aquatic world!

There is a multitude of accessories related to the aquatic world that can live on the walls and furniture of your home: rope rames, striped cushions, lighthouse sculptures, boat models, starfish, paintings of sailboats or shorelines, marine prints, etc. Be careful, however, because these elements must be carefully chosen if you don’t want to venture into “too much” territory. Concerning fabrics, go for linen. This material is ideal and will give you a cocooning style that will be the envy of many.

To perfect this decoration, we recommend a visit to Stéphanie le Nouveau in her eponymous boutique on l’Amarrage street in Port Grimaud.

We also recommend stores such as La Redoute or Maisons du Monde where you will find all the furniture and accessories necessary for a successful marine decor. You can order online and receive your order at home.